NEW FOR THOSE ARRIVING IN ISRAEL: Antibody Tests Now Accepted for Quarantine Exemptions


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The following information is via the incredible Chaim V’Chessed Organization:

All passengers arriving in Israel from Red countries are required to quarantine for 14 days. Until now, there has been a limited process to receive a quarantine exemption. This process was available only to those who had previously been diagnosed with Covid, and had a positive PCR test result proving this. Until now, Israeli authorities lent no credence to serological (antibody) tests.

Now, the Health Ministry has issued a directive allowing antibody tests to be recognized for quarantine exemptions. Read the directive here. There has been great confusion about how this process will work. Chaim V’Chessed senior medical advisor, Mrs. Nechama Nulman liaised with Health Ministry officials, who provided the following detailed information.

There are now two methods to receive an exemption from quarantine. Even if you are eligible, each passenger must enter quarantine upon arriving in Israel, until he or she receives an exemption from the Ministry of Health. This exemption is given at the discretion of the Health Ministry, meaning, they can decide whether or not to grant this exemption.

To request an exemption, the traveler must have recovered from Covid 19 more than 10 days prior to arrival in Israel. Bring a medical summary detailing illness and recovery at least 10 days before your flight.

PCR Method: Provide PCR tests proving the passenger was positive, and then negative for Corona.

Travelers will need to provide either a negative PCR test performed in Israel, antibody test performed in Israel showing positive antibodies, or a letter from an Israeli doctor certifying that the traveler has recovered from Covid (מכתב מחלים).

Serological (Antibody) Method: Provide an antibody test from abroad with positive antibody results.

The travelers will then need to do another antibody test in Israel while in quarantine. See list below with testing locations in Jerusalem. Results generally arrive within three days. (Health Ministry officials have told Chaim V’Chessed that it is permissible to leave home to take this test at private labs, though not in a hospital setting.)

Once you have one of the above, download and fill out this document. Fill out a separate form for each family member.

Then, email the document, along with all of your test results to [email protected]  or [email protected].

You should receive a response within 48 hours. Until you receive a written exemption from the Health Ministry, you must remain in quarantine.


NOTE: Despite the possibility of receiving a quarantine exemption, foreigners are still barred from entering Israel, unless they obtain a special entry permit. Furthermore, those applying to enter for simchas, medical emergencies, etc. must continue to present proof of at least a 14 day visit, and their application will be rejected if they do not. If they receive an exemption, they will be allowed to depart Israel earlier.

Below are some locations in Jerusalem which perform serological (antibody) tests. Check accuracy with each location, as details change rapidly. It is also possible that in the near future, Kupot Cholim will begin offering these test, as well.

  1. Hadassah Medical *3811

Price: Israeli: 293 NIS

Tourist: 352 NIS

An appointment is needed

Result are ready up to 24 hours

  1. Rambam Private Lab 16 Hillel Street 2nd floor, 02-6231214

Price: 480 NIS

Sunday- Thursday 8AM-1PM

Friday – 8AM-10AM

No need to make an appointment

Results within a few hours.(Results reflect up to 16 days back)

  1. Refuit Private Clinic 6 Hiram Street, 02-566-8888

Price: 650 NIS

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 12 PM-7PM

Monday, Wednesday 12PM-4PM

No need to make an appointment, but it is advisable to confirm the hours.

Results are usually ready the next day.