TRAGEDY: Prominent Cedarhurst Community Member Niftar While Snorkeling In Aruba


The Jewish community of the Five Towns was plunged into mourning as word spread of the tragic petirah of Mr. Marty (Moshe Ezra) Weissman Z”L, a prominent member of the community. He was approximately 69 years old.

Sources tell YWN that the Niftar was snorkeling off the coast of Aruba on Thursday when he suffered a massive heart attack. Local emergency first responders attempted to save his life but were sadly unsuccessful.

Boruch Ber Bender of the Achiezer Organization, Rabbi Sholom Axelrod of The Young Israel of Woodmere, as well as local officials in Aruba worked tirelessly and diligently through the night to ensure proper Kavod Hames, and to have the Niftar transferred to NY to be able to have a Levaya and Kevura.

The Niftar is a well-known long-time prominent member of the Five Towns community and resided on the Cedarhurst-Woodmere border. He was a tremendous Baal Chesed, as the owner of Ezra Pharmacy, helping many Yidden in need throughout the years.

He leaves behind his wife Mrs. Rachel Weisman and children Esty Weisman, Aviva Weisman Berkowitz, Dovid Weisman, Samuel Weisman & step – father to Lauren Glicksman and brother Joey Weisman.

The Levaya will take place Sunday, January 29th at 11:00am at the Boulevard-Riverside Chapels in Hewlett.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “What should we do…”
    Heart attacks for a 70 YO man are sadly not especially unusual. Snorkeling can sometimes be stressful if one is not a strong swimmer and are caught in a strong current. If you have high coronary risk factors, respiratory issues etc.have your PCP check you out before you leave on vacation. Otherwise, lose weight, exercise regularly, watch your diet and all the usual stuff.

  2. As in the time of Navi Yehoshua, Hashem allows tragedies to convey messages to Klal Yisrael. Until the community takes heed of this and roots out those like Achan who prey upon the elderly, the widows, etc, such tragedies may continue. Those are the words of Rambam.