WATCH THIS: Biden Says Police Treated Black Lives Matter Protesters “Very Differently”

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

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President-elect Joe Biden said his granddaughter pointed out the unfair difference in images that showed the violence wielded against Black Lives Matter protesters versus the seemingly muted response against those who attacked the U.S. government.

“No one can tell me that if that had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol,” Biden said in remarks to the nation Thursday.

He continued: “We all know that is true, and it is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.”




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  1. What a brain dead hypocrite. All of these protesters, yesterday’s thugs and the BLM animals should have been treated to live ammunition. All of them, regardless of their color, race, or political party affiliation. The BLM protesters were not handled so badly. Most police departments in these Democrat controlled cities were told to stand down. The police yesterday were rather brutal, though few seemed to be versed in riot control. I am glad that someone got shot. Such force should be standard for riots. This is not about freedom of speech, and casting it that way is intellectually dishonest. Biden needs to be careful. He may have the blind politicians in both houses. But he will lose the people with this stupidity. I hope to see the midterm elections give huge majorities for Republicans in both houses.

  2. why don’t you just shut up???

    your so stupid , your killing yourself, if you would keep your mouth shut you would gain more from this….

  3. Well duh. These thugs don’t have a record of burning down businesses, pulling people out of cars and assaulting them, destroying police cars and other public property. Democrat hypocrites. I heard Deblasio and Cuomo talking today about the riots Did they forget what went on in New York over the summer and is still ongoing in Portland. Oh those were peaceful protests.

  4. The guy is 100% right.

    Had they been BLM they would have been rewarded handsomely for this. The media would have only called them “protesters” and “resisters”.

    We get all sorts of self righteous lectures about the Republican can’t ignore their feelings. The policemen who shot and killed an unarmed women and the three other people who died in mysterious “medical emergencies” would be the primary focus of today’s outrage.

  5. Here we go…
    Even if it is 100% true that BLM would have been treated differently, it does no good for this country to play into divisiveness BEFORE YOU EVEN TAKE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!.
    Welcome back Obama and his ‘beer summits’ who did a “wonderful job” of bringing the country together.
    G-D help this once great country. Only he can. How? A NEIS GALIUE

  6. His daughter didn’t watch entire city blocks being declared a “total loss” in contrast to people getting shot dead in the capital. But, when did reality ever get in the way of PC Politics?

  7. Of course BLM are treated differently. The police let them riot loot for months in every blue city. They stole and burnt. The killed and the police were given orders to stand back. The police never killed a BLM rioter. But here they killed a fine young woman who spent 14 years in the military. For no reason. She was not armed.

  8. Why are you printing this nonsense? We all saw what happened this summer — and continues even now in portland where they had another riot last night — in Chicago, NYC, Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, LA, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and Houston where scores of mobs burned, looted, attacked diners in restaurants and US Senators leaving a political rally with impunity and no blacks were shot and almost all those arrested were not prosecuted. And how many blacks and hispanics have been arrested for the 3 or so dozen of physical attacks on Chassidisha people in Brooklyn? How many shot? The truth is the opposite: if a group of people were physically attacking blacks on the streets of Brooklyn over 18 months, they’d call in the national Guard and have 24/7 news coverage. And you print this? Think Biden cares about Jews or Israel? The Democrats? haven’t the NY Democrats scapegoated jews for Covid all summer? And you continually print these stories…shame!

  9. He must have been missing in action when they were rampaging through the streets of New York, busting windows, stealing and terrorizing people.
    Treating them differently?
    Oh, yes. But not in the way they claim.
    They turn a blind eye to their criminal activity and call it an expression of pent up emotion.

  10. He must have been missing in action when they (BLM) were rampaging through the streets of New York, busting windows, stealing and terrorizing people.
    Treating them differently?
    Oh, yes. But not in the way they claim.
    They turn a blind eye to their criminal activity and call it an expression of pent up emotion.

  11. Lets get this straight. It is racist to treat a minority worse than non-minorities. Guess what the same applies to treating them any better. To ‘let them vent’ and not condemn them this past summer, but to condemn the riots yesterday, Dear Mr. Biden non-president elect; – more like fraudelent elect – is also racist. So tell your dear granddaughter, I am sorry but I am a loserish racist too.

  12. Lets also not forget had the lady that was shot dead been black at a BLM protest – oh what a different story Dear Mr Fraudent elect Biden you wouldve had!!!!!!!

  13. that’s a novel kind of condemnation.
    Since if the mob would have been black and we know that the police would have treated them worse, so therefore i’m protesting the “actions” that i know that the police would have taken.

  14. That is so true.First thing Biden has ever said I can agree with! No unarmed BLM/Antifa rioter was shot in the head purposely by a law enforcement officer like the woman, an Air Force vet, was yesterday at the Capital! There is now a video on Facebook, she was behind a barricaded door , did not constitute a danger to ANYONE ,much less the officer, but he carefully aimed and killed her.POOR MURDER! All the Antifa/BLM rioters could do as they pleased!

  15. TRUE!
    While the BLM protesters acted with more violence (throwing moolotov cocktails at police) they were treated differently. None were shot point blank in the chest.

  16. Biden, now that you received their votes, you do do not have to pretend that you like them! If I were you, I’d concern myself with one of my cronies bumping me off! But then we understand, you can’t think such complicated thoughts, as they are beyond your 67 IQ.