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“DEFINITION OF INSANITY”: Eric Adams, NYPD Chief Tear Into New York’s “Dangerous” Bail Reform Laws [SEE THE VIDEOS]

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, and other NYPD brass joined Wednesday to blast New York’s “insane” bail reform laws. The presser comes in the wake of multiple high-profile attacks against police and the public.

“They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly but expect different results. Our criminal justice system is insane,” Mayor Adams said. “It is dangerous, it is harmful, and it is destroying the fabric of our city.”

This is about recidivists who cause New Yorkers to suffer needlessly,” said NYPD Commissioner Sewell. “Every day, as hardworking New Yorkers start their day or night of work or school, or to simply enjoy what this city has to offer, recidivist criminals are planning or taking the opportunity to commit their next larceny, robbery, burglary or other crime.”

“Their efforts are increasingly aided by the fact that after the NYPD has arrested them, the criminal justice system fails to hold them appropriately accountable for their actions. These offenders face very few, if any, repercussions, despite committing crime after crime,” she added.

“Your NYPD officers speak to these victims. We support them and proudly go to work for them with every resource we have,” she continued. “But for too many of these victims, justice is elusive. Justice and fairness go hand in hand. Public service has to work together on behalf of all of the people we serve.”

Mayor Adams said he is not waging “a battle against those who saw the need to reform a criminal justice system,” but rather one “against those who are exploiting those reforms,” noting that there are “four components of the criminal justice process: police, judges, prosecutors, lawmakers” who must “operate in unison.”

Adams said NYPD arrests increased 24% so far in 2022 compared to last year,  with 109,000 arrests this year compared to the 87,794 arrests last year at this time.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. True! Insane justice system! Who benefits by freeing criminals to attack again? Perhaps liberal judges get reelected by insane liberals who are comfortable with the current crime rate in NYC.

  2. In other, less laudable, news, that I did not see here, the Mayor’s office is asking for photos attached to each resume for city position (at certain level?), apparently to ensure diversity of looks.

  3. Now that hochul has said she shan’t even consider bail reform until after election:- This witch has no scruples about bail reform & surely has no comprehension of it urgency nor seriousness nor danger:- hochul MUST BE VOTED OUT of office come 11/8/2022;

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