Mass Protest Against Chilul Shabbos in Petach Tikvah Scheduled For Thursday


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As more and more stores are opening in the city center of Petach Tikvah on Shabbos, members of the Chareidi community in the city are planning a mass protest to take place on Thursday night against the desecration.

The protest is set to take begin at 6:15 p.m. on Montefiore Street in the heart of the city. Rabbonim from all segments of the Frum community have called on the public to come out and voice their opinions in honor of Shabbos.

Public signs were hung up throughout the city calling on the public to come out and support the protest in an effort to stop the desecration of Shabbos and have the stores close down.

One of the Askanim involved in organizing the protest told Kikar HaShababt news site: “We are seeing a general involvement by all of the rabbonim in the city, even those who identify with a political party who sit inside the municipal government. This goes to show just how widespread the Shabbos desecration has become here in the city, especially in the past few weeks.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. People who open their stores on Shabbos do so in the belief that they will make more money. So therefore the only thing that would work would be a total frum boycott of any store that is mechalel shabbos.
    So the frum community should make it known that those stores will not be patronized by them.