Disturbing Halloween Costume Near Monsey Mocks Orthodox Jews


This image was reportedly taken in New City, located in Rockland County, NY near Monsey. It was taken on Halloween afternoon, and shows a couple dressed up as Orthodox Jews.

The “couple” are pulling a red wagon filled with children (dolls), along with a big sign that reads “we buy houses cash”.

The male is wearing a black hat (of sorts), fake Tzitis, fake long black beard and black glasses. The female is wearing a long black skirt, cheap fake peals around her neck, and has a head covering.

Meanwhile, while the Anti-Semites were celebrating Halloween, Orthodox Jews who don’t celebrate the holiday at all, were busy doling out candy to hundreds of children all over Jackson, Toms River and also in the Monsey area.

The couple in New City are apparently upset that Orthodox Jews have been purchasing homes in the area, as the Monsey community continues to explode into neighboring towns and villages.

There has recently been alot of media coverage about Jews that allegedly knocked on doors in many areas asking if the home owners would be willing to sell their homes and move.

In September, the Mahwah Township Council (N.J. – also near Monsey) introduced a “no-knock” ordinance. It would create a registry of homeowners who do not want solicitors banging on their doors. Violators would be fined $100 for a first-time offense. Other communities along the New York border have enacted similar ordinances.

Last week, the New Jersey Attorney General announced the state would sue Mahwah over its Anti-Semitic legislation.

In Toms River NJ, Mayor Thomas Kelaher says he has had complaints from residents – who say some realtors are aggressive and use “suspicious and creepy” tactics to try and convince residents to sell. Kelaher compared his town’s current problems to ‘blockbusting’ by the African-American community decades ago. ‘It’s like an invasion,’ he said. ‘It’s the old throwback to the 1960s, when block-busting happened in Philadelphia and Chicago with the American community – “I want to buy your house. You’ll be sorry if you don’t.”

The Mayor of Jersey City NJ also had his complaints about door-knocking calling it “very aggressive solicitation.” “They literally go door to door and can be very pushy trying to purchase someone’s house,” Mr. Fulop, a grandson of Holocaust survivors and a graduate of yeshivas, said in an interview. “It’s not the best way to endear yourself to the community, and there’s been a lot of pushback.”

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Cute. Like when a Jew dresses up distinctly like the various sorts of goyim. It isn’t hatred, just innocent fun. We have a serious complex, for good reason, but it’s a complex. If I would have seen them, I’d have complimented them for their humor and creativeness.

  2. And if someone dresses up on Purim like any other ethnic group is that racist? I have seen many a purim costume that if people on the other side used the same standard would also be considered very insulting.
    Now if they had dressed up as Orthodox Jews wearing orange prison jumpsuits I would take a step and perhaps reconsider….

  3. That’s an adorable costume and a good joke anyone would make, chill out YWN and stop crying anti Semitic……. Speak to frum ppl in Brooklyn they complain about Chinese buying out realastate in cash, move on lough as stop promoting anti semitisim

  4. It’s not the costumes per se. It’s the
    children and sign that make it ‘something else’. It seems they are trying to make a statement .

  5. Disturbing: Apparently way to many yidden have acted in an offensive manner that disturbs ordinary people that just want to be left alone , resulting in a horrifying chillul Hashem.

  6. The commentators above are all missing the point. The actual dressing up is cute and no different from what we do on Purim. The disturbing point here is the sign “We buy houses cash”. That’s like dressing up like a Muslim with a sign saying “we’ll blow you up with pleasure” or something like that.
    On the other hand the fact that frum Yidden are being associated with pushy house buying is tragic. When do we start realising that we in Golus have to think ten times before we do anything which will, quite rightly so, atagonize our neighbours. And no, that’s not a Golus mentality. That’s a basic halocho of hilchos golus!

  7. How about when charedim in israel hang effigies of jewish soldiers with mockery written all over. Hey buddy,Go look into a very large mirror before u mock others.

  8. Ok guys fine we will take a chill!! but there’s still a message here DON’T FOOL YOURSELF they find out these things and the chillul Hashem is great!! Be honest and ehrlich and you won’t lose!!!

  9. Imanov -“On the other hand the fact that frum Yidden are being associated with pushy house buying is tragic”

    Why isn’t there an Asifa about pushing people to sell their houses?
    It’s a Chillul Hashem!

  10. Imanonov – thank you for bringing out the main point. I can’t believe almost none of the others understand the problem here. Perhaps they are in denial. It’s not the costumes, it’s the sign that’s offensive!

    What bothers me the most is that the two in the picture really don’t look Goyish. Take away the costumes and I’d probably still think they were Jews. Who knows. Maybe they are and don’t know it.

  11. Dressing in their version of Chassidim is somewhat offensive… look at the pushback Dov Hikind got when he dressed up as a black guy. How many apologies did HE make? The sign makes it disgusting & anti-semitic; are you all saying that this goes on continually? I agree, that is insensitive & pushy. OTOH, you don’t ask, you don’t get, & realtors try this all the time. Quite frankly, if these two charmers had arrived at my door, the least they would have gotten is it slammed in their faces.

  12. Does anyone know the names of the couple ? I would like to publicize their identity. After all we want to make sure no
    one bothers them by knocking on their door. Especially a Jew.

  13. “What bothers me the most is that the two in the picture really don’t look Goyish. Take away the costumes and I’d probably still think they were Jews. Who knows. Maybe they are and don’t know it.”

    Your right perhaps they are yiddin having some fun. Just like on purim. Why does that bother you so much?

  14. Can you assume if this is indeed”anti-Semitic” this is the way non Jews view the frum community? Shouldn’t we worry, ma yomru hagoyim?

  15. I agree with most of you , my only crtique is the couple could have done a better job with the costumes. As for the sign , let’s face it there is a tinge of truth to it. And yes some Purim costumes like pregnant nuns can be offensive to many of our non Jewish neighbors. What goes around comes around.