Jewish Organizations Release Letter Thanking NYPD And Volunteers For Outstanding Search Efforts


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We, the undersigned organizations of Achiezer, Chaveirim, Chevra Hatzalah, Misaskim, and Shomrim, would like to publicly thank the New York Police Department and their Deputy Chief Ruel Stephenson as well as Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor for their help, guidance, and leadership in ensuring a safe, seamless and successful rescue of Yosef Shapiro last night.

The Talmud relates: “Anyone who saves a life, saves an entire world.”

Last night the NYPD helped us save a world.

It is also important for us to acknowledge the assistance and guidance of the following heroes from last night’s search and rescue operation:

Captain Elissa Carlies
Lieutenant Ira Jablonsky
Sergent Kevin Royall

Thank you New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Assistant Commissioner Pinny Ringel for your allocation of time and resources to this effort.

Thank you specifically to:

Flatbush Hatzalah Coordinator Moshe Wulliger F54; Canarsie Hatzalah Coordinator David Sirkis K36; and expert search and rescue Hatzalah operative Raphael Lilker, RL44.

Shomrim –  Tzvi Weill and Yehuda Eckstein
Misaskim leader Yanky Meyer
Achiezer leader Baruch Ber Bender

All the hundreds of Chaveirim, Hatzalah and Shomrim members and all those men and women from the community and tri-state area who came to assist in the search and rescue. Every one of you made a Kiddush Hashem last night.

We are proud to live in New York City, where we have the best police force in the world dedicated to our safety and security.

May Yosef Shapiro grow up to be a Talmud Chochom, build an amazing family, and be a future light to the nations.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)