VIOLENT SHOWDOWN: Chareidim vs Police in Meah Shearim, Cop Kicks Child [VIDEO]


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A large number of police officers conducted a simultaneous sting operation on a number of shuls in the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem, Thursday morning, in an attempt to enforce adherence to the Covid-19 regulations under the current lockdown. The officers were met with dozens of extremists who began to throw rocks and other projectiles at them. A number of violent altercations between the police officers and the extremists broke out in a few locations and at least ten people were  arrested.

According to a statement made by the police, two officers were injured after being hit with rocks and heavy objects. One extremist assailant was arrested with a stone in his hand that he was preparing to throw at a police officer.

The incident began in the Shteiblach in Meah Shearim, after a Mincha minyan was held with dozens of participants in the same room in clear violation of the Covid-19 regulations. A violent altercation broke out and lasted for more than an hour before it was finally brought under control.

A police spokesperson issued the following statement: “Officers today entered into the Meah Shearim neighborhood in order to enforce Covid-19 regulations in the neighborhood. They were attacked with stones and garbage bags that were thrown at them by residents. The officers continued with their mission.”

The Israel Police will continue to act in a firm manner towards those wild individuals who insist on disturbing the peace, attacking officers who are carrying out their duty, and working to enforce the regulations that are aimed at stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.”

With regard to the video showing an officer kicking a minor (see below), the spokesperson said: “The incident will be investigated. During the incident, officers were attacked and even injured while trying to carry out their duty. During the altercation, 10 people were arrested for disturbing the peace, throwing stones, and refusing to identify themselves. We look very sternly upon actions of lawlessness and lawbreakers who attack police officers. Any person who upholds the law should condemn such actions that were taken against the officers in this instance.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I certainly don’t understand why anybody is ignoring the dangers of COVID-19, and I condemn that completely. However, let me give a little background as to why the cops may have been treated the way they were. Please bear with me.

    Sure, you may be thinking, “It’s so rude that they are treating law enforcement like that — and especially when all the cops want is just to save their lives.”

    Well, the truth is that the Zionist regime (along with its police force) treats the Yidden in Meah Shearim like dirt and does not give a damn about them. Indeed, they treat nearly every segment of Eretz Yisroel’s population — especially every religious and/or right-wing segment — like dirt. Please review the hundreds of videos (available on YWN and other sites, both religious and irreligious) which demonstrate this.

    Additionally, the Zionist regime and its police force are illegitimate entities which came into being against the will and advice of nearly — NEARLY — every gadol of the time, and currently continue to be an embarrassment to Judaism in general by virtue of their complete and total flouting of the Torah, publicly, while professing to be a “Jewish” state. They pretend to be the rightful rulers of Eretz Yisroel when in fact they retain absolutely no right to rule; the rightful ruler of Eretz Yisroel is the Torah and its Chachamim, or, as we pray daily, the Melech HaMashiach, ben Dovid himself.

    By contrast, the Yidden living in Meah Shearim are the continuation of a community of G-d fearing Jews dating back well before the establishment of the disgraceful State of Israel.

    Now, think about it from the point of view of the good Yidden in Meah Shearim: Their territory was being overrun by FOREIGN, ILLEGITIMATE security forces WITH ABSOLUTELY NO TRUE AUTHORITY to enter their community and certainly with no authority to enforce any illegitimate laws passed by an illegitimate government. Said illegitimate force was additionally A HATEFUL FORCE THAT CONSTANTLY TREATS THEM LIKE DIRT AND DESPISES THEM.

    To explain: Let’s say that the legal government of the United States decided to completely ignore COVID-19, — and the Canadian government, claiming to merely be altruistically worried about the lives of U.S. citizens, sent the Canadian army to invade the U.S.A. and enforce COVID-19 regulations… while it may be stupid that the legal government of the United States is ignoring COVID-19, the U.S. population would be up in arms about such an invasion — and not merely throw eggs or the like at the Canadian soldiers but actually shoot them all dead until the legal government of the U.S.A. was returned to power.


    This, of course, is all the more true when the illegitimate entity in question demonstrably DOES NOT have good intentions in the first place.

    Attempting to banish the illegitimate police force from its territory was the most understandable, logical, normal action to take — AND WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY ANY SANE PERSON IN THE SAME SITUATION.

    That said, it saddens me tremendously that our fellow Yidden in Meah Shearim are ignoring the dangers of COVID-19. I wish there WAS a legitimate security force that DID have the authority to enforce some form of legitimate COVID-19 regulations in Meah Shearim.

    Alas, earwax.

  2. I forgot to specifically condemn the Nazi in the video who actually KICKED A CHILD. I hereby condemn that now; I trust and hope that even those who inexplicably refuse to condemn the Israeli police in general will still agree to condemn such atrocious behavior.

  3. The Israeli police are wicked, they don’t care about the safety of the people.

    They took this job so they can boss over people.

    Had they taken this job Lishmah (to help people) you would have noticed it…

  4. if he cut out the tongue of one calling Jews nazis, they may be a bit harsh. a tap on the tush for a kid whose parents must be a sad case for letting him mingle in such a crowd is not kicking. if an adult kicked a child, the child would fall or lose his stride. use more precise language.

  5. @DrYidd: What a demented rasha you are. How would you feel if it was your innocent little kid being kicked by that cop with his steel-toed boots? You are a twisted sicko.

  6. @DrYidd: I was so bothered by your rishus that I actually searched “DrYidd YWN” on Google to see if I could get a general feel for your hashkafos and see if perhaps there may be some sense of normalcy in you. Alas, my fears were confirmed beyond anything I could have imagined. I do not understand how YWN can allow you to continue posting your demented comments. I feel so bad for you; I hope you can attempt to rid yourself of all the hate inside you — or at least stop using it to insult good, upstanding frum Yidden. You are a monster. But a post by @Larry from about a year and a half ago (that I found while Googling you) said it best, so I’ll suffice with paraphrasing what @Larry said: @DrYidd, I don’t know if you’re a doctor; I know you’re not a Yid. Well said, @Larry.