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Multiple Frum Families Displaced By Large Queens Fire

IMG_8303.jpgA midnight blaze left at least four Frum families – and approximately 5 others – homeless in Forest Hills, Queens last night. According to Yeshivaworld reporter YW-03 who was on the scene, the fire department arrived at 68-64 Yellowstone Blvd near 68th Drive (“The Andrew Jackson”) at approximately 12:00 midnight – and found heavy fire on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the 7 story 500 x 200 apartment building.

A second alarm response was quickly called – with a third alarm response following shortly after. Due to the quick work of the FDNY, the fire was brought under control at 1:00AM the.

The building has suffered extensive damage, but Boruch Hashem everyone made it out safely from the building – and no injuries were reported.

A source tells Yeshivaworld that the fire marshal investigation has been completed and it has been determined that the fire started from an incense candle.

(YW-03 / Lipas)

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  1. Is there a fund being started to hel pprovide for these families? DO they have where to go? DO they need clothing food etc???? Maybw we have ppl on YW (readers) that can step forward and offer assistance?

  2. Please let your readership know, WE are ready to help any of the families involved in the queens fire with whatever they might need, this includes non-observant families. We can organize food for Shabbos, mshabbos meals ect. We are located in the nighborhhod. The families, or someone who knows one, can contact us:

    Chabad of Rego Park

    62-38 99 St.


    Rabbi Eli Blokh

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