Fallsburg: Cell Phone Dead-Zone To Be Eliminated


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The cell-phone dead zone along Route 52 between Liberty and Fallsburg will be eliminated, thanks to a decision by the Fallsburg Planning Board to approve a new cell tower – the Times Herald Record reports.

Board members voted unanimously to allow the 120-foot tower despite hearing some concerns from the public about possible health risks and a flashing beacon atop the structure.

Recognizing residents’ objection to new flashing lights, the board asked representatives for Cellco Partnership, the Verizon Wireless affiliate directing this project, that the strobe be activated only when conditions make it difficult to see the tower.

Cellco’s attorney, Brian Matula, also said that concerns about radiation exposure are unwarranted, at ground level the electromagnetic exposure “would be substantially below 1% of the (FCC’s) exposure limits.”

(Source: Times Herald Record)


    It’s ABOUT TIME!!! #1 For the South Fallsburg Yeshiva Bochurim #2 SAFETY reasons #3 Wireless Customers will finally get the “SERVICE” they deserve etc.

  2. Many well respected docter’s worldwide still express grave concern’s about cell phone radiation health risks. Just because the article quotes the cell phone companies attorney as saying there is no health concern, doesn’t make it safe. He is paid to say whatever it is they want him to say. Is it fair to all the camps, residents and the yeshiva bochorim in that area to have to have additional exposure to this non stop radiation? Is there anyone reading this that doesn’t know of at least a few people with cancer? Nobody can tell where cancer comes from, but it definitly can come from radiation. I’m not a health nut or anything, I’m just asking you to open your eyes. I recently bought a small device that measures electromagnetic fields of energy. (it only costs $25.00, I wanted to play with it) Holding it 9 inches away from my cell phone showed the same radiation intensity as holding it pressed against the door of my microwave oven while it was on. Would you press your ear against a running microwave oven door for 20 minutes at a time every day? Isn’t wearing a cell phone on your belt inches away from a man’s prostate a health risk? (there is radiation from the phone even when your not on a call, as long as it is not turned off) Where are all the cancer victims getting cancer from? With all the medicines and research over the past few decades, it is only on the rise. The studies are still ongoing and they say that there is no definite proven link that cell phone radiation causes cancer. There is no proven study showing that it does not either. There are multi billion dollar companies whose interests are keeping the public from realizing the truth.

  3. #5: It makes no sense to suggest that everyone living near a cell phone tower must live with a high risk of developing cancer to ensure cell phone service will work in the event of an emergency situation. Even in the absence of cell phones there are still emergency services available as well as payphones.
    In short, there are much more people at risk because of the towers than there would possibly be people at risk without the towers.

  4. (cellphone towers need to be in the area where the users are. putting them deep into the wilderness where the signal will not get to the tower or back to the phone will not help).

    once again I must issue an apology, i keep making assumptions based on what posters say, and then I find out that I was wrong.

    I assumed that because 2morecents had a cellphone and a cellphone plan (from post #4 “Holding it 9 inches away from MY cell phone”) he/she ACTUALLY WANTED coverage. I was wrong and I am sorry for suggesting that in post #5.

    post 6, clarifies that if it is late at night, bad weather, bad neighborhood (let’s say on the crossbronx expressway), and he/she gets a flat, or blows a hose, and the only way to call on his/her cellphone would be if there was a tower in this residential area (as there currently are), he/she would rather knock on a strangers door or wander until he/she finds a payphone.

    i do have a follow-up question for 2morecents: knowing that there are cell towers (many towers) in many residential areas, and believing the “science” as you do that these towers are the causes of cancer, why do you have a cellphone?
    i will not accept that you need it for business.
    nor, will i accept that you travel great distances
    frankly, I am having trouble thinking of any reason that would be valid if you truly believe what you wrote in posts 4 and 6.

    I do know a person who believes that they are dangerous and refuses to carry a cellphone.