Boro Park: Longtime Askan Pinny Ringel Defeats David Schwartz In Race For District Leader


Longtime community askan Pinny Ringel, an ex-City Hall staffer, has defeated incumbent David Schwartz, in the race for District Leader of the 48th Assembly District in Tuesday’s primary., which covers swaths of Borough Park, Mapleton and Midwood.

Ringel has a 20-year track record of advocating for frum Jews and serving as a bridge between the community and government in a very effective way.

He first served as community liaison to former Councilman and now-State Senator Simcha Felder where he represented him in community board meetings and police council meetings. In 2009, Ringel was hired by Bill de Blasio as his Jewish outreach director in the Office of Public Advocate and joined him when he became mayor.

Ringel stood out as a loyal and trusted advisors to the former mayor and served as the community’s representative in City Hall in one of the most challenging times for frum Jews in the city. He always had an open door and effectively used his position – first at the Administration for Children’s Services and later on as Assistant Commissioner of the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit – to assist every individual who reached out for help and worked tirelessly to protect the community’s rights and advocate for its needs.

District Leaders are volunteer positions and select candidates for judgeships in Civil and Supreme Court and help them get on the ballot. They also serve as a member of the county party’s executive committee, which votes for the party’s leadership.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Congrats Mr. Ringle!!!!!!

    Tushler – hang it up
    Forget it
    You’re like old Toilet paper
    Butt you keep coming back!

    Stick to your show – when?
    Friday night at 11:pm
    Be happy you have 3 listeners
    Sonya,Linda, and your make beleive

  2. Ringel won by 171 votes. Adams nmust be happy. He promoted Ringel to get back at Schwartz who backed Yang. Ringle didnt get my viote. Anyoone connected to deBlasio is suspect to me. Let’s hope Ringel is loyal to us frum Yidden this time and not the mayor’s office.

  3. Yeah commonsaychel, I know many many spanish goyim were told to vote for ringkel. Let see how getrei he’ll be to his Jewish brethren.

  4. Hershey Tishler is NOT here to win an election. He is a Spoiler. If his name wouldn’t be on the ballot probably Mr. Schwartz would of had his voters and could of closed the gap to almost digital numbers .
    Anyhow Hirshey is a great candidate to our community because he gives his Heart to every Jew in Boro Park and he is always there to assist anyone in need NO matter if he is District Leader,Assembly man,State Senator ,or and public paid position. Hershey i Voted for you and i knew my vote will only be a drop in your small bucket . I wish You,Pinny, and Mr. Schwartz much Hatzlocho and you all should remeber..
    Me Sheoskim Betzortche Tzibbur Hakudesh Burech he Yesalym…only hashem pays you all back….

  5. Yep Ah spoiled stinken fish.
    200 kids voted for him!
    Ah profrezzional chilill Hashem macher
    …… Yep – he’s gonna get paid back – butt good!!!!!!
    Rebyossel – you seem like a nice guy
    But this is shtussssssss.