Police Storm Itzkowitz Shul in Bnei Brak Over Reports of Minyanim Breaking COVID Restrictions [VIDEO ROUNDUP]


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A large number of police forces stormed the Itzkowitz Shul in the center of Bnei Brak on Tuesday due to the claim that there was a large number of people gathering inside in direct violation of the Coronavirus restrictions issued by the government.

Sources from the Shul said that they were complying with the restrictions and that there was no need for the police action.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Officers saw a shul which claimed to be closed, but under a close investigation found that there were dozens of people gathering inside in violation of the restrictions. This gathering endangered their own health and the health of others. The officers demanded that the group disperse at once.”

A protest broke out and hundreds of people thronged to the site and surrounded the officers. “A handful of outlaws gathered to disturb the peace at the scene and threw projectiles including rocks at the officers and at a police vehicle.”

Officers then began issuing fines for 5,000 NIS and took enforcement measures to disperse the crowd.

Rabbi Yitzchak Sheinin, the Gabbai of the Itzkowitz Shul told Kikar Shabbos that “A lot of people are bored during this time of Corona and simply call the police and say, ‘Go take a look at what is happening at Itzkowitz,’ and then start a mob scene. The problem is that in the shul we are adhering to the restrictions. Whoever doesn’t follow the guidelines is kicked out.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. this is a horrible chillul Hashem. these officers are there to protect us and they do, they literally give their lives up to prevent terror ch”v. i am fully chareidy and i will never go to the tzahal, but these videos literally make me wanna cry, its so sad that this is what goes on in what is supposed to be the most Torah-dik city in israel. the officers totally kept their cool in that so called shul even with these chutzpadik people yelling in their faces and singing utzu aitza about them and yelling nazi at them. when will we stop this stupidity!!! we should welcome them into the shul and ask if theywanna join for a minyan – be mkarev them, and if they dont want to then okay, but this is so disgusting.
    and shame on you YWN for the title of this article – making it sound as tho the police are doing something terrible here. they got a call and its their job to respond to a call, i sure hope theyd respond to every call they get – thats their job. and they wakled in calmly not ‘storming’, the one time you see them get fired up is when those nut cases on banging on their car like some blm mshuginas…
    klal yisroel, lets wake up! this is not the way to bring moshiach! i am honestly inspired to work on my own ahavas yisroel from seeing how disgusting this sinas chinam is… if i wwere those police officers id probably go home and curse out all the chareidim for how he was treated here…
    Hashem yirachem

  2. watching the folks in that first video yelling nazi at the israeli cops makes me wonder why we asked cnn’s amanpour to apologize for comparing someone she dislikes to hitler.

  3. Listen Americans, stay out of it. The Israeli police are animals. They push, shove, hit, shout. They harass Charedim night and day. They deserve far worse than this. It’s not a chillul Hashem at all. What’s a chillul Hashem is you not defending your brothers.

  4. BS”D
    The police should not be called Nazis, and it would give HaKadoshBaruchHu great joy if the mispalelim would be mekarev them.
    It is good that they ignored the covid rules.
    Dr. Scott Atlas said it very well. Rise up.
    Whatever you accept you will have.

  5. The police are also my brother’s. Israel or America makes no difference Ive lived on both and have enough familiarity with police on both countries to have a right o say that these videos are a total chillul Hashem. Of course every police dept has officers that sometimes go too far, but in general they are great people who give their lives to protect us and we should make them feel we appreciate them and support them, that we are not just more thugs they must deal with

  6. and you know who else are my brothers – the people you dont see in the video bc they went to the shul to learn/daven and are doing that. these guys are just hanging around outside looking for action – nothing holy about that… i know israel – just cuz someone is wearing black and white means nothing, look at what hes doing. our job as charedim is kiddush Hashem, not the the opposite, and we gotta remember that!