Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Law Legalizing Hatzalah of South Florida To Operate [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


Thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Hatzalah of South Florida is now a full fledged EMS provider.

In an event attended by Rabbonim, Hatzalah volunteers, and many community activists and members, DeSantis signed the bill into law at The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside.

Hatzalah of South Florida is now legally allowed to use lights and sirens while responding to emergencies in their private vehicles, and allowed to transport patients to the hospital in their state of the art ambulances.

Hatzalah of South Florida is the first — and for the time being – only private volunteer faith-based 911 response team in the state.

Hatzalah was launched 13 years ago in Florida, with a dream that was fulfilled today, thanks to Governor DeSantis.

Bill Sponsors were:

Senator Jason Pizzo
Senator Lauren Book
Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. it certainly is a great accomplishment , however 13 YEARS is a very very long journey to slowly inch to this point. maybe thats the way?