Boro Park Shomrim Have Man Arrested For Forcibly Touching Female


A sicko has been arrested on Thursday, thanks to the work of Boro Park Shomrim.

The incident began when Shomrim received a phone call on Wednesday night reporting that a Jewish woman was just inappropriately touched by a man in the vicinity of Avenue F and East 3rd, in the Kensington area – just outside of Boro Park.

Shomrim responded, but the perpetrator had vanished. Shomrim volunteers began going through security camera footage on the street, and secured good images of the suspect. Additional camera footage brought Shomrim to the location where the suspect is employed. Shomrim spoke with the business manager, and showed him the footage, who confirmed that the man was indeed employed at the location. The NYPD was called to the location, and the victim arrived to point him out to cops, who took the man into custody.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)