FOUND! Missing Camper Found By Rockland Chaveirim After Search In Pennsylvania Forest


A missing camper was Bichasdei Hashem found by Rockland Chaveirim after an intense search in a forest in Pennsylvania, Wednesday night.

A highly trained search team from Chaveirim traveled around three hours, established a command center, and deployed search teams into an “Appalachian Trail” near Wertzville, PA. They were searching for the missing 15-year-old boy, who was part of a camp on a field trip.

The boy was missing for around seven hours.

Thankfully, he was found by Chaveirim at around 11:30PM and was in good health.

A plane from Hatzolah Air was already being launched to bring the parents who are out of town to the area. B”H, their services were not needed.

The family reached out to YWN and asked that in their names a special thank you in given to the following agencies and organizations who jumped into action to help find their missing son:

Pennsylvania State Police
Local Fire Departments
Local Police Departments
Chaveirim (Rockland and Kiryas Joel)
Hatzolah Air

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Baruch Hashem he was found safely and not too long after he’d gone missing!
    Please, editor, share more information. Do not post any identifying info of course just how he was found, had he stayed still etc. This can, potentially –
    although it shouldn’t be needed ever – help guide youth in the future as a teachable moment. Suri F., over 25 years ago was a major inspiration to all. Let’s learn from this young man’s experience.

  2. I’m glad he is safe. Campers on these hikes need to have a map provided, a whistle and a compass, just in case. Novice hikers need to be instructed to follow the trail and once they determine they are lost to stop walking take a seat and keep blowing the whistle.