NYC MAYOR GIULIANI? Rudy Son, Andrew, Considers NYC 2021 Mayoral Run


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Rudy Giuliani’s 34-year-old son Andrew Giuliani said he’s considering running for New York City mayor in 2021.

The son of the former mayor told the New York Post, “I am certainly thinking about it. It’s something that a bunch of people that I trust have approached me with.”

Giuliani said Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration “has failed New York as he does not value the New York Police Department and he does not value what they have done for the city.” He pointed to the disbanding of the NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime unit as well as budget cuts to the department.

“It’s been terrible to see over the last few years how the city has spiraled. I am afraid if the right candidate doesn’t win in 2021, four more years of de Blasio’s policies will remind us of the 80s,” he said.

The younger Giuliani has been a public liaison assistant to President Donald Trump for the past few years. He told the Post he’s currently focused on getting Trump reelected but he may then shift his attention to running for mayor, something he’s been talking about with his father—who held the position from 1994 to 2001—for the past six weeks.

“I am trying to make sure the president gets over the finish line on Nov. 3rd and then right after that my focus is going to be on how we can save New York City again,” Giuliani said.



  1. Aside from his last name and holding his finger in the air, WHAT are his qualifications to govern NYC, one of the world’s largest cities? We have had 8 years of a left-wing incompetent hack. We don’t need 4 years of an incompetent right-wing hack

  2. He will definitely receive massively strong endorsement from the Police, as well as a massive endorsement from President Trump during his 1st year of his 2nd term, and with his back-ground running against de Blasio, is going to be a full fledged nightmare for the dilapidated Democrats.

  3. Has Andrew Giuliani ever gotten a job that was not the result of his last name and connection to Rudy? Before I can consider Andrew’s candidacy, I have to know a few things about Andrew. And his job with Trump is a negative, not positive.

  4. The crooked democrats will find a say to smear his name in the media. But is he strong enough and genuine enough and committed enough to bring NYC out of the sewer?