WATCH: Singer Eli Levin Surprises Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel In Flatbush With Beautiful Hallel For Rosh Chodesh Adar


The Yeshiva Bochrim at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel Chofetz Chaim in Flatbush were in for a Rosh Chodesh Adar surprise on Tuesday. Singer Eli levin surprised the Bochrim with a beautiful musical Hallel in honor of Chodesh Adar.

The Bochrim also were creative today with a “Purim Shtick” and hung fish in the hallways for Chodesh Adar as it is written in Sifrei Kaballah מזל חודש אדר הוא דגים.

See how this went down below!


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Hang up as many fish as you want in the corridoor, but PLEASE don’t play musical instruments in the middle of shacharis in shull….. Klall Yisroel don’t do this, like women don’t put on teffillin……
    You wanna kumzitz? Not during davening……

  2. A Yeshiva does this ? Chofetz Chaim ?
    Davening became a concert ??
    Rav Henoch Z”L would never approve…….
    Bizayon HaTeffilah……
    The new Dor needs it??
    If they need Trief do you feed them Treif???

  3. Not to sound judgemental or anything, but is it really ok to play guitar in middle of davening? Is this going to be the new selichos concert type thing? Seems a little weird to me, but then again, nobody talks in my shul during any part of davening so maybe this is the new shtick to keep the talmidim involved instead of talking. I guess just plain singing the beautiful words of Hallel just doesn’t cut it anymore 😔.

  4. It is nice to see and hear appropriate singing during Hallel. Bochurim especially perhaps need and enjoy such things, and there is long tradition supporting special marking of this time of year at yeshivas.

    However, I was quite surprised to see a guitar being taken into the Beis Midrash and used by the shliach tzibur during davening, as part of this. Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim (RSA), of which Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel is an affiliate, prides itself on following a certain special mesorah. Is a guitar strumming shliach tzibbur in accordance with that? It looks rather straight out of the Neo-Chasidic playbook, or worse (Temple Emanuel) R”L.

    RSA has long valued and utilized appropriate neginah and even guitars (think R. Baruch Chait, The Rabbi’s Sons, etc.), but did they use them during davening in Beis Medrash, held by prayer leader, a la Shlomo Carlebach, or stay within traditional limits and keep Hallel singing to vocals without organ, guitar, drums, et al?

  5. No one observed that they didn’t have guitars and Iphones in yeshivos in the Alte Heim. Aside from the guitar and the smart phones recording the teffilos, the maintenance guy in the video clip doesn’t seem all that happy with having to clean up the smelly fish hanging along the corridor. But again, this is new age hashkafah so perhaps we just need to get used to it.

  6. For all the commenters criticizing a Yeshivas policy of which they know nothing about, do they also criticize the pleasure seekers who abandon their Rav & Kehilla and are yored regel to Orlando for Pesach and do the same thing every morning of Chal hamoed???

  7. I don’t understand why all of you guys commenting on here care so much it is not your business what goes down there or anywhere Also isn’t the point of Hallel to sing and praise Hashem the best way possible by bais hamikdash did we not use instruments to pray and sing to Hashem ?

  8. There they go again, copying that Dovid Hamelech fellow and using musical instruments while praising Hashem!
    What’s next, are they going to do that in the bais hamikdosh as well!? Oh wait, isn’t that what the Leviem did, with the gemorrah questioning what the ikker is, the singing or the music?
    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when some of the shpitz yeshiva guys find out the meaning of the last halleluka we say everyday; you know, about instruments and the like?
    Turns out that Dovid Hamelech wasn’t so yeshivish after all.

  9. Why do u feel like u can be so judgmental of other yeshivas or ppl? Do u guys have nothing to do in ur free time just criticize what yeshivas do? It actually looked like an amazing davening.( I wish I was there ).. I saw much depth and kavana in this davening,and I wonder if u guys davened with so much kavana today ?? Judge urself . Don’t speak loshan hara about others and other yeshivas . Chofetz Chaim is an awesome yeshiva this is why meshiach isn’t here bec of ppl like you. All of u should be ashamed!

  10. It’s so sad that people can’t see the beauty of young Yeshiva Bochrim seeking inspiration in Tefilla. The person chosen was a well known Hartzadika singer who is not known to be a flamboyant performer. Anybody who knows his style , knows that his music is Mikadeish and Mikareiv Shem Shamayim. The sad thing is people have nothing better to do then to criticize something so beautiful. Anybody that has problems with this needs to find inspiration in their lives. It would do them good. This happens to be the most wonderful Yeshiva that brings out the best in everyone one of their students on every level!! I am a parent of over 20 years and proud and thankful to say so. Maybe it’s just that you all wish to just reach this inspiration that we learned from this group of teenagers. Thank you Eli Levin for inspiring my entire extended family today and always ! Thank you to the Yeshiva for teaching our children the right way to serve Hashem B’SIMCHA!

  11. The comparison to the Bais Hamikdosh Leviim, Dovid Hamelech is ridiculous .
    Yeshivos and Bachurim and Shuls that have the proper attitude and Kavod for Tefillah are the ones who understand what true Avodah She’B’Lev Zoo Tefillah is .
    Dont degrade Dovid Hamelech into a 60’s Hippy with a guitar
    And when there is Chillul Hashem it IS our business…….

  12. Last time I checked there were instruments played in the bais hamikdash
    So I don’t understand all the Karen’s that are criticizing this beautiful hallel

  13. To all those guys who are commenting in a non-positive way:
    I have a question for you.
    If President Biden will offer a stimulus check to any individual that will judge this Yeshiva in a favorable manner and comment positively, are you going to still judge them in a negative way?

  14. it was a takno on the kol kore by all gedoly isroal by the “teilung” from the nelogen
    not to have music by davenen and the mchitzos as is writen in egros moshe z”tl

  15. It is funny to see some commenters here taking the line of Temple Emanuel, and other non-Orthodox, in defending what happened.

    Do they have organs or pianos in their houses of worship too? Why not?

  16. Circle: I’d love to be a fly on the wall when some of the shpitz yeshiva guys find out the meaning of the last halleluka we say everyday; you know, about instruments and the like?
    Turns out that Dovid Hamelech wasn’t so yeshivish after all.

    And all the rabbonim for centuries didn’t know what it meant? Until you came along, they were all so ignorant? How sad.

  17. Yes , that is why we do t have instruments by Davening b/c they they Did beSman Hamikdash.
    And if want to get areal bad taste in mouth were this leeds go to kosel on rosh chodesh, and “isn’t so nice they are now doing x y & z” was even moderner bubby saying 50 years ago, to bad all those youth they did it for can’t say for there einiklach b/c there not even jews forget frum.
    For gets off derech nuw nuw, foe a ” YESHIVA” have we really fallen so low?
    Oy and sadly, Iam not going to be surprised when I hear the yeses.
    So The Rebbe who allowed for his schvache bochriem has his reasons..
    But please don’t publish this to be praised but rather post this b4 the 9 days so we know how far we have fallen..
    (And if any don’t understand google reform temple fridaynight singalong)


  19. HJtE4UEh, you Hungarian ferd, the “teilung” happened only in Hungary, and is relevant only in Hungary. Chofetz Chaim is not in Hungary, has never been in Hungary, has no connection whatsoever to Hungary, and its mesora does not derive in any way from those involved on either side of the “teilung”.

  20. To Milhouse:
    Now I finally understand that story that the Nazis Yimach shemam (on horses) were dragging our fathers in Germany and Poland.


    That is a clear violation of the CR editorial guidelines which are especially strict with regard to Ungarishephobia.

  22. is this NCSY or is this some yeshivah?

    if it was NCSY then I could understand the need for a singer and musical instruments in middle of davening. (gotta lift them spirits up to those who arent so frum).

    but this is a yeshiva…

  23. being a person very involved in different yeshivas and also happen to know that this is one of the best yeshivas for your son to grow in ruchniyus and ahavas hashem I will say back off and mind your own business this is appropriate for Rosh chodesh adar and to all the haters your just jealous you didn’t think of sending your kids to this yeshiva

    shoutout to my dearest friend harav nosson tropper

  24. Hatersjealous- Please, please…ALWAYS write Hashem with a capital H !!! You write a goy’s name with a capital letter…lehavdil a billion times… how can you even contemplate……..

  25. To all the haters
    My son goes to the yeshiva and i can’t be more proud I think its its a very nice thing to get the boys together and sing so nicely
    I trust the staff 100% and I’m very happy
    I’m shocked its 2023 and there’s still fanatics like this

  26. HJtE4UEh, do you have any idea what Reb Moshe’s psak on mechitza is? Do you have any idea what he considered a “proper size”?

    In any case, Reb Moshe had nothing whatsoever to do with the “teilung”, did not support or oppose it because it was irrelevant to him and he was irrelevant to it, and did not write one word against musical instruments in shul.

    In addition, Reb Moshe was the preeminent posek in America in his time, but even in America he was not everyone’s posek. For instance you and your entire community not only ignored him but actively fought against him. But outside America he had very little influence at all. So it’s certainly false to claim he “paskened for all yidden”, even if you were right about what he paskened.

  27. Why don’t they do this in the main yeshiva of Rav Chinuch Leibowitz Zz’l? B/c it would not fly.
    So call it what it is…. the Rebbe here noticed his bochriem [“Men” yes I was in “the system” .] Needed a little more geshmak.
    And yes these boys were probaly allowed to watch the supperbowl in yeshiva without the halftime show, and if don’t understand that good for you, but know there is another side ,Hamaiven Yavein.
    Now if they said this is a new standard, whole other story.
    Don’t be Nieve enough to think this is the new Normal for Top boys and dont be Such a Mechuseiv to talk down on Rebbiem bnei Torah trying to mechasaik there talmediem.
    enough is enough, enough said.. Rodef Shalom vehehe Shalom AL Yisroel .

  28. I’m curious from whom they got their p’sak – their דעת תורה. For BJX this might be fine. Is it for a main stream yeshiva too? Unless these boys are the BJX boys of tomorrow! It could be! Their pants are tighter than their skin. Their haircut styles are making to make certain there remains not a hair of pesos. Maybe just maybe these are tomorrow’s BJX bachurim.

  29. I am not commenting if it is or isn’t appropriate to use of musical instrument during davening.

    I am repying to Circle’s comment: “What’s next, are they going to do that in the bais hamikdosh as well!? Oh wait, isn’t that what the Leviem did, with the gemorrah questioning what the ikker is, the singing or the music?”

    This demonstrates the dangers when misusing the little bit of knowlege.

    In the Bais Hamikdosh the Leviim used musical instruments.

    Indeed that is why the Shu”t Chasam Sofer prohibits musical instruments during davening based on the possuk איך נשיר את שיר ה’ על אדמת נכר that we mustn’t sing Hashem’s praises as we dud in the Bais Hamikdosh with instruments!

    Many poskim consider music during tefilah כחוקות הגוים, especially an organ common in churches, but likewise all instruments.

    But to bring a “proof” from the Bais Hamikdosh that musical instruments are permitted, demonstrated EXTREME amm ha’ratzus, when the great Chasam Sofer uses THIS proof to prohibitbit!!!

    Talk of דעת בעל הבית היפך תורה would be an understatement!

  30. And my comment equally applies to Avimin who claims “I am pretty sure they used stringed instruments in the beis hamigdash during Hallel.”

    Duh! THAT’S exactly why it is OSSUR to use musical instruments during daving in golus – according to Shu”t Chasam Sofer cited above based on the possuk:
    איך נשיר את שיר ה’ על אדמת נכר