Azan Family Survivors Released From Hospital Two Months After Catastrophic Fire


Two months after the catastrophic fire that claimed the lives of Aliza Azan and three of her children – Moshe Z”L (11), Yitzchak Z”L (7), Henrietta A”H (3), the father, Yossi Azan was released from the hospital in New York, together with his surviving  son and daughter.

Three of the four surviving members of the family, Yossi, Daniel and Shilat, were seriously injured in the fire and have been recuperating from their injuries. Now, together with their son and brother Avraham, who was only lightly injured and had been living with his grandfather Rabbi Avraham Hamra in Holon, the remaining family members must face the difficult task of coping with the effects of the tragedy.

It is unclear when Yossi, Daniel and Shilat will come to Israel to visit the cemetery in Holon where half of their family now lies buried.

The Azan and Hamra families told Kikar Shabbat that they wish to thank the entire nation of Israel for their wishes and prayers during this difficult time.

“We bless all those who continue to pray for us and for the full recovery of our family members who were injured.”

Meanwhile, community Rabbonim led by HaRav David Ozeri (who is the family Rov) are raising much needed funds for the family. There are staggering expenses that raised funds are being used for. The fund can be found on The Chesed Fund website, or by clicking here to be redirected.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don’t think so, the only one who still needs therapy is the daughter. The others are healing nicely. I say this so that if you want to do something send in the money. Yossie is not ready to go back to work.