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Nizhny Novgorod, Russia: Perps Arrested After Vandalizing Synagogue

Three attackers, ice hockey fans, overran the security guard and vandalized a Shul in Nizhny Novgorod.

“Three young men, aged 18-19, broke into the synagogue, tore down the table cloth and began throwing religious books out the windows. The unruly assailants overwhelmed the security guard and beat him up,” the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia said.

Police detained all of the assailants, a spokesman said, and the attack is being investigated.

“All of them are fans of an ice hockey club, whose team played in the city,” he said.

The prompt reaction of law enforcement indicates that the authorities are becoming more attentive to such crimes, the Federation said.

(Source: Inter-Fax)

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  1. yea. what is the point of saying theyre hockey fans? and ok, say it once but like why twice?
    and that quote didnt really add that much.

  2. #1 Mr. iggy,
    Apparently you are not fluent in Russian as I am. Nizhny means “the bottom”. The reason they have so much Ice hockey there is because it is at the bottom of Russia. The city has had years of problems with fans coming for all of the many Ice Hockey match ups. This problem is an outgrowth of those problems and may not be antisemitic at all. The reporter of this article is merely stating a well known fact.

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