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NYC Transit Dispenses With the Term ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’

New York City transit riders won’t be called “ladies and gentlemen” any more – but they’ll still be expected to act like it.

The linguistic throwback to the white-gloved era is being jettisoned as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority updates its communication methods.

An MTA memo says train conductors will now ask riders to “partner” with them in removing their backpacks, staying clear of doors and keeping stations clean.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota tells the Daily News that it’s part of an initiative designed to make announcements more informative and “cheerful.”

Lhota says “canned messages” don’t work anymore.

Conductors also have a list of landmarks they can mention at stops, from the Apollo Theater to Yankee Stadium.


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  1. I thought the people on subways were all addressed as “passengers,” which is gender-neutral, polite, and correct. “Ladies and gentlemen” are people at a circus, along with children of all ages.

  2. “… along with children of all ages” The minhag in England is to add ” … boys and girls.”
    Meanwhile, passengers on the London Underground (or “Tube”) are bizarrely referred to as “customers”. Shamefully, I must concede that – on this point – New Yorkers have it right!

  3. Is this really what they’re focusing on instead of trying to make the ride physically more manageable? Look at the stock picture. Any wonder people prefer to drive? The only hindrance is the fact that parking is even worse.

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