UPDATED: Belarus Sets Up Huge Tents On The Border For Breslover Chassidim


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In a humanitarian gesture, the Belarusian government set up huge tents and chemical toilets for the Breslover chassidim still waiting by the Ukrainian border in hopes of entering the country to spend Rosh Hashanah in Uman, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Meanwhile, the Breslov leadership is supplying food and drinks to the chassidim and are continuing efforts to convince the Ukrainian government to allow the chassidim in.

It is unknown if an alternative plan has been arranged to house the chassidim for the swiftly approaching Rosh Hashanah.


On Tuesday, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, asked members of his government to contact Ukrainian authorities in order to obtain an assurance of “safe passage” for the Chassidim currently sitting on the border between the two countries. According to a report issued by the Press Secretary for the President, Natalya Eismont, Lukashenko said that his government was willing to take upon itself the logistics and responsibility of transferring the Chassidim to Uman safely.

“Belarus is willing to supply transportation in the form of busses that will take the pilgrims to their destination and return them directly to the airport for flights to their countries of origin. Our country is willing to take upon itself all of these responsibilities and to organize the process in the safest manner possible, in such a manner that it would not affect the status quo in Ukraine at all.”

As of Tuesday, hundreds of Chassidim were stuck in the demilitarized zone between the two counties and are facing Ukrainian soldiers on the border of their destination country. According to reports in the Israeli media, the situation between the soldiers and the Chassidim has become tense. The Chassidim are stuck without the option of returning to Belarus nor entering Ukraine.

Those present are calling upon the Israeli Foreign Ministry to intervene on behalf of the nearly 2,500 chassidim, including women and children. The food and water supplies available to the Chassidim are dwindling.

On Monday, a Red Cross truck delivered blankets and supplies to those Chassidim who were stuck sleeping on the side of the road near the Ukrainian border. The Breslov secretariat blamed the government of Israel for the situation, claiming that the government’s requests to the Ukrainain government not to allow the chassidim in led to the situation of facing foreign border patrols in order to enter Uman.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. alll this chassidim stuck at the border have to do is open a gemara bava basra what bmg is learning and learn yeshivas sugyas keilava shel lokeach bershus moicher and meshicha and mesira by metaltelin thats it. this whole problem would would go away they wouldnt need to travel to who knows where and get stuck in god knows what they would find inner satisfaction from that alone. all these people are looking for a sipuk in ruchniyuis nebach

  2. “The Mexican government is willing to take upon itself the logistics and responsibility of transferring the Guatemalans to San Diego safely.”

    Sorry, lost all sympathy after the picture of the 4 year old holding a placard “they wont let me on because I’m a Jew.” No, because your father is an apostate who believes that his salvation can only come through the intervention of a corpse.

    So irresponsible….

  3. Those present are calling upon the Israeli Foreign Ministry to intervene I don’t comprehend:- Why aren’t they calling upon the Bresslev Rebbe to intervene? Even if not by his actual קבר, but surely מחשבה כמעשה

  4. No one has yet explained WHY these Breslov ignored multiple explicit warnings on every form of media in EY and elsewhere, especially the Ukrainian foreign ministry website, that they would NOT be allowed in. Is there any rational explanation for adult yidden, presumably not suffering from any form dementia, to ignore such warnings and put themselves and in some cases little children at risk?

  5. ymribiat, that picture turned me off too, but your comment shows that you are the apostate, not that kid’s father. If you say that one who goes to a tzadik’s kever to ask him for his advocacy Above is “an apostate who believes that his salvation can only come through the intervention of a corpse”, then you are explicitly rejecting not only thousands of years of Jewish practice, starting with Yosef at his mother’s grave, Kalev at Me’aras Hamachpela, and Yirmiyahu both there and at Mt Nevo, but also an explicit Zohar that endorses the practice.

  6. Wonderful. They made it to the front page of the New York Times. What a chillul H’.

    Let them sleep on the ground in the cold. Keep the Askanim and Red Cross and Belarus government support away.

    A few nights out in the cold without food will send them scrambling back to wherever they came from. Which is where they belonged in the first place.

    There’s a worldwide pandemic. It’s widely publicized that they weren’t welcome in Uman for that reason.

    If they’re not smart enough to comprehend that, and comply, hopefully they’ll be smart enough to realize if they’re cold and hungry they should go back to wherever they came from (where they weren’t cold and hungry).

    What a chillul H’

  7. They’re doing this because they believe its a mitzva. Goyim probably think that tznius and not mixing genders is child abuse. That doesn’t stop us from doing it, because thats what Hashem wants.
    They think Hashem wants them to be in Uman.

  8. There is a basic piece of info missing – htta was clearly reported in this morning’s Hamodia, that the chassidim were deceived that they would be allowed in.

    It is for this reason that the Belarus gov’t originally allowed them nto Belarus, but now will not let them back ….

  9. this is so ridiculous. They should of gone home a long time ago. They could of spent Rosh Hashana with family now im sure people are spending a lot of time, money, political pressure to help them when this was obviously going to happen. I just feel bad for the kids who were convinced by their parents to come. This is sad.

  10. They are fools for going, “hoping” to somehow get in. even more foolish for taking along small children. Now that they are in this situation though, we should try to help them. Although, not a posek, I believe it is worth asking the shayla if they are financially responsible for any amenities afforded them, since it is their own foolishness and recklessness that put them into this situation.

  11. I dont understand how Yidden can post such comments . Have you ever helped another Yid ? Do you always have to understand exactly how the Yid got into trouble before you help them or have Rachmones on them ? Its time to get our acts together and not act like all Goyim of the world . We have to help other yidden unconditionally and not go in to the exact details of why they got to this situation . We might also not be so perfect in all our ways and we still seek Hashem’s help .

  12. This boarders on Idolatry. Enough is enough. Go back to your homes and be with your families. Why do u have to daven to a dead man. It’s the Neshama that counts and that’s everywhere. I am convinced that these people are lazy and are in unhappy marriges and can t cope with a dozen kids so they fly off for a mini vacation on the pretense of davening . Was there 15 years ago. There were less crazies then then now, but still crazies. My circumstances were different , Kids were married and my wife asked me to go on this once in a lifetime trip. Could have gone to mecca

  13. Farsheedens:

    It’s called LEARNING A LESSON!

    You could apply your logic to every time your kid does something wrong after you warned him/her not to. Mai nafka-mina?

  14. They were told to go at all costs by one of their leaders Arush. Google the video “Let’s meet in Uman” where he says that that going this year is the most important thing you can do. The whole video proves that this group are idolaters dress as Chassidim. This is why his book Garden of whatever is banned in most seminaries. Keep your kids far away from this dangerous cult. They come across like Jews but their really intent is get you to have a personal relationship with dead person. Nebach