Three Maintenance Workers Overdose At Munkatch Day Camp In Kiamisha


Three maintenance workers at a summer getaway overdosed in Kiamisha on Thursday afternoon.

It happened just after 4:00PM at the Munkatcher Camp on Route 42, when the three men suffered a drug overdose.

Catskills Hatzolah Paramedics was on the scene in minutes and began administering Narcan to all three victims. Two of the victims were in cardiac arrest. MobileMedics were requested to respond to assist Hatzolah with transporting the victims to the hospital.

The Sullivan County Sheriff Department was on the scene investigating.

The Chevra Kaddisha was not needed in this tragic incident.

The camp is a bungalow colony with a day camp on premises.

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  1. What kind of a news story is this. It’s missing the main point. Was the overdose fatal or were they revived by Hatzolah and or the medics?

  2. I supposed posted on one of these Sullivan County Facebook pages, major major major kudos to hatzola for their tireless work here. It seemed even the haters were thanking them for working on three ayno yehudim for well over 3 hours as local emergency personnel were not yet there.

    It’s worth looking for these posts and having them posted to YWN.