UNDERCOVER: Rabbi “A.” Named As New Rav For Shin Bet And Mossad

Photo by Sergiu Nista on Unsplash

The Shin Bet and Mossad intelligence agencies recently appointed Rabbi A. as their new Rav, a B’Sheva journalist reported.

Rabbi A. will answer shailos for frum intelligence employees, whose top-secret operations often involve issues of national security and matters of life and death, requiring him to be available to speak to agents on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

According to various Israeli media reports over the past several years, there are many religious members of the Mossad and Shin Bet, including Chareidim, and their numbers are growing.

The identity of the new Rav is banned from publication as well as the identities of past Rabbanim who served in the role.

An Arutz Sheva report revealed some details about the new Rav that were permitted to be published: Rabbi A. is a known figure in the Dati Leumi world, served as a Rav on a Dati Leumi yishuv, and has served for dozens of years in positions in chinuch, Rabbanus and hora’ah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. reading comprehension 101: this is not an undercover Rav, but a Rav answering questions form undercover agents. Some routine stuff – could you rely on Shiite Shhita while undercover in Teheran.

  2. Years ago, a friend of mine was approached by an official from “the Prime Minister’s office” because someone had given his name as a reference for a possible job with that organization. My friend, who is not naïve, immediately realized that the questioner was from the Mossad (it’s an open secret in Israel that they refer to themselves as “the Prime Minister’s office” because it’s technically true). He gave an honest rundown on the candidate and then asked the official if it wasn’t a problem for them that the person was Chareidi. He responded that (even then, more than 30 years ago) they had a lot of Chareidim and dati’im working for them and they like them because they can’t be bought by the enemy.