WATCH: MBS Says Saudi Arabia Getting Closer To Peace With Israel; Saudi Will Go Nuclear If Iran Does


In a rare interview with Fox News, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) offered insights into ongoing negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, hinting at the possibility of a normalization agreement. However, he underscored the enduring importance of the Palestinian issue within the context of these discussions.

During the interview, which aired on Wednesday, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman conveyed a sense of optimism regarding the diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, stating, “Every day we get closer.” These words hinted at the advancing talks aimed at establishing diplomatic ties between the two nations.

The Saudi Crown Prince also addressed the looming concern of Iran’s nuclear aspirations. He firmly asserted that if Iran were to obtain a nuclear weapon, Saudi Arabia would feel compelled to follow suit. “If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, we have to get one,” MBS stated, highlighting the Kingdom’s stance on maintaining regional security and balance.

While discussing the potential normalization with Israel, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made it clear that the Palestinian issue remains central to Saudi Arabia’s negotiations. He emphasized the importance of resolving the Palestinian conflict, stating, “For us, the Palestinian issue is very important. We need to solve that part.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The Saudis are smart. They’re using the Palestinians to extract as many concessions as they can from Biden. When they feel they’ve gotten the most they’re going to get for themselves they’ll drop the Palestine issue.

  2. Why does Israel need “peace” with the Saudis, with whom they were not at war?
    There are already 21 Arab states. The world does not need a 22nd one, carved from the bones of the only Jewish State – on behalf of a non-existent ethnicity (“palestinians”) who are only Jordanian squatters and their descendants from 1948-1967.

  3. Logic maybe because they are the leaders of the Arab moslem world. Maybe because they fund much of the corrupt groups
    Have them on a peace agreement now puts pressure on rest to end their undeclared war on isreal. And puts major pressure on Palestinian entity and Syria and Lebanon