Zip Codes With Frum Communities Are Lowest Vaccinated Rates In NYC; Monsey Lowest In Entire State


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Zip codes with strong Orthodox Jewish populations are among the lowest vaccinated rates in New York.

NY Governor Cuomo announced on Monday that seven zip codes are the lowest rates are in NYC:

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is the lowest in NYC with a 32.7% vaccination rate.

Ocean Hill and Far Rockaway, Queens, both have a 33.4% rate.

Canarsie, Brooklyn, has a 34.3% rate, Crown Heights 35.3%, and Brownsville and Borough Park are both at 35.8%.

The lowest vaccinated rate in the entire New York State is in Monsey, coming in with a 17.8% rate.

Other Hudson Valley municipalities among the 25 fewest vaccinated in New York include Monroe at 29.3 percent and Spring Valley at 29.3 percent.

In a Monday afternoon tweet, Cuomo wrote “We are just 0.1% away from our goal of 70% of adult New Yorkers with at least one vaccine dose. When we hit 70%, most remaining COVID restrictions will be lifted. We are so close—help us get there sooner by getting vaccinated!”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The most relevant question nobody seems to be asking, is that “covid is not to be found in the communities with the lowest vaccination rates…, doesn’t that told you a little bit of something about the importance of the vaccine and covid…?

    Come on guys wake up.

  2. As pointed out by many (not from the media of course) all these zip codes have a large amount of kids under the age of 18, and if you decide the numbers by age the percent of vaccinated people jump drastically, I believe NYC DoD give out such numbers, so why can’t the state do the same, just in case any one forgot these zip codes were also red zones during the virus.

  3. So?
    Covid is gone.
    Give me one good reason to vaccinate now.
    Give one good reason 12 yr olds are getting vaccinated. Mishigaas! (Unrelated to antivaxxing)

  4. Of course this antisemite and moron fails to acknowledge that these are also the zip codes with the highest rates of antibodies due previous infection…. but never mind that.

  5. Since almost all of us had covid, why on the world should we vaccinate?
    (Even if this vaccine was proven to be safe and covid involved any risk to average person)

  6. That’s because we have natural (real) immunity. We believe in science. If you had the virus your get the antibodies which provided immunity.

  7. I live in one of those zip codes and I was vaccinated. But I understand the hesitation. A large percentage of people in these area had Covid and recovered. They already have a level of immunity according to most studies.

  8. If they counted in all the people who had Covid they would have a much higher immunity rate. From a purely medical perspective, statistically there is the same chance of getting Covid after vaccination as there is from Covid recovery. Politics aside, why should a recovered patient get the vaccine? When I pressed my doctor to tell me what he thought my chances were of getting Covid a second time he admitted that it was probably close to one in 10,000, similar statistic to a vaccinated individual. If politicians were smart enough to understand these statistics, there would be 80 or 90% immunity in these communities and they could move on and concentrate on far more important matters.

  9. These stats are so utterly embarrassing and heartbreaking. Why are so many in the frum oilam (Monsey, etc) not vaccinating? Choosing to not vaccinate is NOT halacha or middas chassidus. All the major Gedolim/Roshei Yeshiva/Poskim/Admorim have said Yidden should vaccinate. The vaccination is clearly a wonderful matana from H-shem, something we should be so grateful for. We should all stand up and say Thank you H-shem the Boreh Refuos for giving chochma to your sheluchim to produce these gevalidge vaccines!! People around the world in poorer countries who cannot access the vaccine can only dream about the opportunity that we have to take the vaccine right now (which is being offered by our benevolent reshus for free). It makes no difference if you already had Covid. There are variants out there that can impact you even if you had Covid. The vaccine is safe; the stats (even with reported myocarditis, etc) indicate the risk is extremely minimal; Covid is a far greater risk. When Yidden were first in line to be plasma donors, that was a tremendous Kiddush Shem Shomayim. We should be role models once again and be the first in line to take this amazing vaccination and not generating these awful statistics that do not serve us well. This is not making our community look good- it would behoove us to remember that we share this country with other people- its not all Yidden. We cannot be the ones to prevent herd immunity. It will especially not look good if frum Yidden start flooding hospitals with covid cases when they could have had the vaccine to prevent serious illness. All the arguments against vaccinating (only 95% effective not 100%, risks to fertility, rolled out too fast, etc) can be shlogged up as either false or very weak. Listen to the mumchim – be it infectious disease specialists/physicians or poskim with knowledge in this area. Enough shtussim and krumkeit – roll up your sleeves!

  10. But as everyone remembers, Monsey’s zip code had some of the highest per capita infection rates. That means that Monsey’s population probably has some of the highest antibody rate also. People chose to discriminate against those who contain this God given Covid immunity. Scientists have been railing against this discrimination, but it is being ignored because big pharma makes no money from these people.

  11. This is totally misleading. When talking about the low vaccination rates Cuomo is talking about the rates of vaccinated ‘PEOPLE’! All residence not adults!
    Almost 50% of the residence of Monsey, KJ, Williamsburg etc are under 20 years old! If each and every adult was vaccinated in Monsey you would still have a vaccinated rate of under 70%.
    In his tweet about being 0.1% away from our goal of 70% Cuomo is talking about ‘ADULT’ vaccination not total population.
    Shame on the governor (probably intentionally as a continuation of Cuomo’s anti-Semitic covd response) and shame on NYP for promoting it and on Yeshiva World for not catching it!

  12. What is the rate of adult vaccinations in these zip codes and how do they compare to other zip codes?

    Monsey Median Age: 16.8
    Kiyas Yoel Median Age: 14.1
    Boro Park Median Age: 16.8
    New York State median age: 36.7

    If every eligible person in these neighborhood was vaccinated you would still be able to claim that they have a people vaccination rate way below average and probably not even50%.

  13. Since children are being vaccinated (and since the younger you are, the less you need to worry about Covid-19), there should be a correlation between birth rate (which determines average age) and vaccination rate. Since frum Jews have a high birth rate, it follows they will have a low vaccination rate compared to communities with low birth rates. Since the survey wasn’t based on number of adults in a community, the survey was statistically meaningless.

  14. these types of rate counts are done all over the country – comparing states, minorities, zip codes.
    computation may be incorrect. they need to take into account age distribution. Rates are everywhere higher for older people due to a higher threat and greater wisdom.

  15. Cuomo announces that all state COVID-19 mandates are lifted, effective immediately: “The state mandates that have proven right and correct and brought us through this pandemic are relaxed as of today.”‘

    Dare you all to prove him and this wrong

    ה֗וֹי הָאֹֽמְרִ֥ים לָרַ֛ע ט֖וֹב וְלַטּ֣וֹב רָ֑ע שָׂמִ֨ים חֹ֚שֶׁךְ לְאוֹר֙ וְא֣וֹר לְחֹ֔שֶׁךְ שָׂמִ֥ים מַ֛ר לְמָת֖וֹק וּמָת֥וֹק לְמָֽר

    If only he would have delayed another couple weeks the reopening
    it would be much better
    This reopening is unfortunate rather than something to cheer about
    how come he is reopening now? To give the Pervert deviants a chance to parade publicly for a couple of weeks during the month of June
    He and his staff are fully cognizant that the more decent folk are so excited about the opening they’ll perceive it as small change if even notice it notice this to
    care about enough at all

    Rather impressive allies your heroic organizations have got
    While all your supporting organizations will be applauding and busy taking of the credit rather than the disgrace of הקדוש ברוך הוא

  16. This is fake news. Has anyone noticed that these zip codes all have a very high percentage of young children. who are not yet being immunized on a large scale? If you take that into account the numbers are not low at all.

  17. This is fake news since it doesn’t take into account that those regions have the greatest number of pediatrics for whom the vaccine isn’t approved

  18. Baruch Hashem for making the frum jews smart enough from taking the vaccine. COVID IS OVER and most frum jews have antibodies anyway.