NJ Governor Phil Murphy Visits Lakewood, Meets With Roshei Yeshiva, Askonim And Major Organizations [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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NJ Governor Phil Murphy visited Lakewood today ahead of upcoming Election Day.

Murphy met with many community Askonim, including Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Meyer Lichtenstein, the Igud Hamosdos, Avi Schnall of the Agudah and others. Most notably, the Governor met with Hagaon HaRav Malkiel Kotler and Hagaon HaRav Yisroel Neuman – two of the Roshei Yeshiva of BMG.

Among his many stops around Lakewood, was Lakewood Hatzolah, where the Governor put on a Hatzolah vest and posed for photos. Murphy was greeted in Lakewood by Rabbi Abe Friedman, a close friend and advisor to the Governor.

Murphy also visited Lakewood Bikur Cholim, Chai Lifeline and other locations.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What is up with his mask Kids in schools are being forced to wear one but the governor just put it on, then took it off for the political game.
    Either he thinks it is a life saver, than a normal person would never, take off the mask around people, or dump the stupid mask into the nearest garbage can…

  2. The frum world will never learn their lesson. They voted for a mayor in NYC who allowed the city to be destroyed for a couple of doll and they are doing the same by supporting a con artist in Adams and Murphy for the same. No wonder they are called unpatriotic.

    From Rav Avigdor Miller:

    “We should vote for the one who appears to us to be the most conservative. Now, I can’t tell you who that is. But there’s no question that the conservatives of today are extremely more liberal than the liberals of thirty years ago. We have already advanced so far beyond the borders of liberalism, that today we can afford to retreat many miles behind these boundries and still remain in the forefront of liberalism. And therefore, today there’s no such thing as too much conservatism. You have to vote for conservative candidates on every level – on national, state and city levels.”

    TAPE # 133 (July 1976)

  3. Are they planning on meeting with Jack Ciattarelli as well, or have they put all their eggs in the Murphy basket and shalom Al Yisroel?

  4. Rav miller was a daas yochid in this point, I was there when rav miller called rav pam about aguda honoring Joe lieberman… rav shachna zohn was in the u.s. at the time and was also on the kanois…
    Rav Miller’ zatzl made 2 points , tochacha is principal oriented regardless of practical outcomes, and regarding toeva shitos that they pollute the ruchnius air we breathe and block the tzinoros of shefa

  5. There is no mention in the above report of official endorsements. A meeting is sometimes just a courtesy to a government official, giving respect to ruling authority.

  6. Does anyone know who the person to the right of Rav Forschmeir is , in pictures 2,& 3 ? Would appreciate a polite response ,please .Thank you .

  7. I really don’t understand this, he killed thousands in nursing homes, very pro abortions, raising taxes non stop- as he said if you don’t like paying taxes New Jersey is not your state and is taking away all gun rights. Do they even follow the news at all what are they thinking? I guess it’s all about money.

  8. I would note that regardless of his political positions which include many that are not in sync with the values of our community, we owe the governor a big debt of hakoras htov. When covid closers where shutting down yeshivos and shuls and the Cuomo and Deblasio across the river chose to act like dictators and single out our community for harsh treatment and false public negative press, Governor Murphy acted like a true leader and worked WITH our community. That is not a point to be taken lightly or to be disregarded.

  9. Notice the pumpkins are displayed on the table. Davka. To make a statement.

    Are pumpkins in October a Minhag Yisroel or lehavdil Minhag Hagoyim?

    Maybe it is muttar. But I wonder, es past yeh, or es past nisht for Gedolim?

    Should talmidim take on the minhag and display pumpkins in October l’kovod Haloween and their goyish neighbors?

    Would they also display a Moshiach flag if meeting with Lubavitcher askonim?!

  10. To: Mark17;

    Your words are exactly the moral values all human beings should hold. If I were to meet any politician who favors abortion, I’d asked him/her: Do you know anyone who believes that abortion is such a wonderful thing that they wished they had been aborted ??? [I’m paraphrasing A. Lincoln–he was referring to slavery].

    I’ve mentioned several times in this web site and others–once you overlook any person’s moral values for whatever reason; you’ll soon find yourself compromising your own. The rabbis were correct in having your own school system, in teaching Jewish law, ignoring secular subjects and concentrating solely on T_rah and the many commentaries written by the sages.

    It was in a book about Rabbi Shach, zt’l, , that I as a goy learned this vital lesson—you can and should all people but remember that they are NOT T_rah observant !!

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen
    PS: Suggest all frum do More Talmud T_rah (MTT), More Davvening (MD), More Chessed (MC) !!!,
    Be careful of all goy including me–toddah rabbah !!

  11. Imagine the mockery and uproar if a Chassidic Rebbe had pumpkins prominently displayed on his tish!

    Someone might even say, “They aren’t part of Klal Yisroel” (a quoted response from the Rosh Yeshiva R’ MK to Satmar Rebbe about certain Chassidim, when urging Rebbe to attend Asifa re: Internet and Rebbe asked if those Chassidim were invited)

    Enough said.

  12. What hypocrisy, he forces kids in school to wear masks all day while he doesn’t need to wear one. Typical liberal. But what can you expect from someone who’s pro-abortion, pro-pervert and pro-abominations?

    Personally, I would be ashamed to be seen talking to him or posing for a picture with him. I’d consider it a chillul Hashem for me to be seen in the company of such a rasha.