CRISIS BREWING: Thousands Of Yeshiva Bochurim And Seminary Girls May Have Nowhere To Go In 3 Weeks


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There is a tremendous crisis brewing, and for some reason, it is not being spoken about. That is, what are thousands of Yeshiva Bochurim and Seminary girls going to be doing in a few weeks from now?

We all saw the breaking reports from Israel, that Yeshivas and seminaries will be opening on Rosh Chodesh Elul. While many of the emails from various seminaries were written with glee of the amazing news that the girls can come this year, some Yeshivas – such as the Mir Yerushalayim – wrote their letters with cautionary wording.

As it stands right now, going to Eretz Yisroel to learn this Elul won’t be anything close to a picnic in the park. In fact, YWN has spoken to various Roshei Yeshiva, Magidei Shiur, Mashgichim, and Seminary owners, and many of them are not very excited with the plans (which by the way, have not yet even approved by the Israeli Government).

Every Bochur who arrives in Eretz Yisroel (to a Yeshiva that does not have a dormitory), will need to go into quarantine with 5 other boys for two weeks. After those two weeks, the Bochurim will have to travel to a facility, where his Yeshiva will be in total lockdown – no coming or going. For example, a Yeshiva in Yerushalayim would have to acquire a facility someplace, and that is where these boys will need to stay for an unknown amount of time.

Many leading Roshei Yeshiva are concerned. Is this a healthy experience? Bochurim landing in the airport and going straight into quarantine for two weeks, followed by being locked into a building for an unknown length of time? Not to make light of this situation, but Bochurim DO need to walk around Yerushalayim, they DO need to go to a falafel store, they DO need to Daven at the Kosel, and DO need to be able to have some type of freedom.

Take your average Yeshiva Bochur. He just finished the Zman, is likely heading on some Bain Hazmanim outing next week, and will return the week after. That leaves him just one more week until Rosh Chodesh Elul — WHERE WILL THESE BOYS GO TO YESHIVA? Does he have a clue?

Most of these Bochurim just spent 4-5 years in their Yeshivas until now, and nearly all do not have any program for Bochurim their age. The Yeshivas do not want them there for many reasons. There is no room. The younger Bochrim need to finally mature as the “oldest Shiur,”  and many other reasons.

Meanwhile, the Seminary girls are facing the same problems. Where will thousands of girls go in a few weeks from now? Is it healthy to have thousands of girls who just finished months of quarantine to now be in limbo for weeks on another emotional roller-coaster as they have no idea what they will be doing in a few weeks?

This is a delicate situation that is not being spoken about, yet thousands of precious and impressionable Neshomos are on the line.

Action must be taken fast.

Askanim that YWN spoke to are wondering why many of the Yeshivas in Eretz Yisroel haven’t opened a branch in America until things go back to normal? Why aren’t existing Yeshivas in America working on opening separate branches for these Bochurim? Are there not enough talented Yungerleit in BMG that are capable of saying Shiurim for Bochurim?

Who will step up to the plate and make some drastic decisions for the seminary girls?

The clock is ticking, and something needs to happen fast.

— YWN Editorial Board

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Whats with the click bait and fear-mongering?? Things will be fine and will work out. Does YWN really need more hits that they have to publish speculative articles like this one that serve no purpose other than scaring the public?

  2. Typical YWN arrogance. Yeshivas have been working on this non-stop. Mir Rabbeim and Tomo Rabbeim have been discussed about coming to America etc.. Too bad they didn’t tell YWN. If YWN doesn’t know that it isn’t happening.

  3. going to a felaffel store or even going to the retaining wall of the Beit HaMikdash does not compare to the mitzvah chiuvit of ve’nishmartem et naf’sho’sai’chem.

  4. First of all, none of the seminaries are opening for Elul zman. Second of all, worse things have happened to the Jews then thousands of bochrim spending two weeks in safe quarantinebin Eretz Yisrael, followed by an unknown period of time in yeshiva lockdown. Perspective, please!

  5. I Love it that young people want to spend time in our country learning Trah etc.
    But the country and the world is in a dangerous time, they don’t need more peopke in the small crowded areas of Bet Yisrael. Stay at home for the time being, have a shiur luve streamed and stay safe
    We will see in a better situation hopefully soon

  6. Why does everything have to be called a crisis?? Let everyone just stay here. Stay home. I think the seminaries are just afraid that people will see that BH the girls can thrive and get married WITHOUT blowing an obscene over $30000 on a Seminary in Israel. Maybe it’s a good thing. A forced reckoning. It can be looked at very positively. As far as the boys? Ya. They can learn here too. They may not be able to put Brisk on the resume but I think it may work out anyway iyH! Are these different times? Certainly. Is it sad to miss being in Eretz Yisroel? Of course! But is it a major crisis for Klal Yisroel? I don’t think so. Our eyes may be opened to a lot of good things.

  7. Where did bochrim “walk around” in Lublin? Where was the “felafel store” in Telz? Where was the bakery in Baranovitch? Where was “the Kosel” in Radin? Where was Center 1 or Geula in Mir? Where was the” freedom” in Slabodka?

    Need to? Hardly! Feel they deserve to, have the right to? Apparently. Therein is the difference.

    If COVID-19 taught us anything, it was that few things (if any) are givens, but everything we are given is needed; needed for our growth, needed for our avodas HaShem, need for our self-awareness and self-actualization.

    Man is the only creation who has the ability, the mandate, to become greater than himself, to recognize there is something above and beyond his feelings and separate, but no less important, that that which he/she identifies with. ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם. Rather, דע מה למעלה ממך!

    די לחכימא ברמיזה

  8. Great….. You now called it what is “Seminary Owners” A private enterprise at making money and taking advantage of if. Because if you do not got to Seminary in Israel you are looked down upon and it will hurt finding a shidduch. These “Seminary Owners” are bankrupting the bankrupted. Struggling to make ends meet and to boot now add the $20,000 plus seminary tab. And the money must be paid up front.

  9. Reb Shalom shechters yeshiva already has a dorm arraigned in Lakewood for next zman and will be serving three meals a day and is flying in their magid shiur and mashgiach for elul zman So Yeshivas ARE already doing it.

  10. Why aren’t existing Yeshivas in America working on opening separate branches for these Bochurim? They have their own space constraints coupled with social distancing issues.
    Charity commences at home:- i.e. They are firstly obligated to their own students, not to outsiders who unfortunately were unable to cross the impervious border and hence couldn’t make it to Israel.

  11. What about Sukkos Beis Hazmanim – will they all be locked in all Yom Tov? Which Yeshiva can provide enough sukkos for all those Bochrim?
    And besides, the health system is collapsing – everyone should be healthy and not need to even visit a hospital, but it’s something to take into account.

    There is no reason why a group of Bochrim can’t meet at a local Beis Hamedrash and hear shiurim from a local talmid chochom.

  12. Do all these ppl bashing the article have boys in our current yeshiva system? Maybe the falafel piece and the walk were unnecc but one thing is true yeshivas and mechanchim need to step up to the plate and org yeshivas in america for american bochurim.For now and for always!

  13. None of my daughters went to seminary in Eretz Yisreol and they turned out just fine, and some of my daughter’s in law didn’t go to Eretz Yisroel either and they are raising Torahdik families and are married to my sons who are gevaldik. I know many girls who didn’t go to any seminary and got married to very good husbands. Seminary in E”Y is a luxury not a necessity. Learning in E”Y is also not a necessity.It has become a trend.

  14. I think this highlights the reality that many (nowhere near all) Bochurim are going to Eretz Yisroel for the experience, for the freedom, so they don’t have a Rebbi that they need to answer to, etc. If this will cause a couple of post-3rd-year Beis Medrash (or whatever age is normal to go in your circles) to be opened and considered elite or acceptable Yeshivos, that Roshei Yeshiva can send their Bochurim to then that may very well change the calculus on who goes to Eretz Yisroel and why.

  15. Glad this “article” got the blowback it deserved. Was afraid I’d be the only one to take issue with it! BH some YWN readers still have their wits about them!

  16. It’s not like people aren’t stepping up

    You recently featured online seminaries that offer credits

    And I’m sure schools in Eretz Yisrael are working very hard to figure it out

    But I think you’re raising important questions.

    But if corona has taught us anything. We aren’t going to get the answers right away

  17. The quick reply is money. It takes money and planning to do any of these and all this might, hopefully, be a short term issue. It make s little sense to get a property, make suitable alterations and then realize it is all no longer needed, a business would never do this.
    The other issue is when the real truth comes out! A lot of youth go to E.Y. for the fun and freedom. While some might get advantages out of learning, they are going for the fun. Remove the thousands of miles and the fun is gone.

  18. Now a boy has a chiyuv of Talmud Torah, got it. Is the chiyuv to dafka learn in Eretz Yisroel? Probably the best learning is away from home – to grow, to mature. No distractions. (Except the flafel shop, bakery, or lehavdel the Kosel, etc.) GREAT! But to travel thousands of miles away from home? What if someone chas v’shalom takes ill, who will take responsibility, be there in the hospital, dealing with the doctors, etc.? What we really need is Daas Torah on this. In general AND for each and every bachur lifnai atzmoi.
    But for girls? Chiyuv of Talmud Torah? Thousands of miles away from home? What happened to kvodo bas Melech pnima? Hefker? Away from the rishus of the father? Trying to find a different place to eat every Shabbos? Now that’s real tziniyos! Standing outside a shul to make a bracha on the dalet minim – YUP! Spending Papa’s hard earned gelt? And how many of those thousands of Papas are standing financially sound to be able to afford the 20K-30K?
    Maybe, just maybe one thing good will come out of Covid-19. The closing of all these seminaries.
    Yeah, one less “CRISIS”.

  19. People can complain that this article is sharply worded

    But no one can disagree with the facts

    There is still no clear idea what the year will be in Eretz Yisrael

    Clarity is needed if you’re going to put up 20,000 bucks for the year

  20. CORRECTION: Many yeshivos for example Yagdil Torah are setting up a system in Israel allowing the Bachurim to leave the building for shopping and for other things. There are two options for yeshivos: One is like the Mir, fully open inside building, but can’t leave, and the other option is to divide the Bachurim into capsules of 25, and they may leave as long as wear mask and social disance.

  21. I saw an ad for a super idea, great option that’s opening for Bais Yaakov girls, an online webinar type of seminary, I guess similar to what the colleges have been doing. I was surprised to see very well known names on their ad- Rabbi Orlowek, Rabbi Leff, Mikki Kallus, Batya Weinberg, these are big names in seminaries. big haskamas too. calling themselves Shoshanas Bais Yaakov. You can get a full year of credits, and it’s 1/4 price of seminary in Israel. I’m not sure how they plan on doing all the things they’re advertising (shabbatons, yemei iyun, extracurricular, all the sem stuff) remotely, but it sounded like an amazing alternative and very worthwhile to look into for anyone in this stage.
    Very well said- who will step up to the plate… lots of people have complaints but no one wants to do anything about it. Glad to see someone is, and people with fantastic track records. I would def look into this. the ad was in Family First I think if anyone wants to go check… there was a website also, I don’t remember what it was but I assume you can google Shoshanas Bais Yaakov seminary and find it. Good for them!
    Let’s not call this a crisis if people are trying to nip it in the bud.

  22. It’s a shmad. No need for lockdowns.

    “But there’s a more fundamental point that I want to make sure have time to address and that is this idea that somehow has evolved that we must stop cases. That was never the policy, that should never be the policy when you have an infection that 99% of people have no problem with. It’s no big deal if low risk people get the infection. It’s really irrational to somehow keep apart healthy younger people, to insist that they should wear a mask, or that there should be some limit in restaurants. If you are high risk, you are high risk. But the most recent data shows that the infection fatality rate for people under 70 is 0.04%. That’s one-one hundredth of the original number. And what that means is for people under 70 years old your infection fatality rate is less than or equal to seasonal flu. ” Dr. Scott W. Atlas, M.D. is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

  23. Thanks for bringing up an all important topic. Just because it isnt known to the ‘hamon am,’ there are things being worked on if and for that possible eventuality.

  24. Um…let the girls get jobs and start lining their pockets to support their husbands in kollel instead of the entire brunt being on their already overloaded parents. In regards to sprituality, that is an old problem. Many girls in the shidduch field for awhile have an unfortuanate decline in yiddishkeit. Yeshivos usually keep up with their talmidim thereby giving them an anchor in the stormy sea of shiddichum. Girls schools don’t. Why almost all girls highschools have yet to do that is beyond me…

  25. Anyone know why they are not using Dr. Zelenko’s protocol in EY? Or maybe they are? If so, why the panic? Can’t people monitor their oxygen and take hydroxychloroquine + zinc if they get infected? Or at the very least quercitin + zinc? THere are other natural remedies as well that have been proven to work. This virus is supposed to be history by now… None of this would be happening…

    As a side note, there has always been a need for more good American seminaries, especially for the Bnos Chava, Ateres kind of girl. If you know someone qualified, please suggest it. There are girls looking for another option at this point.

  26. The best thing that could happen for the shidduch situation in America is that the boys should learn here and begin dating. They can always go to Israel and learn as long as they want after they get married and Israel opens up. It is extremely important for boys to begin dating and not come back at 23 and 24 and then begin to think about this. If you happen to have a daughter or sister you would understand.

  27. A Bachur, after 4 years in Bais Medrash (at age 21) should already be in Shidduchim . There are many Avaires involved in not listening to Shidduchim at this age. More recently the Gedolim in EY stated that, Bachurim delaying listening to Shidduchim after this age are also transgressing the Avaireh of Lo Samod Al Dam Rai`Yecho.
    Shteiging excuses are not exceptable! Just like the following examples.
    C”V going to the beach on Shabbos, with the excuse of Shteiging in Oneg Shabbos is forbidden.
    C”V eating non kosher foods with the excuse of Shteiging in Oneg Yom Tov is forbidden.
    C’V going to mixed dancing with the excuse of Shteiging in Ahavas Yisroel is forbidden.
    Not listening to Shidduchim at age 21 with the excuse of Shteiging in learning (or eating Falafel) is FORBIDDEN!
    Stay in the U.S., listen to Shidduchim, and go to EY with your wife, Be”H when the situation gets better.
    Lman Bnos Yisroel (Libbi)

  28. This article has some serious flaws – yeshivos ARE able to set up a capsule that will allow boys to enter and exit the yeshiva premises. I hope the article is reworded as that one factor makes a big nafka mina!

  29. Yochy, I like your thinking, but that brings us to the next crisis brewing. Which girls or boys want to even get married now if they need to have an outdoor wedding with the proper social distance? The Chasunahs that have been bankrupting parents for the past decades with enough food to feed a third world country for a month plus a 10 to 30 piece band have also become a necessity.

  30. I’m not sure where the crisis is.
    We are talking about full fledged halachik and legal adults. If they cannot go to E”Y to learn, they can:
    1. Find a bais medrash in America, team up with a chavrusa, and learn
    2. Do the same as #1 while in America as a newlywed
    3. Enroll in a half day seminary program and start earning their degree to support #1 & #2
    4. Rely on the 12 years of bais yaakov or equivalent education and go directly to college or working world. (What a concept!) You can save your parents tens of thousands of dollars that can be used to fund your wedding or even contribute to your first house! Another year of diciphering Rambans and listening to hashkafa speeches is NOT necessary for your life’s mission! You have the world of online shiurim at your fingertips! Start your life!

  31. Israel for a year or two or three years is not necessary. Like me, I ran around eating SCHWARMA and did have some nice experiences but C’MON! you can’t say they NEED to go here and there. I wonder how much my parents spent on that craziness and then on more yeshiva back in Chutz Laaretz. I wonder if I can ever pay them back over 5 lifetimes. Mestama not Shayich.

  32. @ Libbi, so “Rechaym Vetzaavaro ya’asok vatorah” is made up?

    Unless of course the parents/in laws are ready to help with the finances .

    Lman Bnei Yisroel

  33. Totally not true, from beginning to end. I am chaveirim with many mechanchim in EY. They laughed when I told them about this article. Mechanchim in EY are working with great mesiras nefesh, day and night to make sure that the transition is smooth for both the bachurim and seminary students, on all levels-emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    Shame on you “Yeshiva” world for creating ill fillings about other Jews the day before Tisha B’av, particularly about mechanchim. It is entirely unacceptable and unforgivable, especially since the claims are unfounded, unfair, and inaccurate.

  34. Stop with this disgusting slander of bachurim who are doing the right thing by listening to they’re rebbe in and not dating till 23 or whenever. The Tishri yeshiva in America clearly hold that it is the proper thing for them to wait AND clearly the rostering yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael agree or they would shut down ( or keep out unmarried Americans over 21). AND WHO ARE YOU TO DARE ATTACK BACHURIM WHO ARE FOLLOWING THE DAAS TORAH OF THEYRE REBBEIM (AND OF MANY OF THE GEDOLAI YISRAEL ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In any case I think everyone should be able to agree that there is a problem the question is how to find a solution and I think that’s where this editorial messed up because it appears to be attacking yeshivos, and quite frankly that’s not helpful. It’s a difficult situation and some yeshivos did figure out solutions and others may not have the ability or money to solve the problem. So how about those askanim reach out to help yeshivos or the bachurim work out alternative solutions.

  35. Rabosai PLEASE CHILL IT OUT.

    YWN is presenting something real for PARENTS.
    Our boys and girls have been looking forward to spend their first year or go back to Israel to start or continue their learning program.
    Due to this Magefa ALL of these young adults have been effected by staying home already for months and life turned upside down.

    Most of the nonsense that is being commented on is said from people who have no children going into this year. As a parent who planned his child yeshiva for 2020-2021 I could tell you its hart wrenching how these boys/ girls must feel now and as how or whats going to happen for next school year. (structure).

    So I feel that the editors of YWN are, as parents, living through this just like many other parents.

    For boys or girls going from COVID NY to COVID ISRAEL with uncertainties and hype and misinformation and unorganized school system is at issue here. YOU CANT TELL ME “PAY TUITION, SEND YOUR KIDS AND HAKOL YIHYE SESEDER. DONT ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS. JUST BE QUITE”.

    The editors are saying the uncertainties and encapsulating kids is mentally is damaging.
    Add to that the health and health care system in ISRAEL.

    So Many issues. So many dangers await these kids with out family and structure once they arrive to Israel during Covid which no-one knows anything about..


    The other issues with many of these yeshivas is that they are losing money if they dont have students.
    Do you think One Rosh HaYeshiva, or Magid is going to personally endanger himself and look after all these innocent kids leaving their home in the hope of building a foundation in their lives?


    Our Boys and Girls (OUR FUTURE) deserve better choices and decisions.

    The last thing I will put out here for other PARENTS (NOT COMMENTATORS) is what are other options you have though of if not Israel.. What if all these things dont work out?
    As mentioned I have already been looking for yeshiva for my son since last year.

    Change direction? Part time collage part time Yeshiva? is that an answer?

    What have you been thinking about? Please parents shear.

  36. Please. Girls not being able to attend seminary in Israel isn’t a “crisis”, there are plenty of great choices available in America.

    My wife attended seminary in Lakewood and had a fantastic experience.

  37. maier, your perspective is not common with many mainstream frum families. Are you against Soroh Shenirer’s Bais Yaakov movement? How about girls going to summer camp? “The Rishush of her father…”give me a break…
    the psak, so let me understand this. Should a girl take care of the home (cook and clean), go out in the world to get a job, support her husband while he spends a few hours in the yeshiva coffee room– and expect that marriage to work out well? For many, it works out nicely, many others it does not. I know of marriages of friends that have fallen apart with such a backwards philosophy. Many Rabbonim discourage such a practice, in order to maintain Shalom Bayis and maintain her Tzenuah.
    Libbi, there are a wide spectrum of frum Jews in this forum. Not everyone has a shidduch resume detailing every camp, yeshiva, nursery, and Aunt & Uncle they have. Not everyone uses a Shadchan. I’ve learned with other fine men (Shor Yoshuv and Yeshiva Far Rockaway) who are well above age 21 and not married. Being single at 22 does not equate eating non-kosher or mechalel Shabbos. Let’s stay away from negative generalization and assumptions about every man’s individual circumstance, especially during the 9 days.

  38. Clearly, 90% of these commentators are clueless and to be quite frank, and a bunch of ignoramuses.

    I have never befor posted a comment on YWN, but I can just say that this article is 10000% accurate. This is a major problem. I am in the chinuch field, and roshei yeshiva are flooded with requests to allow the bochrim to stay in their current yeshivas and they have no room. 90% of bochrim have no idea what they will be doing in 3 weeks from now. This is a churban unfolding, and no one took any action sans a few yechidim like Rav Shalom Shechter etc. But the hamon am of yeshiva bochrim have no place to go.

    And let’s be real. While the Mir sent out that email about possibly opening, has anyone spoken to Rav Osher Arieli, the famed Magid Shiur in the Mir? Has anyone asked his opinion? Does anyone care? Does anyone know who he is? He is hands down the biggest magid shiur on the globe, with around 1,200 bochrim in his Shiur.

    By the way, has anyone spoken to Rav Elefant in the Mir? Does anyone know his thoughts about these plans?

    Has anyone spoken to the people from the B.J.J. seminary about this?

    Has anyone wondered why most seminaries di not send out their emails with the big announcement?

    Has anyone asked why BMG is refusing to make an exception and open up the Yeshiva and accept Bochrim for Chodesh Elul?

    I’ll stop now.

  39. I am a bochur and I can tell you that I have no yeshiva to go to for rosh chodesh elul and neither do any of my friends. in the meantime, we are all going on trips to texas, arizona and colorodo on sunday. we will figure this all out when we get back, three days before the zman starts lolol

    this is great stuff

  40. Hey! Where are all the major Roshei yeshiva that banned a perfectly kosher kumzits in Lakewood last year? Why haven’t they spoken up yet? Where are our leadership? What a churban al gabei churban.

  41. Why can’t we just shut down all these stupid seminaries once and for all and stop this disgusting trend of forcing the girls to go and making us shell out in excess of $30,000 a year for this hoax?

    Enough is snough!

    Perhaps this is a siman min hashomnayim.

    Every parent knows it’s the wrong thing to do, but we are all along for the ride.

    We spend 30/35 GRAND on this shtus, and then have to make weddings 6 months later. This must end.


  42. The only covid-19 death we are all waiting for – the seminary’s.

    I sent my 4 daughters, and 5th is going this year. I am penniless because of this fake system. Everyone is scared to open their mouths. Everyone is bullied by the 12th grade teachers that they MUST send their daughters. They warn the girls that they will not do good Shiduchim if they don’t go.


  43. make fun of ywn all you wnt. wait and see how this is the cover of mishpacha and ami in a week.

    ywn please ignore the reshoyim here and keep saving neshamas

  44. “that should never be the policy when you have an infection that 99% of people have no problem with”

    We aren’t facing an infection that 99% of people have no problem with. We are facing the worst infectious disease pandemic that the world has seen since 1919.

  45. “we are all going on trips to texas, arizona and colorodo on sunday”

    Bad idea. The pandemic is in full swing in TX and AZ. If you get sick in the wrong part of TX you might be denied medical care. And when you return you will face quarantine back here in NY. Stay in New York State, where we really did bend the curve.

  46. A Bochurs perspective: Only a bochur being denied the oppurtunity to go learn in E”Y can truly know what they are going through. Amongst the many things we have come to realize through the course of this pandemic is, everyones situation and enviroment is completely unique. Not all homes were created equal, and not all families were created equal. Take 2 boy who was slated to go to E”Y this past Zman but like the rest of the world was forced to quarantine, thats life, what can he do? Now boy #1 b”h has a beutiful family his parents get along, he has siblings at home. I am not attempting to downplay the challenge of being locked inside for months with even the greatest of families, its a struggle for everyone. However if this boy has to stay home another month or so, is that a CRISIS? barely, weve seen worth. Now take boy #2, hes at home with his parents who have shalom bayis issues, which as we all know is far more common than wed like to admit, the enviroment is toxic, and he has nowhere to go. He cant go to E”Y, his old yeshiva has no space, its a new year and they have to make room for a new class of bochurim, and aside from the few popup yeshivas in the tri-state, whom also have very limited space, wher is he going to go? He is locked in a cage in a toxic home, where is all his bitterness going to go, how is he going to cope in such a situation? CRISIS? I think yes.

  47. Between me and you the bochurim dont even want to go to ey, their just following the crowd, speak to one when no one else is around to find out

  48. Charliehall, 48,000 people died of Covid 19 in NY and NJ

    “We” did not bend the curve. Everyone died.

    Israel is entering its second lockdown with a total of 486 deaths. Yes, the evil irreligious Zionists are disrupting their economy and limiting their personal freedoms to actually save lives.

    People who dont understand that should definitely stay home where they can pretend a pandemic is a “Shmad”.

    By the way, there was ice cream available to the bochrim in Telz.

  49. This is a poorly written article due to lock of proper sentence structuring(as the ideas and concepts conveyed are very choppy), and syntax.not to mention your complete lack of factual information. a number of pointers 1) “and many of them are not very excited with the plans (which by the way, have not yet even approved by the Israeli Government)” very yeshivishe way to throw that parentheses totally unprofessional and shows that you are trying to cram in that nekuda. “Many leading Roshei Yeshiva are concerned. Is this a healthy experience? Bochurim landing in the airport and going straight into quarantine for two weeks, followed by being locked into a building for an unknown length of time? ….. next paragraph on the next line
    Take your average Yeshiva Bochur. He just finished the Zman, is likely heading on some Bain Hazmanim outing next week, and will return the week after. That leaves him just one more week until Rosh Chodesh Elul — WHERE WILL THESE BOYS GO TO YESHIVA? Does he have a clue? what does the previous paragraph have to do with the next one?” were you not just discussing bachurim going back to Israel in quarantine in the previous few paragraphs? how does the flow of this next paragraph make any sense? It confused me and threw me off when I read it.
    ” Most of these Bochurim just spent 4-5 years in their Yeshivas until now, and nearly all do not have any program for Bochurim their age. The Yeshivas do not want them there for many reasons. There is no room. The younger Bochrim need to finally mature as the “oldest Shiur,” and many other reasons. ” Ywn what is the article addressing? Bachurim going to israel for the first time in elul, bachurim that went already sukkos, or bachurim that scheduled to go after pesach? what is going on? I am not sure whose needs in the article you are attempting to address? the whole article is very not clear and each paragraph is firing off different messages im not sure to which crowd or age group.
    acharan acharon chaviv this paragraph is worst part of the whole article “Askanim that YWN spoke to are wondering why many of the Yeshivas in Eretz Yisroel haven’t opened a branch in America until things go back to normal? Why aren’t existing Yeshivas in America working on opening separate branches for these Bochurim? Are there not enough talented Yungerleit in BMG that are capable of saying Shiurim for Bochurim?” theres someone that opened up for 250 bachurim in pensylvania that were stranded after coming back for pesach this past zman with food dorm everything as well as yeshiva environment. not to mention the 2 or 3 other mosdos in monsey and monroe. not to mention all the bachurim that went back or stayed another zman in their current yeshivas. also, a relaztive of mine who has a yeshiva of beis medresh boy 18-20 had alot of boys this zman that were 21 who came to his yeshiva just for one zman because they were in limbo. also heard that the yeshivas that cater to first year boys like toras chaim have staff that have plans to fly in to create a temporary yeshiva in the Catskill mountains. not to mention reb shalom shekther as well and probably many others. what ruach shtuss went thru your mind when you wrote this article? is it because your precious neshama has slowly been ruined and desensitized over the years since you started this website back in 2004 when you were more ehrliche and frumer?is it causing you to project with your neshama comments? let us know. thank you

  50. Shomati the Lakewood seminary (Bnos Chaim) is receiving a flood of new applications and is planning on expanding this year for some of these girls. My niece applied and was put on a “waiting list” (they said they’re closing the list to anymore new applications this week or next)

  51. Reading the comments it’s obvious which commenters have or had a child that was going to Eretz Yisroel and who are just giving an opinion not based in reality. First of all YW is 1000% correct. The fact is there are hundreds of teenage girls who were planning on going to seminary and now have no job or school. As far as the yeshivos there are hundreds of Bochrim that go to small yeshivos My son went a few years ago to a rosh yeshiva who had 8 Talmudim. Where are they going? Many of these kids have had no structure since Purim. Of course there are good boys and girls who make their own program. But I can tell you from personal experience many need both structure from yeshiva and guidance from a mashgiach

  52. “Where will thousands of girls go in a few weeks from now?”
    They should get a job and save up money for paying THEIR daughters SEMINARY!!

  53. JOJO and all the others who made similar comments are correct. Corona will show us that our girls will be fine without us lining the pockets of the seminary owners with money that we can’t afford.

  54. I wish YW would have a reply button, so I could respond to some of these silly comments. I too have my feelings about seminaries. The point YW is validly making is not if its right or wrong to go to Eretz Yisroel or not. The fact is in 2020 girls and boys go to Eretz Yisroel. We aren’t even talking about dashed dreams they had. We are talking about what these girls and boys are going to do for this zman. This is what the YW article is about. As I wrote above many of these kids, boys and girls need structure and guidance and most importantly form a kesher with someone which they aren’t getting in this situation.

  55. Unless you went to seminary in Israel- DON’T SPEAK.
    You don’t know what its like and you cannot bash it.
    This is something that many girls need and it gives them a chance to reboot themselves. You come home after the year and are able to look at the issues you had with your parents, siblings… and start over. Not necessarily big issues- just the regular stuff that everyone struggles with. Seminary is very very very important and I really hope it opens ASAP.
    If you cannot afford to send to seminary- there are many that offer major scholarships and your daughter can pay for spending money

  56. Shame on yeshiva world!!! the entire article is a vicious slander filled with lies that will be clearly refuted immediately.
    The truth is that the israeli government has consented to allow bochurim return to Eretz Israel if the yeshiva is prepared to take responsibility that the bochurim will stick to the guidelines that were agreed upon.
    Each yeshiva has two choices as to which setup they choose to follow.
    One is the total lockdown, with no one leaving the building or campus whatsoever. The Mir has chosen this guideline because they realize that they are incapable of taking responsibility for hundreds of bochurim living in diras. The second option is to set up capsules of 26 bochurim who will be learning in the beis medresh as one group, surrounded by clear plastic dividers. They are considered as one family and do not need social distancing or masks. They are free to leave their capsule and speak to anyone outside of it as long as they wear a mask.
    The bochurim can leave the building, go to the Kosel, makolet, or anywhere that they need to.
    The yeshivas that do this are taking responsibility to make sure that bochurim will limit leaving yeshiva only infrequently and only for things that are really important.
    Obviously this is only possible for a yeshiva whoes bochurim are truly serious bnei Torah and are really coming to learn and not to tour.
    An example of such a yeshiva is Yagdil Torah whose bochurim are certainly coming to learn and shteig. (This is just an example, there are others)
    Their bochurim are definitely returning and many new bochurim are being accepted for the elul zman.
    Many roshei yeshiva can attest to the truth of the above, and they are advising their talmidim to go there.

    The yeshiva world article was a blatant lie when they wrote that they have not been approved by the government.
    The second blatant lie is that the article said that there is a need for a ‘total lockdown, no coming or going’.
    People should check facts before writing nasty lies, that obviously came from some ulterior motive.
    Over 120 institutions were involved in getting the government to agree to the aforementioned guidelines.
    May hashem forgive whoever was behind the disgusting lies in the yeshiva world article.

  57. Not too long ago, i was “supposed” to go to seminary.
    I decided not to. Stayed home, went to college, earned a decent degree, which i used to support my husband through kollel.
    And whaddayaknow, i BH was one of the first in my class to get engaged-to a wonderful boy, and learning to boot. I had no problems with shidduchim, even though i didnt go to sem. (And had no yichus, not much money either)
    My sister didnt got to sem either and also had no issues with shidduchim.
    (And im from NY)
    So i really dont think this is such a bad thing.
    Save your money and have your daughters go on a much cheaper Isreal vacation when this is all over.

  58. One person mentioned Dr Zelenko’s protocol. Hydroxychloroquine +zinc works. Everywhere. They won’t use it here because it’s political. If people stop dying and go back to work, Trump might win. So can’t use it here. Why in the world is Israel not using it?? They presumably have no problems with Trump winning. This whole pandemic would be over in a week if they would give it to every person who tests positive. WHY IS ISRAEL NOT USING THIS MEDICINE THAT WORKS??

  59. FAKE NEWS! I am closely involved as one of the heads of a Chashuve Yeshiva in E”Y and cannot believe such lies can be made up.
    We know you have your own agenda. There is other ways for you to have a Shteler and Build a Mossad in America and earn the title of R”Y than by destroying Toras Eretz Yisroel and trying to get in the ways of Hashem’s Plans “Leshem Shamayim”.
    Shame on you Yeshiva World News if this is something connected to you. I was naive enough to believe that you actually represented truth.

    Moderators Note: Taking about truth….. You are a liar. You are a licensed real estate consultant on King David Street. We were going to give everyone your phone number, but decided against giving you free advertising, although we would warn people to stay away, as you have exposed yourself as an extremely dishonest person.

  60. The sems are a multi million dollar business. Do the maths. 100 girls at $30k is $3m. They will do every ploy to have an open sign swinging somewhere in Yerushalayim, to avoid refunding the poor families that have applied and paid. I myself saw this coming way back in March and got my deposit back with great difficulty. I investigated the whole setup and realised that sem has nothing to do with chinuch habonos, it’s just a business, taking advantage of poor innocent families who behave like sheep, keeping up with Jones. The sem I was dealing with made it extremely difficult to get out of the said contract and refund my deposit. They only refunded me once I threatened them with legal action. I saw their true colours and I would not want these sems to have anything to do with educating my daughter. The people that run them are Ganovim. It’s a Bizoyon that no one has spoken out and banned them yet.

  61. The abundance of machlokes, the splintering of klal Yisrael into a myriad of factions, and the many charlatans who wreak havoc on our communities gives us a very real reason to cry tomorrow night. We need to listen to daas Torah now more than ever. We must unite under a clear leadership and accept the authority of our gedolei hador. If we would listen, most of our problems would disappear b’ezras Hashem.

  62. This is a “CRISIS”…. by all means… somebody in YWN must be really bored. I think this newspaper is missing the point, Hashem is trying to send a HUGE message to all of us, instead of posting dumb articles about a so called CRISIS that does not exist maybe post some useful stuff that will make all of us want to start thinking about our lives and get the message Hashem is trying to tell us…….

    Stop wasting people’s time with nonsense news. BTW, if anyone working for YWN cares about their Olam Haba just a little bit, you should start learning Hilchos Lashon Hara because this so called “FRUM” news channel delivers ALOT of it on a daily basis and also gives the platform for Lashon Hara to be spread through commenting and coffee rooms.
    (Just for the record an article like this one is straight out Lashon Hara about Eretz Yisroel especially when it encourages people not to go learn there).

    Do yourselves a BIG BIG BIG favor and please reevaluate if money is worth losing your entire Olam Haba, you all can still change your ways and start bringing major benefit to the Klal. I have numerous articles saved up, that are just pure lashon hara, publicizing facts that aren’t actually checked, blowing up a story way beyond it’s proportions, taking sides on stories…. Those are all severe transgressions of Lashon Hara.

    Davening that Hashem will open up your hearts to hear those words.

  63. If you don’t think Jews not being allowed to go to EY is a crisis, then you have what to reflect on this Tisha B’Av.

    Big A, nebach you squandered an opportunity of a lifetime. For some, their shleimus requires them to be in EY.

  64. Maybe if you actually in Israel, the government would help subsidize your חנוך. That is a logical system.

    Not my fault you chose America and not Israel.

  65. So this LIBBY person is saying that the age-gap hoax has endorsements from Eretz Yisroel. Really? So how is Brisk still open? Most bachurim there are over 21. I’ve yet to see Rav Avraham Yehoshua kick out a single bachur because he was over 21. Same with every other mainstream Yeshiva there. So any signatures this fake organization claims to have, it ain’t being enforced anywhere. This Libby guy also claimed, a few years ago, that the Lakewood Roshei hayeshiva also signed on to it. LOL! What do you think the average age of a bachur is when he enters BMG? This age-gap hoax is a total joke. When the gullible gevirim cut off their funding from this Libby guy, we’ll see what happens to all his squeaking.

  66. Thank you to ywn for bringing up this all time important issue.
    To Ferd, I agree. But don’t have taanis on the Roshei Yeshiva. They are busy with their own “harbotzas haTorah”.

  67. I read most of the comments here. Some comments were very nasty, aggressive, hurting, bashing and tearing the other person to pieces.
    Maybe someone can please explain to me how come Hashem was SO SO ANGRY at Penina when she tried to help Chanah. Penina did it LeShem Shamaim and still she got punished.

  68. My son is in Eretz Yisroel. He had been quarantied when coming to Eretz Yisroel and also experienced lockdown. He got quarantined again when he had fever and it took a while to get negative test results. Quarantine was difficult because he was on his own. It sounds like yeshiva bochurim will be together – that is not as difficult as being alone, as long as they get good food. It doesn’t sound like they will have enough people to have a minyan – maybe they can change that. The parents should be happy that their children will, with Hashem’s help, be in yeshiva learning Torah and not the IDF like my son.

  69. As a bochur let me just say this as I’ve gone through this warped system that has been manipulated by the plethora of bad players in the chinuch system. I have come to realize only the rabbeim that you form a connection with can give you a good sense of what is going on. We live in this insane elitist society where everyone just kisses up to everyone that no one has any sense of what they’re supposed to strive for in life at my age the bochurim just get slammed every shabbos and call it a “chill” we go through these crazy long days and most of us walk out dumber than an inner city public school kid but we still think we’re on top of the world

  70. Thank you for this forum. Important issues are being aired out.
    I am actually a supporter of the institutions out there.
    My friends, let’s not be naive. Seminaries and yeshivas alike are all businesses.
    And B”H people find their business in mosdos, or we wouldn’t have any!
    The days of true mosdos haTorah are just about in the past.

  71. So, some Yeshivas – such as the Mir Yerushalayim – wrote their letters with cautionary wording. There is a reason why the Mir did this. The Mir has been around dealing with Israeli bureaucracy and politicians for many years. It knows full well that in Israel all is not it appears to be, all the more so when a decision has not even been taken. The old Israeli way of announcing that the Government has agreed to do this or that, as a way of pressuring it to do this or that, often works but in this circumstance of COVID-19, the rules are different.

    And given that as it stands right now, going to Eretz Yisroel to learn this Elul won’t be anything close to a picnic in the park. If in fact, YWN has spoken to various Roshei Yeshiva, Magidei Shiur, Mashgichim, and Seminary owners, and many of them are not very excited with the plans (which by the way, have not yet even approved by the Israeli Government), why play this game. Let the bochurim and sem girls stay in programs in the USA or wherever their home country is.

  72. Here’s a perspective from Yerushalayim.

    The city is overcrowded as it is. Bring in more people, we end up with more sick people. It doesn’t matter if they had it already. It’s more people sharing the limited amount of space making social distancing more difficult to accomplish. We don’t need to have thousands dying over the coming winter zman. I’m sorry for all the wonderful yidden who were lost but we don’t need you to come.

  73. There is an interesting point that nobody touched upon.
    The businesses that thrive on the business generated by all the bochurim and sem. girls are hurting, and hurting badly. The falafel stores, bakeries and coffee shop operators that is. The many who thrive on the business of dealing with the parents’ who visit; those dollars which are the bread and butter for all these family owned businesses are non-existent. It’s such a Rachmanus on them all.

  74. So much useless Shutoyot! YWN editors to start with, and many of the comments as well. HKBH is presenting us with an enormous Mageifa and we are tragically missing the point. True, this year is different. People are dying, many are unemployed, others are I’ll. Life is disrupted all around us and we are crying about the falafel purchase!? Gevalt. Coming g to Eretz Yisrael ought to be about pursuing a period of elevated spirituality, not hedonism . Yes it may be more challenging, but that is precisely the call of the hour. The reply from one brochure who is excitedly to be taking a road trip to Arizona instead is telling. YIDDEN, awake. Hashem is unhappy with our focus on חיצוניות , even in the holy Lakewood. Come to study the Torah with extra התלהבות in Seminary or Yeshiva. Two weeks in a capsule isolation in Elul is actually a positive thing. Many Yeshivos do not allow extra curricular trip in all of Elul. And YWN, don’t make THIS the crises. The Coronavirus is the result of a crises within society, and we need to step up to improve our religious practices. Return to Eretz Eretz Yisrael, Return for all the right reasons, and then we will, with G-DS help, return to the Shik, the Falafel stands and the Kosel in holiness.

  75. Attention all those out there speaking without facts.
    Do you have a son an daughter that received a letter from a yeshiva or sem outlining the situation.
    It is not definite, as it says int he letter from Mir. “we would like to share with you the basic outline of what we are hoping to get approved in the coming days” In addition, should the government decide to retract, they may.
    In addition, they chose 1 type of quarantine. “Upon arrival, the Bochurim will be required to begin quarantine for 14 days. The rooms have porches. Meals will be delivered to each room separately.” it is suppose to be 6 bochurim to a room. In addition, “The Bochurim will not be allowed to leave the campus at any point throughout the Zman, with exception of organized Yeshiva trips.”
    So, 1. it is not confirmed, 2. they will be locked in the campus for the zman.
    If the situation in israel is under control for yomim tovim they will be allowed to leave. IF! This is a 4 week zman and that might lock them in for Rosh Hashana, Yomr Kippur and Sukkos. I think they should take the time to find a campus here in the USA and all the boys would be ready to run!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are many campuses for rent. College type with dorm rooms and many buildings to house the bais medrash and shiur rooms. They need something, but it shouldn’t be so risky.
    If you have bochurim at home you know the situation. If not, then you can’t even comprehend what they are going through!
    With besuros tovos, may we hear the shofer of moshiach now, before tisha b’av!!!

  76. —Why we won’t have a Bais Hamikdash for a long, long time…–
    Comments like these “Maybe, just maybe one thing good will come out of Covid-19. The closing of all these seminaries.” I’ve heard shurim that said how spiritually uplifting it would be if movie theaters shut their downs, immodest Broadway and the Arts close down, no more issues of Shomer Negiah in the workplace and out in the world, and the creation of many of the Chesed and Tzedaka organizations which are establishing themselves. But, **No**, to some, they believe that the right outcome is closing seminaries, allowing Rabbeim and teachers to lose their jobs, help girls off the Derech become attached to a frum lifestyle, send thousands of girls to nowhere (and I have news for you, many of these girls aren’t going to get married a few months out of high school).

  77. Oih! What an eis tzara. Now the “elite” yeshiva doesn’t have bachurim banging down their door. Enough accepting only those with connections, money, etc… I know a yasom, a metzuyan, that was turned down, a bachur who had to pay 50 k in order to get in, and the list goes on…

  78. @ ZeitBsimcha July 28, 2020 9:02 am
    Why does everything have to be called a crisis??
    its called CACS create a crisis syndrome. there are several possibilities for the cause of this syndrome/disorder.
    [ one of the causes – for some – the talent to solve (social) issues/ problems , invents a fake need to solve them. So if there isnt any , -make one up, in order to solve it and “feel” better .

  79. If seminaries and yeshivos don’t open fully, there may be another big problem. Families in Eretz Yisrael with no food to eat c”v. What will the teachers pay for food with? The myth that seminaries are money making machines is not truthful at all. Expenses are a fortune. And nobody opens a seminary to make money- they open it because they believe in the education of the future wives and mothers of klal yisrael.
    I went to seminary many years ago. I barely learnt a thing. BUT my neshama absorbed so much good just from being in EY for the year. Seminary staff really work hard to give us a life changing year.
    If you don’t believe in seminary, AND your daughter doesn’t mind not going-so don’t send them.

  80. @rosh hamidbrim you wrote: was r asher arielli asked his opnion. did anyone ask r yosef elefant what he thinks.

    If you look at the email i and all parents received from the mir you will see it is clearly written that one of the office staff who holds a dual citizenship flew w/ his family to EY to work hands on with the RY and Rabbeim…Yes that right R Asher and R Elefant and all the other amazing Mir Rabbeim to colloborate and figure out how to make the most condusive Elul zman, whether in Ey or America. So thank you for your shtusum and lies.

    In regards to your comment on BMG there can be many logical explanantions. Very possibly they know that EY yeshivos are working on programs to run in America and they arent about to make politics. Or maybe they dont want to be flooded with bochurim, who will bounce after Elul, ect.

  81. Girls going to seminary in Israel is a luxury. Not a necessity. It involves a lot of vacationing, trip going and fun filled activities.

    Let them go to a seminary in their home country.

  82. @fraidygee Believe it or not, the Israeli economy is not based on the staff at overseas yeshivot and seminaries. The economic damage has to do with businesses scaling down their operations. But the fact that you care so much about a practical non issue instead of the hundreds of thousands of Jews going into poverty makes me think maybe you shouldn’t send your kids to Israel after all.

    As for the rest of you, from what I understand, Nefesh B’nefesh is still working. I went to yeshiva 19 years ago, then army, got married and I am still living here. My job closes on all Jewish holidays, including Tisha Baav, and where I live there are no cars on Shabbat. How many of you can say the same about your lives in America? If you really want to invest in your children’s future, convince them to leave chutz laaretz.

  83. Waa waa waa. The entire world is feeling the effects. The entire country of Israel was in lockdown. On Pesach we were not allowed to leave our homes, people made seder alone. Kids bar and bat mitzvahs were cancelled. Weddings were so limited that siblings couldnt all be included. Soldiers were kept on base over a month instead of coming home every other shabbos after grueling weeks of training and keeping the country safe. Restaurants closed. Hundreds of thousands of newly unemployed.
    Families barely able to put food on the table. And I could go on and on.

    But the poor sem girls and yeshiva guys wont be able to go have falafel. My heart is broken for them.

    Its every parents choice not to send their kid this year. Send them next year instead. Or not. But get a grip… as we say in Hebrew “proportziot”.. proportions…

  84. Mommy 10. Its very sad that you do not feel pride in your son serving in the IDF. It is only because of soldiers like him that there can be seminaries and yeshivas in EY at all.