Parsha Potpourri Has Been Updated!


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yw logo5.jpgThe weekly “Parsha Potpourri“, which can be found on the left side column – under the features button – has been updated for this weeks Parsha.

Each Wednesday, these beautiful, short, inspiring Divrei Torah are available for our valued readership. Below the Divrei Torah can be found “Parsha Points To Ponder” which is a few questions on the Parsha and sources which discuss them. As the weeks pass, the previous D’var Torah is automatically added into an archive which will be available for your reading – and learning pleasure.

This feature is provided by “Parsha Potpourri” – a weekly publication compiled by Rabbi Oizer Alport.



  1. May I add to your description of Parsha Potpourri.
    R’ Alport obviously takes the time to carefully select really ‘geshmak’ divrei torah. One more enjoyable than the next.
    The Points to Ponder keeps our family busy throughout the seudos Shabbos.
    Thanks you R’ Alport and YW.