Israeli Activists Celebrate The End Of Netanyahu Era


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Israeli activists from the anti-Netanyahu camp gathered in numerous locations around the country to celebrate the end of the Netanyahu era and the induction of a new government led by newly proclaimed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The swearing-in ceremony which took place on Sunday afternoon and passed by a razor-thin margin of 60-59 declared the end of Binyamin Netanyahu’s term of office that lasted 12 years.

Celebrations took place in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Sunday evening as well as outside the Prime Minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.

Revelers brought foam cannons to celebrate the new government in Rabin Square after they were denied the option of filling the norther pool in the square with water by the Tel Aviv Municipality.

One anti-Netanyahu protest organization known as Crime Minister issued a statement that said: “The historic change of a new government was a direct result of anti-Netanyahu protests. It is the time for unity among the people. For a government that will work for the citizens, will mend the rifts and put an end to the incitement and divide and conquer mentality of the era of Netanyahu.”

Darkenu, an NGO that works to “strengthen Israel’s democratic and Zionist character,” has announced that they will celebrate the new government tomorrow afternoon outside of the Knesset.

Darkenu CEO Yaya Fink said, “We have forgotten it, but the swearing-in of a new government  — any government — is an uplifting, happy, historic moment that gives hope and light for a better future. This time more than ever we are filled with hope and prayer that the unity government that will be formed will bring Israel back to a positive, unifying path that will leave behind the hate speech that has torn the people apart for the past few years.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Celebrations took place in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square May this be an awful קיטרוג for rabin, and and a great סימן for bennett & his cronies to merit the same שכר at this Rabin Square

  2. evil people is all I can contribute to this….filth drugs and rainbows__what has Israel done to deserve this perversion of waste___in this arena when I watch this I wonder how they could have been born and raised to become this thethersome accumulation of waste