TEHILLIM – Shulem Weiss Suffers Stroke – Just Two Months After Commuted By President Trump

Shalom Weiss (center) moments after he left prison after serving 18 year in prison. Seen on the right is Moshe Margaretten of the Tzedek Association

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Shulem (Sholam) Weiss, who just two months ago had his prison sentence commuted by outgoing President Trump, suffered a stroke on Tuesday night.

Sources tell YWN that Weiss suffered the stroke while at his Monsey home, and was rushed by Hatzolah to the hospital where is being treated for the stroke, which appears to be serious.

As YWN had reported, former President Trump commuted the sentence of Shalom Weiss the night before he left the Whitehouse. He had already served over 18 years and paid substantial restitution of what is believed to have been the longest-ever white-collar prison sentence: A whopping 835 years.

Trump said he commuted his sentence because he is 66 years old and suffers from chronic health conditions.

Please say Tehillim for Sholom ben Leah.



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  1. Sinas Chinam and Loshon Hara also have halachos. YOU!!! will be duly rewarded as well…. iy’h in this world AND the next.
    At such times we should band together and daven. Not play as hashem’s advocate and be mekatrig on someone in an eis tzarah.

  2. Liberals are reshoyim, even if they call themselves Jews. it is very noticeable on this site.

    Must be gilgulim of the Eirev Rav.

    They clearly don’t fit the description of “Rachmonim”.

  3. I don’t understand hashem ways, but lets just say Sholam way of life was not something I show my kids as someone to emulate, at best he hardly lead a erlicher life and lets just leave it at that.

  4. The definition of Pidyon Shvuyim is to help someone jailed for doing something wrong. If a person didn’t do anything wrong and is jailed , there is no need for a pasuk to tell you to help free them. There is no where in the Torah that says a person should be jailed. So everyone should keep quiet And not be judge and jury to everyone else. Oh and by the way , I forgot to mention.. there is a halacha in the Torah of Veahavta Leraicha Kamocha…. Doesn’t specify what the person did……. Shulem… I for one wish you a complete refuah shelaima.

  5. As long as he kept his beard and yamuka on, he intended to farshem us. The frum community is permitted to be angry with him. (And he was not such a frum person when he was running away from the law.)

  6. The idea of pidyon shvuyim goes back to the old days, when there were highwaymen and criminal gangs that kidnapped innocent people, ה’ ירחם. The expression שבויים means captives, people who were captured extralegally. Criminals who were brought to justice in a legitimate system, on the other hand, are in a different category, אסורים, as the ערוך השולחן says. It is unfortunate that some people are ignorant of, or try to blur the distinction between the two categories, and make crooks into victims and heroes that they claim must be released. That is not the way of the Torah, which stands for law and order and justice. There is a story with Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l who reacted indignantly when asked to help one of these type of “tzadikim” who acted criminally while wearing a skullcap. A crook is a crook, even if wearing a yarmulka, hat, and long beard.

  7. History Buff

    You may want to relearn hilchos loshon Horaah

    Liberals are reshoyim their way of thinking and acting is totally against the TORAH.

    In fact they are the biggest Michaleil Shem Shomayim.
    No need to look any further than the liberal commentators on this site.

    It’s very painful to see, people who call themselves Yidden and act like the eirev rav

  8. now i know why everyone dosnt put their real name…. so you can go around saying things you never would otherwise. and im just wondering why people assume that there is no such thing loshon hara if no knows who you are. in addition, has no one heard of being dan lkaf zchus

  9. The modern Orthodox community is actually upset that he got out of prison. Twenty years was not enough, apparently.

    They grumble about the Khilylul Hashem of theft, but what really bothers them is the optics of a Jew getting out of prison- it will not look right to Non Jews. The MO are obsessed with not looking different than goyim, to the point of keeping a Jew jail for life.