AND SO IT BEGINS: Biden Admin Blames Afghanistan Disaster On “Afghan Army”


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As was expected, the Biden Administration is beginning to blame the terrible scenes coming out of Afghanistan on anyone else but themselves.

On Monday morning, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stood by the administration’s decision to withdraw troops by Aug. 31 on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, and placed blame for the speed of the Taliban takeover on the Afghan army for its decision “not to step up and fight for their country.”

“What the president was not prepared to do was enter a third decade of conflict, flowing in thousands of more troops, which was his only other choice, to fight in the middle of a civil war that the Afghan army wouldn’t fight for itself,” Sullivan said. “He would not do that to America’s men and women or their families, and that is why he made the decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan this year.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Quite a few administrations were training and building the Afghan army, Biden was left holding the bag. Though I don’t think the pullout was advised if the taliban wasn’t living up to their obligations.

  2. While I’m not thrilled with how Biden managed this, didnt we want to leave Afghanistan for last 20 years? And isnt it Trump that started this process 14 months ago?

  3. Gee… I’m trying to remember who negotiated American surrender to the Taliban at Camp David on Sept. 11, 2019. Who was president then? I can’t remember. Who requested the release of 5,000 Taliban terrorists and leaders, including their current head sitting in the presidential palace in Kabul. I can’t remember… who was president in 2018? Who sent Pompeo to Doha in 2019 to cheer the surrender? I just can’t remember who Pompeo served under.

    Which country had a standing army of 700,000 that was trained by the US military for 15 years? Who were those guys that ran for the hills in their uniforms when the Taliban came back?

    Just because Trump and the RNC deleted their web pages YESTERDAY taking credit for the end of the war in Afghanistan and blaming Biden for not moving fast enough doesn’t mean everyone forgets everything down the memory hole.