HORROR IN CALIFORNIA: At Least 15 Dead In Horrific Crash With TWENTY SEVEN People Packed Into SUV


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At least 15 people were killed Tuesday morning when an SUV collided with a semi-truck in Southern California, authorities have announced.

The crash occurred on State Route 115 in the area of El Centro, 10 miles north of the US-Mexico border, at around 6:15am this morning.

A Ford Expedition SUV reported to be carrying 27 passengers on board had been driving westbound on Norrish Road when it traveled ‘in the direct path’ of a gravel truck heading northbound on 115.

Fourteen people were found dead at the scene, Judy Cruz, the managing director of the emergency department at the El Centro Regional Medical Center said at a news conference. Several others were also injured.

Seven people were taken to El Centro Regional Medical Center, where one person has since died. Three others are currently in intensive care.

Unconfirmed reports state that the passengers were illegal immigrants.



  1. If the unconfirmed reports are true, this was no horror at all. Illegally entering the sovereign United States is a felony, not a parking ticket. Once Mexico gets its house in order (don’t hold your breath), including eradicating their cross-border narcotics trade with its accompanying deaths and sundry violence, perhaps Mexicans won’t feel compelled to leave.

  2. @ Arizona, I’m truly no big fan of fan of illegal immigration and indeed it is not of equal offense to parking illegally, far from it and it should be punished accordingly. However, giving off the impression of “good for them, they kind of deserved it” is in my opinion a bit callous to human life regardless of whether these people were not the finest of what society has to offer. Also, I’m assuming that many of them were young children due to the reports that there were 27 (!) Of them in one SUV. Should they have been deported? Yes. Should they have been penalized? Probably. Should they have been given the death penalty? I think that’s a bit harsh. Perhaps “horror” indeed.

  3. Guys – We must be more sensitive. These are human beings מעשה ידי השם who were running away from horrible life conditions in their country and who were met with a tragic end. Were any of us born in these conditions we would have done what we can to give a better life to our children. Our parents did so… וזכרת כי עבד היית במצרים

  4. “Illegally entering the sovereign United States is a felony”

    Yet another Trumpie lie. It is a misdemeanor that is rarely prosecuted unless you have been previously deported. Maximum of six months in prison.