WATCH THIS: Pinsk Karliner Rebbe Puts Tefillin On Non-Religious Jew On Flight To Poland


On a flight to Poland for the Yartzheit of Reb Elimelech of Lizensk Zt”l, the Pinsk Karliner rebbe engaged in conversation with a passenger on the flight. The man told the Rebbe that he was Jewish, but had not put on tefillin in many, many years.

The Rebbe immediately got his pair of Tefillin, and helped the man put the Tefillin on.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. I think there’re some people who would pay BIG BUCKS to have the Rebbe Shlit”a put his Tefillin on them. Could be a good fund raiser!

  2. I noticed that lately everyone is “coming out of the closet” putting on teffilin with unsuspecting strangers in the most usual places.

    Once upon a time none besides Chabadskers would do this, while others would mock and find fault in doing so (things like “guf naki”, negel vasser,kavanah, tzneius, kitchen sink etc).

    Now it has spread to Litvish, Chassidish, Sefardish…

    These days, is everyone becoming Chabadskers?

    We took back from Chabad their innovations in Kiruv. It’s about time we stole back putting on teffilin on other yidden. Maybe soon we will take back the Ramban too!

  3. Beautiful! Hopefully more Yidden (especially rabbanim) will follow his example to help our uneducated brothers and sisters to add in Torah and mitzvos.

  4. this is such a lovely story…..I do see this on the streets of Israel, people stopping men, putting on Tefillin and smiling…it is who we are and what we do