FAKE NEWS EXPOSED: Camera Crews Flood Jewish Communities of NYC Searching For Maskless Jews


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The attached video speaks for itself.

A Boro Park resident filmed a news crew on Tuesday afternoon that was deliberately looking for the 1% of people seen walking on the street without a mask.

Additionally, the news camera did not bother filming a non-Jew without a mask.

News crews have literally flooded Jewish communities around New York City on Tuesday, literally desperate to catch a person without a mask. While YWN in no way condones people not wearing masks, it begs the question why the media never sent the number of news crews currently in Flatbush and Boro Park to any other neighborhood where hundreds of thousands are walking freely without a mask.

We know the answer.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Excellent, that took more guts than the idiot standing there with the camera.

    When did Bill de Blasio, make an edict that everyone had to wear a mask even outside? That seems to go against the CDC rules and suggestions.

  2. A 1-and-a-half minute video tells me nothing. There appears to be solid evidence that some frum neighborhoods, as well as some non-Jewish neighborhoods, are experiencing higher-than-average rates of Covid infection. It’s up to the Jews in those neighborhoods to decide what Hashem wants them to do. I believe the most important mitzvah is to protect life, and the best way to protect life these days is to social-distance and wear masks. Whining about lax enforcement of these sensible rules against non-Jews is silly. Frum Jews must protect themselves and their families. If the city wants to help by reporting higher-than-average rates of infection in frum neighborhoods, so be it.

    And by the way, I heard a discussion on Spectrum News in which a reporter said that the Orthodox community were big supporters of Bill diBlasio. I do not have that impression from what I read on YWN. Was that reporter wrong?

  3. Can someone please clarify the law? If you are outdoors and no one is within 50 feet of you, are you required to wear a mask? I’m not looking for mussar or hashkafa. Just an answer please.

  4. Perhaps Yidden have less Vitamin D in their system and therefore are more prone to COVID

    I see guys over here screaming about masks. Why have they not screamed about treatment that could have for sure saved lives and was blocked by Democrats?

    No one is certain that MASKS actually blocks the virus perhaps it can reduce the virus load.

  5. Yaakov doe: I dont know if you are aware that just recently (in July & August) there were thousands of children and adults without masks and there were no Covid cases. Theres a strong feeling this man-made virus was brought to us purposely now. Remember when they said “in fall there will come a second wave”. This was all planned out months ago. No masks will protect us

  6. Had this progressive Jew hater liberal bum done that in a black area his camera would be busted and so would his head. Our way of busting this bums head is going to be legally when we vote Trump in on November 3rd. With H help. I would love to see how he goes crazy on Trumps victory.

  7. And by the way, I heard a discussion on Spectrum News in which a reporter said that the Orthodox community were big supporters of Bill diBlasio.Was that reporter wrong?

    When you are talking about new reporters and the frum community the question should be “Was that reporter right”?

    Unless you are certain otherwise the answer should be assumed as not.

    No the frum community is not big supporters of Bill De Blasio. Like everything about the frum community the news gets it wrong

  8. The cameraman is doing the job he was assigned to do by his editors at the New York Post. I don’t know why anyone would assume that he’s affiliated with any particular political party.

  9. to Yaakov Doe: That’s called conjecture. There is not one shred of evidence that mask wearing of people without symtoms ever slowed the spread of this virus. Look at the severe lockdown in Peru and what good that did. If it makes you feel good, wear a mask, but let’s not mix in opinions here, especially ones that are spread by the mainstream fake news media.

  10. There is no law requiring masks in the street, and it makes no sense to wear them. Every person who goes in the street with a mask is either (1) an idiot, or (2) virtue signalling.

    All the people in the video with masks are virtue signalling, but they at least have the excuse that they’re literally afraid that if they don’t do so they will be the victims of violence, just like the restaurant diners who are forced to make “black power” fists for fear of being beaten up if they don’t. In this case they’re afraid not of mob violence but of something even worse, government violence.

    Yaacov Doe, huju, 127, et al are repeating the claim that there is some sort of “uptick” in our neighborhoods as opposed to any others, and that is just not true. There are “upticks” of similar magnitude in many other neighborhoods.

    More importantly, though, an “uptick” in cases IS OF NO CONCERN. We don’t care about an uptick in cases, or even a flood of cases, because we know that for almost all people there is no risk. So long as no more people than usual are getting sick or dying, let many more people catch the virus. The whole concentration on cases is one big fraud.

  11. Listen to y2r. Half of all Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, people in NYC’s climate who wear long-sleeves surely may be. Take a supplement and wear a mask to reduce the viral load. You’ll be asymptotic or more mild if you get it.
    Obviously not many people listened to me here back in Feb/March when I tried shouting to be wary. And I still see even more people with conspiracy theories now. This is not an impossible virus to defeat, especially as other SAR’s like strains have been very, very, very worse.

  12. To smerel: Thanks for answering my question. As for your advice about assumptions, I prefer to get answers than to assume. There is an adage: When you assume, you make an “a–” of “u” and “me”.

  13. I was all set to agree with the objectors in this piece – that is, set to agree that the Jewish community was being unfairly singled out by the media. I was set to do so even though it is plain that those who oppose masks to help keep us all healthy are clearly wrong. That sympathy disappeared when I clicked through to the “PHOTOS” tab on this page. There I found uncontroverted evidence of irresponsibility: photos of hundreds if not thousands of Jewish boys and men huddled together closely in a number of different settings, without a single mask in sight.

    Time to wake up! See the stories from all over the world, including Israel, Covid 19 is neither Democratic nor Republican. It’s not Liberal or Conservative. It’s not Jewish or Gentile. It is a potentially deadly virus! If you truly believe that protecting life – your own and your elders and your loved one’s and those around you – then stop the insanity, and wear a mask and support everyone wearing a mask.

    Yes, any unfair media coverage is a scandal, but here, it wasn’t false, either. Isn’t 200,000+ dead americans and multiples of that around the world enough to open your eyes? Get over yourselves!

  14. Masks are only for peasant, not for Marxist Democrat elites. On hot mike: Democratic Gov. Wolf and Rep. Ullman of Pennsylvania call masks a “political theater” to get “on camera”.

  15. yaakov doe,
    The Jewish community has by-and-large been wearing masks since there was a slight uptick in cases at the end of August. Jewish schools have opened (Using PPE and following CDC guidelines), public schools haven’t. That’s the difference here.

    I’m terrified that they’re going to try to blame the rising cases, once they’ve opened public schools, on the Jews because cases rose here first. In reality, it’s just the fact that with reintegration there will be a rise in infections, and we’ve reintegrated by opening schools in a timely manner.

    Also, I’ll point out that there’s a fallacy in the statistics that are being used to target the Jewish areas. The rate of infection is determined by the positive test results in relation to the number of tests administered. Our community isn’t testing at the same rate as other communities, both because many have already had the virus, and because we are scared of this exact form of discrimination. If fewer total tests are administered and only those who believe that they may be sick are testing, the ratio of positive tests will be significant. We may not actually be getting hit harder than other areas per capita.

    We need to approach this issue with common sense. Yes, everyone needs to be exceedingly careful. However, we can also think for ourselves in evaluating if there’s a legitimate reason for the Orthodox community to be targeted.

  16. ShimonBT
    Please go back to the Photos section and check the DATES on the pictures which you are mentioning. As far as I can tell, the most recent photos date back to MARCH 2. The COVID shutdown was enacted on March 13th. Dan L’Kaf Zechus.

  17. Shimonbt- Covid doesn’t differentiate bet Republicans and Democrats…nor Jews or non Jews….liberals or conservatives….
    Well, unfortunately, Covid didn’t differentiate between masked and maskless. Ask the CDC, ask the doctors and researchers who see the curves of the virus. How can you explain masked people who caught the virus and maskless people who congregated between end of May through end of August and DID NOT GET IT…?????
    SHOUTOUT: Anyone out there who wants to wear a mask for their own sanity, go ahead..
    And btw, these reporters are not stupid. They come to our neighborhoods to look for a scoop …. Any dumb scoop, even fake news… because if they dare step foot into many “other” neighborhoods, they’ll likely come out a head shorter.
    And this is fact! Not fake news!

  18. The Fake News Media hounds were in Monsey too, running from one shopping center to the next. They were also standing on RT 59 taking video of people walking outdoors on sidewalks free of crowds with light and singular pedestrians.

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