UPDATE: Boycott Against Flatbush Shaitel Store Over


schechter.jpgYWN had posted a letter from Rav Aron Schecter Shlita a few weeks ago calling on people not to enter a Shaitel store on Coney Island Avenue. The store, located across the street from Yeshiva Chaim Berlin had refused to remove large inappropriate photos of women hanging in the store window.

Today, a new letter has been written by Rav Aron Schecter telling everyone that Boruch Hashem, the store-owner has removed the photos – changing the situation from “Chillul Hashem to Hillel Hashem”.

Click HERE to view the letter.

Click HERE to view the origional story.


  1. Flatbusher:
    Be careful there, boy. Rav Aharon Schechter is probably a bigger Talmid Chochom than you. Additionaly, he probably knows the bochurim of today a bit better than you. After all, “he’s in the business.”
    As far as your difficulty reconciling the issues of “Torah prevails” & “a bsiness decision” are concerned, well, because Torah prevailed, a good business decision was made. Plain & simple.

  2. Flatbusher, I would like to remind you that this is Rav Aron Schechter you are talking about. I don’t believe it was a moot point, or the RY would not have mentioned it, and certainly not to this extent.
    Please be respectful!

  3. To “Flatbusher”: As they say “kishmoi kein hu”. You live up to your name Flatbusher. The Rosh Yeshiva knows just a little better than you. It is directly across from Yeshiva. You could’ve looked out the beis medrash window and you would have had these four huge pictures of women stare back at you. The Rosh Yeshiva made a stand for Kavod haTorah veLomdeha and Baruch Hashem it was resolved and turned into a big kiddush Hashem.

  4. To Flatbusher!! First of all, ive heard from credible sources that you can CLEARLY see it from windows of Chaim Berlin and they are huge posters of women dressed to the “tee.” She is clad in a full face of makeup with a gorgeous fully blown wig!! The obvious point of these advertisements is to attract attention and is no different than those disgusting and pritzus pictures that are plastered on billboards and buildings throughout Manhattan! Its such a shame and we know that we are in Gulus where the world has stooped to such low levels that people think its ok and even assure themselves that it is totally ok and permitted to post such disguting things!
    and even if you consider this issue to a be a “petty” one, how dare you have the audacity to aruge with a great gadol and leader. Reb Ahron paskened and what gives you the right to feel that you can argue with Him! I don’t know abut you, but i would not want a chosson who does not have a rav, and even more so, puts them down and blatantly disregards the important things that they tell us. We are blind is Gulus and completely helpess. It is our great gedolim who are our einey haaida and guide us where to go and how to act. How dare you put them down and make light of them! I feel that you are obligated to ask Reb Ahron mechila for the lashon harah and havoc that you caused. Millions of eyes saw the loshon hara, and because of you, millions were nichshal!!

  5. I would buy there regardless as its a bunch of nonsense.

    Stop walking in the street or go to weddings as there are all kinds of women in Not such proper attire.

    is these picture where disturbing than what is not .

  6. It loses in the translation, but here’s my poor attempt (all errors mine):

    I am a man with a message.

    The owner of the store [at] 1632 Coney Island Avenue, of which I have written about previously, has through his good will made a change in the situation at his store. This allows the Camp of Torah to frequent the establishment as usual.

    The Prophet Yeshaya says, “all that is called is in My Name, and for My Honor have I created it…”. There is none called in His Name more than the Torah, and there is none [that is more] His Creation than the Nation of Israel, on [the latte] which it is said “I have created this Nation for Me, they will tell My praise.”

    It is the fundamental will in the soul of every Jew to do praise to His Blessed Name.

    With joy I inform you of this Jewish soul which has exchanged profanity [chillul] to praise [hillul].

    Who is like Your Nation Israel!

    [Rav] Aharon Moshe Schechter.

  7. Flatbusher!! This is the final straw! I too live in Flatbush, and I refuse to share with you my neighborhood! you are herby banished from Flatbush and the surrounding five lands er – five towns, until you come back barefoot, head hung low and penitent.

    ur second post is even worse than ur first.
    in ur second post not only do u not retract ur words of disgrace & bizayon hatora viraboneha umanheigaha, u add to it by being mivaze our precious yeshiva bachurim.
    u show that not only do u lack appreciation for torah & those that learn it but u also lack understanding of what tsnius is all about!
    ur last 2 points [1&2] show how u unfortunately missed the boat on this issue.[both points are false]
    i am dan u lkaf zechus that u just need to be educated about our Torah values. [ even if u were schooled in the frum ed. system]. u can visit Reb Ahron & ask him how u can learn to be apprecative & respectful…
    p.s. i am not a chaim berliner.

  9. to

    to #22 neveAliza..so i assume you are conveying that rav gifter would’ve advised the bochorim of chaim berlin not too look and that wig store can keep those pictures in display…i wont even waste my time to print out what a DUMB comparison you made..and according to your lodgig we can just throw out alot of hilchos tznious in shulchun urech even ezer and ohr hachaim of how a yiddishe tochter should go dressed.. just tell those men not to look


  10. PS to #22 neve aliza… also dont throw around these meaningless cliches’ “life will easier” what is so hard regarding this subject, unless you mean like all maskilim said thruout the ages “life will be easier without torah” #2 we are disscusing something that is staring in our faces not what we have “TO LOOK SO HARD”

  11. guys and gals slow down abit.
    B”H this worked out for CB and its bochurim. I was walking today on CIA in the exact area of the Wig store, Modern Chemist, Drimmers, Bermans books and suit store. It is a busy venue with bus stops, cars with meters, etc. — the streets are usually busy and those who are careful with ‘aniyim’ keep up the good work. Obstacles are all around, and society is functioning as it always does. JUST BE NORMAL…
    Rav Gifter looked at him strangely and said “Az kuk nit!!”.