HAKORAS HATOV: Shomrim, Hatzolah, Misaskim, Achiezer And Family of Yosef Shapiro Thank NYPD For Help In Massive Search [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


It’s been nearly one week since Yosef Shapiro was found after a massive search in a Canarsie Park, but a debt of gratitude was given to the members of the NYPD.

In a private ceremony arranged by the Achiezer Organization, the parents of Yosef Shapiro, presented the NYPD with a plaque which was signed by Achiezer, Hatzolah, Misaskim, and Shomrim.

The group of Hatzolah volunteers who were the fortunate ones to actually find Yosef were present at the event, as well as leaders of all the major Jewish community organizations.

Many Jewish organizations and community Askonim worked together in last weeks search, most notable, Flatbush Shomrim, who was first to responded with a group of volunteers, and who immediately notified the NYPD. Shomrim responded in force from Boro Park, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Far Rockaway, and Staten Island. Dozens of volunteers from Flatbush, Canarsie and Boro Park Hatzolah responded as well as many volunteers from Chaveirim, Misaskim and Achiezer.

The plaque was presented to NYPD Chief Michael M. Kemper CO, PBBS, and NYPD Chief Ruel Stephenson XO, PBBS.

Brief remarks were delivered on behalf of the community by Hatzolah CEO Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, Rabbi Jack Meyer of Misaskim, Bob Moskovitz Coordinator Flatbush Shomrim and Achiezer President Boruch Ber Bender.

Among the many people who were instrumental in the massive search were: NYPD Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor, CO, Community Affairs. Deputy Inspector Kevin Harrington. Capt. Elissa Carlies, XO, 69 Pct. Lt. Ira Jablonsky PBBS Community Affairs. Sergeant Kevin Royall, PBBS Community Affairs; Pinny Ringel of the NYC Mayors Office, Jack Meyer of Misaskim, Tzvi Weil and Yehuda Eckstein of Flatbush Shomrim, Moshe Wulliger of Flatbush Hatzolah, Boruch Ber Bender of Achiezer, Shalom Jaroslawicz-Achiezer Crisis Response Coordinator, Nachi Rosenberg of Boro Park Shomrim, Yanky Itzkowitz of Williamsburg Shomrim, Micha Lader of Far Rockaway Shomrim and the more than 500 volunteers from the above organizations as well as community members who responded and assisted in finding Yosef.