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NEW BOMBSHELL: Jared Kushner Wanted Secret Communications Channel With Russia

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and now top White House adviser Jared Kushner proposed a secret back channel between the Kremlin and the Trump transition team during a December meeting with a leading Russian diplomat.

Kushner spoke with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about creating that line of communication to facilitate sensitive discussions aimed at exploring the incoming administration’s options with Russia as it was developing its Syria policy, according to a person familiar with the discussions who spoke with The Associated Press.

The intent was to connect Trump’s chief national security adviser at the time, Michael Flynn, with Russian military leaders, said this person, who wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss private policy deliberations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Russia, a pivotal player in Syria, has backed Syrian President Bashar Assad, often at the expense of civilians during a long civil war.

The White House did not acknowledge the meeting or Kushner’s attendance until March. At the time, a White House official dismissed it as a brief courtesy meeting.

Kushner’s involvement in the proposed back channel was first reported by The Washington Post, which said he proposed using Russian diplomatic facilities for the discussions, apparently to make them more difficult to monitor.

The newspaper cited anonymous U.S. officials who were briefed on intelligence reports on intercepted Russian communications.

The Post wrote that Kislyak was reportedly taken aback by the suggestion of allowing an American to use Russian communications gear at its embassy or consulate — a proposal that would have carried security risks for Moscow as well as the Trump team.

According to the person familiar with the Kushner meeting, the Trump team eventually felt there was no need for a back channel once Rex Tillerson was confirmed as secretary of state, and decided to communicate with Moscow through more official channels. Tillerson was sworn in on Feb. 1.

Flynn served briefly as Trump’s national security adviser before being fired in February after officials said he misled Vice President Mike Pence about whether he and the ambassador had discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia in a phone call.

Sally Yates, the former acting attorney general, told Congress this month that that deception left Flynn vulnerable to being blackmailed by the Russians. Flynn remains under federal investigation in Virginia over his foreign business ties and was interviewed by the FBI in January about his contacts with Kislyak.

The disclosure of the back channel put White House advisers on the defensive Saturday, as Trump wrapped up his first foreign trip as president, and led lawyers for Kushner to say he is willing to talk with federal and congressional investigators about his foreign contacts and his work on the Trump campaign.

Meeting with reporters in Sicily, two Trump advisers refused to address the contents of Kushner’s December meeting with the Russian diplomat. But they did not dismiss the idea that the administration would go outside normal U.S. government and diplomatic channels for communications with other countries.

Speaking generally, national security adviser H.R. McMaster said “we have back channel communications with a number of countries.” He added: “It allows you to communicate in a discreet manner.”

In response to repeated questions from reporters, Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn said, “We’re not going to comment on Jared. We’re just not going to comment.”

Kushner was a trusted Trump adviser last year, overseeing the campaign’s digital strategy, and remains an influential confidant within the White House as does his wife, Ivanka Trump.

Federal investigators and several congressional committees are looking into any connections between Russia and the Trump campaign, including allegations that there may have been collaboration to help Trump and harm his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

On Saturday, the AP confirmed that the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, has requested information and documents from Trump’s campaign.

The request from the committee arrived last week at campaign headquarters in New York, according to person familiar with the request who wasn’t authorized to discuss the developments publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. It was said to be the first time any investigators have made inquiries with Trump’s campaign officials.

The Post first reported the request, which covers materials such as emails, phone records and documents dating to Trump’s first days as a candidate in July 2015.

Those inquiries now include scrutiny of Kushner, according to the newspaper.

Obama administration officials have previously told the AP that the frequency of Flynn’s discussions with Kislyak raised enough red flags that aides discussed the possibility Trump was trying to establish a one-to-one line of communication — a back channel — with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In addition, Reuters reported that Kushner had at least three previously undisclosed contacts with Kislyak last year, including two phone calls between April and November. Kushner’s attorney, Jamie Gorelick, told Reuters that Kushner “has no recollection of the calls as described.”

Defense attorneys and former FBI agents say that one likely area of interest for investigators would be Kushner’s own meetings with Russians, given that such encounters with a variety of Trump associates are at the root of the sprawling probe, now overseen by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Regarding Kushner, former FBI agent Jim Treacy said Friday: “If there is an investigation on anybody, would other folks around that person be of interest to the FBI as far as being interviewed? The answer to that is a big yes.” If the FBI wants to speak with someone, it’s not necessarily an indication of involvement or complicity, said Treacy, who did two tours in Moscow as the FBI’s legal attache.

“Really, being spoken to, does not confer a target status on the individual,” he said.

Investigators are also interested in a meeting Kushner had with the Russian banker, Sergey Gorkov, according to reports from The Post and NBC News.

“Mr. Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings,” Gorelick said in a statement Thursday. “He will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other inquiry.”


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  1. What’s the big deal?
    Lines of communication between an incoming administration and foreign dignitaries should be normal! How else are alliances forged?
    This seems to simply be a political witch-hunt. They’re doing anything and everything to destroy this administration.

  2. Seems rather self-evident that the system is infested with Obama era “leakers” and that if progress is desired with Russia it would only be if Russia had some confidence its dialogues would be safe from “leaks” (a,k,a, sabatoge).

  3. Amazing how the media makes talking with Russia a huge deal, but Obama’s smuggling of $400 million dollars in untraceable cash on pallets to the Iranians in the middle of the night was nothing to see. Last I checked Russia didn’t directly sponsor Islamist terrorist organizations.

  4. Witch hunt continues! “Person, who wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss private policy deliberations and spoke on condition of anonymity.” “According to person familiar with the request who wasn’t authorized to discuss the developments publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.” In USSR over 40,000,000 people were subjected to terrible suffering mostly based on this type of anonymous reports, most of which were outright fake and often fabricated to get back at people you didn’t like. B”H this is USA and we still have due process, but media outlets like Post and NBC make you feel like they want that due process out of the window when it comes to Trump and anyone around him.

  5. Interesting enough Obama was allowed to make contact with our enemies such as Cuba and Iran but whatever Trump’s team does gets blown up. Talk about a double standard.

  6. How is that a bombshell? it isn’t illegal? There are plenty of precedents (as many presidents felt the need to work around the State Department). It isn’t scandalous (beyond the fact that Trump is using his son-in-law as a staff aid, but that’s old news, and similarly, not illegal).

  7. Intelligent readers who speak Yiddish and are interested in a good prospective of the entire topic on the Trump’s presidency, it’s very worthwhile listening to the professional analysis of R’ Yitzchok Klahr on Kol Mevaser (3,8 / 593#).

  8. BOMBSHELL From Newsfeed not reported by AP Fake News:
    Russia Connection CONFIRMED –

    The Putin Government gave John Podesta 35 millions dollars (1 billion rubles) while he advised Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. John Podesta’s ties with Russia and how he received money from ventures connected to the Kremlin. And I mean DIRECTLY connected to the Kremlin. While the left was pushing that Trump is tied to Russia, they conveniently overlooked the massive ties that both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta have to the Russkies. I suppose they were hoping that there would be such a scandal surrounding Trump over Russia, no one would take notice that their dealings with our biggest enemy is the real issue at stake here currently.

    Nothing has stuck to Trump over this, even with Flynn and Manafort. Both have solid connections to Russia and are dirty. But both of those men are gone and their sins do not translate to sins by Trump. However, Clinton and Podesta individually and personally benefited from Russian dealings and the connections are as clear as day. Podesta argued against sanctions for Russia. Trump did as well, but is shifting on that point. Podesta meanwhile did not file a required by law disclosure showing he made millions from the Russians.

    The connections between Podesta, Clinton and Obama to Russia are beyond concerning. Clinton basically gave the majority of our Uranium to the Russians. She also made millions off the development of Skolkovo… the Russian’s Silicon Valley. They are now using those facilities in a cyber war against us. Now, Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, reveals how Podesta’s firm, Joule received $35 million dollars from Rusnano, a fund directly funded by the Kremlin. See the video below.

    Podesta became a Special Counselor to the President in 2013 for Obama. He didn’t disclose any of this. He was also advising Hillary Clinton and we all know he was her Campaign Manager in the last election. From Schweizer: “What makes the Podesta case clear is there was a transfer of money and there was a transfer of a lot of money that stood to make John Podesta a lot of money. That is unique and that’s extremely troubling because at the time that transfer is taking place he is advising Hillary Clinton at the State Department. We know that from the Podesta emails that he is helping her make personnel decisions, speech decisions, policy decisions. He is meeting with her monthly. It’s a transfer of money from a foreign government, at the time, that is he was advising America’s chief diplomat, Hillary Clinton.”

    And what about your BOMBSHELL on the Russian hacker Yevgeny Nikulin who claimed the FBI offered him money and citizenship if he would accept responsibility for the Clinton email cyberattacks. Nikulin is currently being held in a Czech prison. He claims Comey’s FBI offered him citizenship and a free apartment for taking the fall over hacking Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

  9. Totally normal to have secret communication channels with other countries. The is just idiotic slander, about a frum Jew no less. Way to go YWN, you’ve shown us again that you have no respect for the truth and will publish anything just to get readers.

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