Bloomberg’s Proposed Sugary Drinks Ban Goes Before Health Board


Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial proposal to ban large sugary drinks is set to be formally submitted to the Board of Health today. The mayor has proposed a ban on sugary beverages larger than 16-ounces in city restaurants, movie theaters, and food carts.

The ban would apply to any establishment that receives a letter grade from the Health Department.

Supporters of the ban say sugar consumption needs to be curbed, while critics say the ban goes too far.

“Sugar is the new tobacco and 15 years ago. If you would have told someone you won’t be smoking in New York City clubs or anyplace else they’d have laughed you out of the room. Sugar is a drug, it needs to be dealt with this way,” said Kathie Dolgan of Energy Up!

(Source: NY1)


  1. In shoprite this morning, I saw someone buying half dozen 2 liter bottles of “sugary soda”, several boxes of “sugary ices” and ice cream which he paid for with his SNAP EBT card.