Rep. Zeldin Says DeBlasio ‘Has To Be Removed’ From Office [VIDEO]


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Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., told Fox News Wednesday that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio “has to be removed” from office, claiming that the city “won’t survive him staying in for the remainder of this term.”

“Mayor Dinkins left and you had Rudy Giuliani come in [in 1994]. There was a focus on quality of life. [Rudy] saw the crime rates go down, the economy flourishing, the potential being reached,” Zeldin said. “Here we are again, fast-forward through what has really been a terrible few weeks and months with the city going in the wrong direction.

“It’s at a crossroads.”

“This is a tale of two cities,” Zeldin added. “You have the direction that New York City can be filled with opportunity, it can be filled with law and order, safety and security, peace and prosperity — or it’ll be this direction that Bill de Blasio is taking it down, which is chaos and lawlessness and poverty and a lack of opportunity.”

(Source: Fox News)


  1. Zeldin is wasting his breath. The US House of Representatives, of which Zeldin is a member, has no power to remove any New York City mayor from office. If he is serious about ousting the mayor from office before his final term expires, he should talk to his buddies (if any) on the City Council, or whoever has the authority to remove a mayor from office. Zeldin’s comments are just a cheap and worthless stunt.

  2. I may agree with him on Deblasio but you have city council members who are much worse then the Mayor, like Cory Johnson, Brad Lander and many others. These clowns are really ruining (I meant running) the city.

  3. Some of us feel the same way about Zeldin’s best chaver in the WH. Perhaps we could get a two for one discount and remove them both so the Country and the City will survive.

  4. Hu Bacha: the problem is, it’s very difficult to get a Republican to be elected Mayor of NYC now. I don’t believe the GOP is trying anymore.