THE LAWSUITS BEGIN: Two Residents Of Surfside Condo File Suit

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A lawsuit was filed over the weekend by a resident who survived Thursday’s partial building collapse at Champlain Towers South in Surfside.

The lawsuit was filed Saturday on behalf of Steve Rosenthal, who lived in Unit 705. It is the second known lawsuit to be filed after the collapse.

According to the complaint, the association knew or should have known “the entire structure was deteriorating and becoming susceptible to catastrophic loss by collapse.”

Rosenthal is seeking unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Rosenthal’s lawsuit comes days after a $5 million class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of another resident, Manuel Drezner and “on behalf of all others similarly situated.”

That complaint also alleges that the condominium association failed to “secure and safeguard the lives and property” of those who live at the building.

(Source: Local 10)


  1. I understand the need for compensation, especially for those who lost everything, but isn’t it a bit soon? Are ambulance chasers approaching relatives as they wait for news? I can’t imagine the heartbreak and the pain in that hotel, but for goodness sake, I really hope lawyers aren’t sniffing around, handing out cards.