Catskills: Jewish Camps Request Restraining Order & Injunction On Cuomo Decision

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Today, the Association of Jewish Camp Operators (AJCO), took the extraordinary move of requesting a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to ask the court to immediately open overnight camps in New York State.

AJCO, an umbrella organization formed by Agudath Israel years ago to represent the interests of Orthodox Jewish camps, made its request in the US District Court for the Northern District of New York following the filing of a legal complaint this past Thursday against Governor Cuomo.

Today’s detailed legal submission includes declarations by a leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. Daniel Berman; long-time Agudah camp director and AJCO founder, Rabbi Meir Frischman; esteemed mechanech, Rabbi Avrohom Schwartz, learning director at Camp Romimu; and parental plaintiffs who want their children to benefit from the intensive religious experience of an Orthodox Jewish summer camp.

AJCO is represented by a legal team from the law firm of Troutman Sanders, LLP, led by Avi Schick, Esq. Given the pressing nature of the issue, the team has formally requested a ruling within the week.


Agudath Israel – Camps 2020 – “No” is not an answer from Agudath Israel on Vimeo.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Fridl, how lovely for you. What will your kids be doing in the summer, what will they be learning, and with whom will they be spending their time?

  2. doess not require , but its good and great , so lets enjoy Hashems greatness,

    you like NYC fine……………………………………join Blassoo

  3. IMHO, Cuomo and the state will answer, we ar enot denying anyone their rights to practice their religion. We are just saying they cant do it in a sleepaway camp environment. They can stay home and practice their religion.

  4. The whole country makes a big deal when white cops kills black people and we do it when we can’t send our kids to sleepaway camp in middle of a pandemic. No wonder goyim think we’re crazy.

  5. The state will argue that in light of increasing Coronavirus numbers and the inherent transmission dangers of sleepaway camp, the state‘a interest in protecting its citizens outweighs the right to attend camp.

  6. A number of other states have also prohibited sleep-away camps this summer as a public health matter. The courts will not take the risk of second-guessing the public health experts. Yidden survived for thousands of years w/o summer camp and somehow I suspect will make it through this ONE summer w/o camp, although I feel for the mothers who tend to bear the burden of keeping track of the kids.