Cell Phone-Cancer Link Discovered By Israeli Scientist


cell phone.gifAn Israeli scientist, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, has found a link between cell phone usage and the development of tumors. 

Dr. Sadetzki, a physician, epidemiologist and lecturer at Tel Aviv University, published the results of a study recently in the American Journal of Epidemiology, in which she and her colleagues found that heavy cell phone users were subject to a higher risk of benign and malignant tumors of the salivary gland.

Those who used a cell phone heavily on the side of the head where the tumor developed were found to have an increased risk of about 50% for developing a tumor of the main salivary gland (parotid), compared to those who did not use cell phones.

The fact that the study was done on an Israeli population is significant. Says Sadetzki, “Unlike people in other countries, Israelis were quick to adopt cell phone technology and have continued to be exceptionally heavy users. Therefore, the amount of exposure to radio-frequency radiation found in this study has been higher than in previous cell phone studies.

“This unique population has given us an indication that cell phone use is associated with cancer,” adds Sadetzki, whose study investigated nearly 500 people who had been diagnosed with benign and malignant tumors of the salivary gland.

The study also found an increased risk of cancer for heavy users who lived in rural areas. Due to fewer antennas, cell phones in rural areas need to emit more radiation to communicate effectively.

Sadetzki predicts that, over time, the greatest effects will be found in heavy users and children.

Today it is estimated that more than 90% percent of the Western world uses cell phones. As the technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, its usage by a greater number of people, including children, is bound to increase.

“While I think this technology is here to stay,” Sadetzki says, “I believe precautions should be taken in order to diminish the exposure and lower the risk for health hazards.” She recommends that people use hands-free devices at all times, and when talking, hold the phone away from one’s body. Less frequent calls, shorter in duration, should also have some preventative effect.

(Source: American Friends of Tel Aviv University)


  1. we need to protect our future generations from this!!!!!90 percent of the western world are already addicted to this sickness, wat will be in the next generations?!!!Besides for the health issue where has quality family time gone since the innovation of cell phones!???
    Its impossible to run away from our cell phones!!

    I heard that the respected Rabbi of Brisk yeshiva curses out the usage of cell phones ‘keseder’!

  2. Perhaps this is Hashem’s way of sending a message to Klal Yisroel to spend less time speaking Lashon Hara, divrei chol, and overall bitul zman on cellphones.

  3. What about all the radiation constantly in the air being emitted from radio and television transmitters? Remember,just becasuse your set may be off or you don’t have any,does not mean the waves are not around you. They are ,24 hours daily,everyday,everywhere! They are powerful. Wherever you go ,wherever you are, strong radio waves hit you from all over.

  4. It is important to remember that hands-free sets don’t get rid of the problem if the phone is still close to any part of your body…

    BTW what is the plural of “Bluetooth”? -tooths or -teeth? 😐

  5. Lowering the frequency which cellphones use ought to help. They currently transmit on 900-1800 megahertz which is high enough to have mild microwave-like effects on certain molecules in the body, although this has not been proven to have long-term adverse results (and may not even be the cause of the findings of this study, although it probably is).
    As an aside, what does the fact that it’s members are the biggest cellphone users actually say about Israeli society?

  6. 4, you’re sounding paranoid

    6, “As an aside”, it probably says nothing other than the fact that they like to use cellphones. Not sure what you’re driving at…

  7. Perhaps this is Hashem’s way of sending a message to Klal Yisroel to spend less time speaking Lashon Hara, divrei chol, and overall bitul zman on cellphones.

    Yeah, that must be it.

    *Rolls eyes*

  8. To #4,
    Radio and television broadcasts do not interact with the human body since they operate on much lower frequency. Only waves above approx 500 MgHz can have an effect. While there are quite a few other types of transmissions that do use these frequencies, they are far to weak to have any effect and only cellphones are a problem since one holds the transmitter right next to ones head (living near a cellphone antenna can be a problem too). However, since it is widespread practice to use these devices we can apply the principle of “shomer pesoyim hashem” .

  9. any ‘techknowhows’ out there:
    is the radio transmitting happening constantly, just by having the cellphone on near ones body, or just when you actually talk on the phone, or listen, or when it rings?

  10. by the way this is not the first time they found the link between cellphones and cancer due to radiation.
    about a year ago there was an elementary school in the area that radio towers were going to be built right near the building and it was a big hazard for the children in the school so the community got together and basically made a petition to stop putting it up. and it worked!! so no, this is not something new.
    however if you think about it microwaves also have radiation. so i guess everyone should stop using microwaves!!

  11. To #10,
    It’s only when you’re talking or listening. Otherwise it just sends a short burst approx every half hour so that the company know where you are.

  12. It is a big mitzvah to publicize this warning as much as possible. People are being brainwashed by the marketing of the cell phone companies ( multi billion dollar companies with great political clout) that cell phones are “basically safe”. They are not safe. They cause cancer. Radiation causes cancer. Cell phones emit constant radiation, more when you are on a call but also a good doseage when you are not on a call also. There was a swedish study proven a couple of years ago that men that wear cell phones on thier belt (99% of men do this) have a 30% decrease in thier sperm count than when they don’t wear it there. How many people get cancer in this world in spite of all the medicine available? How many die from it in spite of all the medicine? Every cell phone manufacturer by law has to insert a whole pnmphlet describing the “unproven” but possible risks associated with useing cancer inducing, radiation devices such as handheld cell phones. Microwave ovens use radiation but by design the microwaves can not escape the oven. Cell phones can not be shielded as then they would abrubtly stop working. Keeping it a few inces away from your head by useing a speakerphone is not an answer either. would you run a microwave oven with no door on a few inches away from your head for one minute??? The headphone wires attached to cell phones simply act as a conduit for the radiation to travel directly to the ear where the only shielding your brain has is a very thin ear drum. There is no alternative except we have to be responsible and protect ourselves and our children and rely on public payphones for when we need to make a call. They are available virtually everywhere and are still only 25 cents per call. Let alone the problems of cell phones with the built in abilities to download tv / movies / pictures from all over the internet on them and every other nisayon that they offer. what excuse does any educated, responsible parent have to give such a dangerous, unhealthy device full of nisyoinos to any child??? There are parents that send there children to sleep away camp with these things! If you look for trouble, you proberly will find it.