Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg Tests Positive For COVID-19

Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg

The Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, Hagaon HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum tested positive for COVID-19, on Sunday night.

The Rebbe is currently home and showing mild symptoms.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Is this any surprise?? After repeatedly participating in large gathering events at the Rodney Street shul where a large percentage of attendees weren’t masked, this was bound to happen. Hopefully, it will be learning moment and warning for his chassidim or perhaps they just don’t care anymore about collateral damage.

  2. I shall defer the ominous task of connecting the dots of attending a wedding of 7000 people & a כ”א כסלו event [even if reduced in size] all without a mask, to catching Corona, to Mayor de Blasio, whom I have no-doubt shall have no problem taking care of this assignment.

  3. The so-called Zelenko protocol eliminates the danger.
    Which is why the large (maskless) weddings are not Halachically prohibited.

    So far, every person that ignored the misinformation campaign, and followed the simple instructions of the protocol, have all avoided hospitalizations (or worse C”V) 99.9% of the time.

    Due to my months-long intensive and extensive research, including surveys, i can unequivocally make the above statement.

  4. When you daven for the Rebbe to have a refuah shelamah, also daven that he be have an epiphany and change the reckless behavior that has seemingly become the norm for the Satmar over the past several months. It would be wonderful if the next time we see the Rebbe, he is wearing a mask and insisting the same for all his gabboim and chasidim.

  5. All u hateful people for starters, the big wedding wasnt R ZLeibs. Itwas the other fraction. And for clarity, RZL was absolutely very cautious. Never big gatherings. Always shying away and doing whats right yet not allowing fear to dictate him.
    He was always afraid to be in public as he never tested positive for Covid. He’ll be fine bezh. No worries. And no hate.

  6. Chances are he’ll recover like most who caught the bug. Next things you know, tens of thousands of chassidim, perhaps the Rebbe himself, will say, look, it was fine, this only confirms our original feeling that it’s totally cool to ignore regulations!

  7. It is within 14 days of 2nd half of Chanukah:- What events did you attend during 2nd half of Chanukah?
    Are all your followers who met you during these past 2 weeks going to self quarantine and take Corona test?

  8. The natural consequence of being a choteh u’machteh ess ha’rabbim. The laws HKBH built into the universe affect all but tzaddikim gemurim according to Rambam

  9. You people are all joking about a serious piece of news. And I don’t mean the Rebbe becoming sick, I mean about the proof that COVID now exists.

  10. ujm — Your concern for another Jew’s health is to be commended, but please, neither of the Teitelbaum brothers are gedolei ha’dor. Their only claim to the title of Rebbe is their grandfather was the brother of the V’yoel Moshe z”l, who was in fact one of the gedolei ha’dor.

  11. To all you commentators:
    More than a month has passed since the wedding where 7,000 people attended. So he didn’t get it from that wedding.

    And I think it’s pretty impressive that it took so long for him to catch the virus. It shows how careful he actually was. Even people who were extremely careful caught the virus in a much shorter amount of time.

    Time to get rid of your sinas chinom.

  12. Arizona: for that matter, neither descendant of ANY dynasty. Its all or none. Id go w the latter. The brutal reality. Nice Jews but Gedolah Hador? Nopes.

  13. There is only 2 סגולות for both Satmar Rebbes & every single followers of their to undertake for the Rebbe’s recovery; Everything else shall be absolutely futile;
    1) For both Rebbes and every single follower of theirs, to recite הלל both on יום-העצמאות and on יום-ירושלים this year and every single year, for the rest of their entire lives.
    2) To order every single follower of theirs in Israel, to vote at every election in Israel for Gimmel or Shas.

  14. Saying hallel in Yom hazomahs is forbidden. Why praise a state that runs gay parades in all of their major cities. Turning Israel into Sodom is why corona was sent from Heaven.

  15. To 147, wow! Even of its comical, u must be a sick Zionist.
    Satmar didnt “invent” A Shiitah. The Torah forbids it. If u thought u had one oz of humor, think again.
    Sleazy at its best.

  16. !47: Great segulos but for the fact that in the case of the Satmar, both of your suggestions are actions that come under the umbrella of יעבור ואל יהרג‎