BIDEN EXECUTIVE ORDER: No More Calling It The “China Virus”


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President Joe Biden has issued an executive order banning the use of terms such as “China virus” and “Wuhan virus” when referring to COVID-19.

The order applies to federal agencies and public health documents and resources.

Former President Trump routinely called COVID the “China virus” or and other conservatives linked it to Wuhan, China where the virus is thought to have originated in a government lab. Trump blamed China for the global coronavirus pandemic.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Amazing how many things Biden can find to do that make it seem that he’s accomplishing things. In the meantime, we’re still waiting for our vaccines, so please get to work in the real world. Oh, and please get Congress to stop wasting their time with this useless impeachment that is going to fail in the end.

  2. I see so the it must be the Israeli virus I guess. Please don’t say that word too loud or you risk a visit from the KGB – remember now we are not allowed already to say things Biden doesn’t like. Wow it has only been a week.

  3. I’m so happy to see our president taking care of important stuff. The fact that he and we have no idea how much vaccine we have available in the US, or that some states say they’re out of it, is not a concern, but calling it by its most likely correct name, that’s a problem. That’s right, Joe, you need to make nice to the Chinese, so that they will continue to support you through all the huge US media companies they own majorities of.
    Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

  4. Why deny that China’s selfish and ridiculous need for world-approval led it to suppressive policies that hold a sizeable amount of blame for the pandemic’s spread? WE MISS YOU, FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP!

  5. What about the Spanish Flu?
    Don’t names like Rhinovirus and Chickenpox encourage animal violence?
    Oh, wait, THE BLACK DEATH!!! How can such a racist/white supremacist/bigoted name exist?

  6. You despicable creature:- Your executive order doesn’t change the facts, that Corona originated from the Wet Markets in Wuhan, China, and I shall as a mark of respect to President Donald Trump who is MY President, continue to call it the “Chinese Virus” and advocate the pure unadulterated אמת.
    Just as your wicked stealing the elections doesn’t change the fact that President Donald Trump was duly reelected.

  7. This is a surprise? Biden’s son Hunter has reaped millions of dollars from China for himself and his Dad.
    You can hardly expect Biden to get tough on China.
    This can be proven by listening to what Hunter’s former close associate (Babalinsky) said and looking at what was on Hunter’s laptop.
    Joe Biden’s lack of a tough stance against China may very well be the ruin of America.

  8. Next order should be pro-choice must be called infanticide, males must be called men… Oh right we aren’t interested in ‘science’ or facts just the political agenda we are pushing. Much easier to push your point of view when we twist the words that no one can argue with. Obviously no one argues with the simple meaning of ‘Black Lives Matter’, so therefore if you are against the entire liberal agenda you must not be in favor of their lives…. And the media happily laps all the word twisting and lies. It’s scary times!

  9. This is reminiscent when chabad leaders signing declarations announcing the chiyuv din amira that the rebba is the mashiach . what was the point of that ? what was the point of this ?

  10. Wow! Thank you so much Mr President. You are doing such important work. This is really what was needed at this time. I rest assured knowing that you are taking on such important causes such as this one.

  11. Political korrektness is an important tool in shaping public opinion.
    China Joe Xiden is being well advised. Let’s hope he will have his wits about him to continue reading the teleprompter or else it’s going to be kamala all the way down.

  12. What a pathetic fraud Biden is. This just proves how he is in China’s pay. Of course he has no objection to referring to the “British variant” and the “South African variant”, but for some reason the original Chinese virus must not be called that. Feh.

  13. I have been using the Trump vaccine for many years. I inject it into my washing machine and it keeps my white shirts white. And there is no problem getting a good supply of it. I buy it at the supermarket in a jug marked “Clorox”.

  14. huju, why don’t you rather address some executive orders– including men and women being able to use whichever bathroom they choose, cutting the keystone pipeline, reinstating funding for Palestinians, a push to stop Israeli settlement expansions and create a 2-state solution, funding abortions around the world, etc.

  15. @huju: Sorry, maybe I’m a little slow. What the hell bothers you about the fact that our greatest of former presidents, Donald John Trump, suggested that perhaps scientists should research if there could be a safe way to utilize some of the chemical components in disinfectant in order to safely neutralize the virus? Just curious, would you have poked fun at Edison for suggesting that perhaps he would be able to create a lightbulb? Smart people thinking of ideas AND SUGGESTING THEM TO QUALIFIED SCIENTISTS AND/OR EXPERTS for research — yes, for freaking research, gosh darn it… is the way the world progresses. I would not be at all surprised if we soon hear that a scientist succeeded in successfully and safely using the former president’s idea in the real world.

  16. @Nowayjose: Are you kidding? Oh, no — saying Biden stole the election is ALREADY banned; it’s called sedition, treason, insurrection and incitement. Oh, no, no, no, no, you don’t want to be caught saying Biden stole the election. Uh-uh! lol