France: Jewish Institutions In Nice To Close Amid Fears Of Additional Terror Attacks

French policemen and firemen stand next to Notre Dame church after a knife attack, in Nice, France, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020. French anti-terrorism prosecutors are investigating a knife attack at a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice that killed two people and injured several others. (AP Photo/Alexis Gilli)

Heads of the Jewish communities in the city of Nice in France have decided to close all schools and shuls in the city following the fatal stabbing attack that took place on Thursday. The attack, which claimed the lives of three people took place outside of a church in the city.

A Chabad Shaliach in the city, Rabbi Reuven Vanunu, said: “We have made the decision to close all Jewish schools and shuls in the city and to place heavy security around kosher stores in the city. Currently, the situation with regard to the Jewish community in the city is fairly relaxed, but due to the fear that things may quickly get out of control, we made the decision to close everything and be extra cautious.”

A high-ranking official in the Jewish community told BeChadrei Charedim that: “This time the terrorists attacked the non-Jews. They realized that killing Jews doesn’t interest anyone in the international community so they attacked non-Jews. In every act of terrorism that takes place here, the media always claim that the perpetrator was suffering from psychological issues in order to calm the situation. All of the murders of Jews are forgotten after a few hours. But suddenly, when non-Jews are killed it creates a media circus. We will still stay vigilant and cautious, and that is why we closed everything.”

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Nice after the attack and ordered that security around churches be increased by military patrols.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)