12 Pregnant Women in Critical Condition Due To COVID-19 In Israel

Illustrative. Medical staff at Sheba's underground coronavirus critical care unit with an ECMO (extracorporeal life support) machine. (Photo: Sheba Medical Center)

Due to the spread of the British mutation of COVID-19 in Israel, 12 pregnant women are currently hospitalized in serious condition in different hospitals in Israel. The number came from a report given by National Corona Coordinator Professor Nachman Ash during the Coronavirus Cabinet meeting today.

Ash was responding to a question regarding the dangers of the British Mutation as opposed to the preexisting version of the virus. “It is hard to give an accurate picture without research that has been properly done. I can tell you that according to statistics, we have more seriously ill patients in the age bracket of 40-50-year-olds, and we have 12 pregnant women who are hospitalized in serious condition. It is my opinion that this is due to the mutation, but I can not say 100 percent for certain.”

In Kaplan hospital in Rehovot, a 39-year-old pregnant woman was hospitalized two days ago after having shortness of breath. She was quickly diagnosed with Covid-19 and her situation deteriorated rapidly. She is currently sedated and on a ventilator. due to her deteriorating condition, the medical staff decided to perform an emergency cesarean operation and delivered the mother early in her 34th week.

Another woman, 29-years-old, who also contracted the disease is hospitalized in serious condition, in spite of a slight improvement over the past week. She is in her 13th week of pregnancy.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Please, please provide an up to date list of the cholim so that we can daven for the right people at the right time. 12 is less than the published list 2-3 weeks ago so beH some must have improved and no longer be critical. Please let us know who we can take off our lists b’chasdei Hashem, and sadly who needs to go on. thank you and b’suros tovos