EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Lipa Schmeltzer Backs Out Of Big Event Concert!


lipa8.jpg[NEW UPDATE FROM LIPA BELOW ORIGINAL ARTICLE – AND BREAKING NEWS UPDATED 8:40PM EST] There has been much talk regarding the Kol Koreh issued by Gedoley Yisroel banning the “Big Event Concert”. Rumors were being spread as to the status of the massive show – which was scheduled for March 9 in Madison Square Garden.

Many people were questioning us why we did not post anything. YWN had consulted with leading Gedolim, and we were instructed not to post anything regarding this issue until now.

Yeshiva World has just spoken to Lipa Schmeltzer (Motzei Shabbos 5:45AM EST) and he has informed us that he will not be singing at the “Big Event Concert”. This decision was reached after he consulted with Daas Torah, and talking to leading Gedoley Yisroel.

Lipa Schmeltzer must be publicly commended for listening to the words and wisdom of true Gedoley Yisroel.

Lipa tells YWN that many people have had issues with the type of material that he has been singing during his career. He always chose to ignore the requests of some of his fans to change his style of singing. Although he did have certain standards that he always kept (never singing for mixed crowds), he many time decided to follow the customers requests – and sing questionable tunes.

Lipa now has decided to make a big change. He has decided to turn over a leaf, and will be changing his entire style of music. He has decided that he does not think that the current style of Jewish music is apropos for Frum people to be listening to.

The past week has been very tough for Lipa and his family. Tough decisions have been made. Major decisions. Decisions about money. Decisions about his future. But Lipa has made the correct decision. 

Lipa has met with many Gedoley Yisroel in the past two days, and spent countless hours talking to them. He has decided to forfeit a large sum of money by not singing this concert – and instead chose Daas Torah.

We are sure that Hashem will pay him back double for making the correct decision, and being Mikadesh Shem Shomayim!

Lipa also tells us that he is very concerned that there will be a backlash at the Rabbonim. He is publicly asking everyone to please refrain from making any accusations against any Rabbonim. “There is no reason for anyone to mix into this business, and everyone should rest assured that this was all done Bishalom”, Lipa said. “I don’t want anyone to talk Lashon Hara and Motzei Shem Ra against anyone – especially the Gedolim whom I have tremendous respect for”.

“I have recently started learning Bichavrusa with a leading Rosh Yeshiva, and I promised him that I will never sing any songs which were composed by non-Jews. Being true to my word, I have sang at more then a dozen Chasuna’s since I made that decision – and I have not sang “Yidden”, “Abi-Mileibt”, or “Numa” (Rabbi Nachman M’uman) or any other song that is questionable as to its origin”, Lipa told YWN.

“People should know that this Kol Koreh and ban against The Big Event was not directed at me personally, but at all concerts in general. The Rabbonim felt the need to put their foot down and attempt to stop all future concerts in NY.”

For any further information regarding the status of the Big Event Concert, please call the concert hotline at 718-873-0888.

UPDATE MONDAY 5:30PM EST: Lipa says Click HERE for an update! Make sure your volume is loud enough.

UPDATE MONDAY 7:00PM EST: Lipa Schmeltzer has been removed from the Big Event website. Only Shloime Gertner remains there. As soon as YWN has any further details, it will be posted.

UPDATE MONDAY 8:40PM EST: Shloime Gertner has been removed from the Big Event website.


  1. Kol Hakavod! We are very proud of Lipa! I love him and am proud that he is making this truly BIG kiddush Hashem berabim. We should all greet Moshiach together, beachdus, he must come soon, NOW! and we should all be zoicha to the true tunes of the leviyim in the bais hamnikosh.

  2. Thank you ywn for the way you presented this story. You and Lipa are both a kiddush Hashem.
    In the future I hope that people who organize these kol kora’s do it in a more timely manner so as not to cause such hefsed momon.
    Lipa is a bal middos and has only wanted to make people happy.

  3. I leave next door to one of the leading rabonim , that was involved …he met in the last few days for hours with him.
    I’m happy that he came out doing the right thing!
    it is very inportent that we all be MECHAZEK him, & all singers that listened to das torah.

  4. I will be honest that I did not like his style of music all along. But for a man to make such a tough decision and come out publicly on Yeshiva World, and tell tens of thousands of people how he plans on changing his life is truly amazing.

    This will go down in the history books.

    There will be those who will try and bash the gedolim, but fear not…..WE ARE HERE TO STAY, AND THE RABBLE-ROUSERS ARE NOT.

  5. From what I hear, there is alot of money that was lost here.

    The Rabonim are working to raise every single dollar so that there will not chas veshalaom be a hefsed merubah (for all parties involved).

    Perhaps yeshivaworld should have a link on this story to a page that people can donate a few dollars to, and we can raise big money to help this kiddush hashem?

    If every reader gives $5.00 we can raise $100,000 in a few hours.

    How about it?

    Opinions? Anyone?

  6. How can we see to cover the MAJOR losses…
    the people involved lost VERY serious money, all for the Kavod of our Rabbanim. where are we now that they need our help.
    giving applause is nice and inspiring, and important, however what will these people do for months to come, with such heacy cash.
    i know personally that Madison Square Garden is VERY expensive……..
    Advice Anybody…

  7. It is a shame that this has caused a tremendous amount of loshon hora and certainly a lack of kovod hatorah. I wish there was a better way for the “rabbonim” to convey their wishes than to ban concerts etc., only weeks before they occur. I dont think too many people came away from this with the feeling of love for torah etc.

  8. Kol Hakovod to Lipa Schmeltzer. To tell you the truth I did not enjoy most of his music. That will I”H change with his change.
    March 9th is an important date. It is the Mirrer Yeshiva of Yerushalayim’s dinner where the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Finkel will be I”H speaking. That is worth going to.

  9. If you take away all concerts you shut down one more outlet, in a frum world that has very few outlets already. Why not require that all concerts be for one gender only, thus giving people the opportunity to go to a concert, yet eliminating the hangout problem. Also, trying to ban all concerts is not going to work the same way the takanos for weddings didn’t work because its too broad a ban and a gezeira sh’ein hatzibbur yachol la’amod bo. When these types of dead-from-the-get-go takanos are made, the result is usually a weakening of the respect of the tzibbur for the gedolim who enacted them, which is the real travesty!

  10. 21, the kol koreh referred to concerts that have no purpose, i.e, not for a simcha or a fundraiser. And I think the version I saw said that everyone backed out but Lipa – thanks YW for the update.
    And 27, did you try to buy a ticket? Maybe that part was disabled.
    And Lipa’s turning over a new leaf was interesting – what Jewish music is coming to was the subject of another kol koreh that was publicized this week.
    Kudos to Lipa and may he and other entertainers use their talents to inspire, and be given many more years to do so.

  11. It’s about time the Rabbonim took a stance against these concerts (which by the way Rav Moshe Feinstein has banned THIRTY years ago).

    What heter is there for these shows?

    Tzedakah? Mosdos?

    What a joke of an answer…….

  12. The rabbonim are going to raise the money for the losses.

    It’s simple; 33 rabonim. each one needs to raise $10,000 and they cover the losses.

    I will talk to one of the rabonim today to get moving on this project

  13. the heter of a tzedaka/mosod is no heter whatsoever.

    perhaps a tzedaka/mosod should invest in a casino in atlantic city??!!!

    would that be muttar?

    this is 100% assur, so a mosod should stay far away from this

  14. I agree that we should have a yom tfilah instead at MSG, together with some of the leading speakers. It will definately be a sell out, & what a kiddush hashem! V’nehapoch Hoo!

  15. this is allavery simple the promoters and if these avents dont consult with Rabonim before and because they know the Rabonim will assur it. Then afterwards thay come crying that they are going to loose so much money and start bashing the rabonim.
    its very simple next time consult first and you wont stand to loose all that money. its my appinion that we shold not raise any money for them.

  16. Not raise money for them??
    You nuts? Why should we throw them to the dogs?

    They made a mystake!!!

    And I will get yelled at here for my next comment, but I’m ready.


    We are human beings for crying out loud!

    RAISE THEM THE MONEY, AND DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. how can you say lipa has cahnged, if you just look at his clips promting the event. whoo-hoo – disgusting. if my child would do the whoo-hoo bit he would find out very quickly how unhappy i am about it. let’s not allude ourselves. lipa may be a nice person, but his shtick are poisonous, and we can’t allow our kids to be exposed to it. and it is this shtick that is bothering the rabbonim. if someone were to open a store of hefkeirus r”l on 13tyh avenue, will anyone in their right mind say “well they spent so much money on it” ? ” next time we won’t allow it” – ridiculous. by the time next time comes around, or kids will be going to beatles (or worse) concerts. how can anyone compare this to hasc or other concerts. the issue is not seperate seating. the issue is the hefkeirus our kids will bring home from there, even if it was men or ladies only. i have never met lipa and i am not interested in knocking him. he might even be an erlicher guy (on the outside) but this shtick thing is outside the realm of yiddishkeit

  18. Ashrecha, Lipa you have amazed me again, yet this time in a way i was not expecting. Lipa you are very brave in many ways, and you your not caring about what other have to say to do your mission, finally took anew twist,

    Lipa I am impressed!!!

  19. This comment is directed towards “Proud Jew”

    You start off by saying “how can you say lipa has changeed” etc etc etc…and proceed to bash his singing. Then at the end you say “i have never met lipa, and not interested in knocking him”

    What a hippocrite you are.

    Read the article carefully. It says that he has DECIDED TO CHANGE HIS MUSIC STYLE EFFECTIVE NOW.

    the concert videoa were made two months ago.

    you owe lipa an appoligy.

    what you just did was that a person becomes a baal teshuva….and the first day he puts tefillin on you say “what a lowlife. i saw him eat chazer two weeks ago”.


  20. People make mistakes & it takes guts to admit that you have made one. So, kol hakovod to Lipa!

    B”H, the Rabbonim have been able to work this out. Hopefully this will be an example to people – how to listen to Daas Torah!

  21. This is quite an impressive feat on Lipa’s part. I have never heard of him before and never heard his music but the way that he committed himself to change is a strong lesson for us all.

    May his misiras nefesh in abiding by the words of our gedolim be an example for all of Klal Yisroel to listen to daas torah, even when it is hard.

  22. I wish the rabonnim would be so strong in condemming how our wives and daughters dress!!!! the only person come out for modesty and wasent afraid was rabbi shore shlita

  23. I am huge lipa fan. i think and know he is the most talented person in jewish music, singing,performing,lifting up your neshama,writing beautiful songs. i am now an even bigger lipa fan. i will go to all his concerts and buy all his cd’s.! go lipa!! you are the best and keep kids off the streets. your share in the world to come is unreal!! keep up the good work with all the sick children you visit daily!! thanks lipa!!

  24. I smell something very fishy. Why this concert over anyother, ie, Hasc, Ohel MBC,YBC, YU? On the contrary this was seperate seating only and the others were not. Why was Lipa the korban over here? Why have the rabonim not made such a huge outcry at all the HASC events and at all the concerts that take place in upstate NY ? While I agree wholehartedly with the rabonims decisions and agree with the ban I feel that all the other venues have gotton away with murder and will get away with murder in the future away.
    Kol Hakavod to Lipa and may hashem bless you and your family

  25. Hey, oif simchos
    It is for the kavod of yidishkeit. And there would be nothing wrong if it would be “only” for the kavod of the rabonim anyway. Our Rabonim are our lifeline.

  26. I think just issuing a ban may backfire. Like Mark Levin said, it will turn a lot of people away from listening to rabbonim on other issues or from yiddishkeit in general chv”sh. Perhaps a better way of doing it would be for rabbonim to contact rabbis of different communities in writing (or in person or by phone) and to urge them to convince their congregants that there is this issue. If it is such an important issue, it should be worth the trouble. Also, I have not seen it in any newspapers. For this to really work, there has to be concensus and teamwork, not a one-sided ban.

  27. LIPA, we are impressed!!!
    That shows that “Lipa B’derech” – you are on the way back home!
    “Kein ayin hora” you’re a great guy with alot of gifted talents from above – don’t worry “Hotts bituchen vet alles zein gitt – chessed yesoveveini”
    Lipa, We join Klall yisroel in wishing you and your family No further bad “dreams”! No further “ayin hora’s” and only future “Gitte nayis” – “Gur Gur Gitte Nayis”

  28. @ #40:
    Proud Jews posted his comments on an Internet blog and specifically addressed his comment to a previous commenter. That person reported Sheya Mendlowitz as saying on Zev Brenner’s program Something to the effect of “in reality, this was going to be THE concert where they were planning to change the face of jewish music. Lipa has decided, way before this controversy to stop singing songs with non jewish origins.”
    According to that post(which incidentally is time-stamped 3 hrs. prior to Yeshivaworld’s posting) this “change of heart” wasn’t effective now, rather it’s effective with this concert. Accordingly, Proud Jew has a legitimate point regarding the promotional videos.

    OTOH, I still heartily congratulate, and even look up to, Lipa for being m’vatel da’as to the Rabbonim.
    Sheteileich meichayil el choyil!!

  29. I was so happy to read this. I just read some disturbing news over in Eretz Yisroel and feel as if this is just not the time to publicly rejoice, and then on YW I see that Lipa has done this honorable thing. I am proud of him. And I find his music very uplifting (and I didn’t know what the issue about this concert was), so when (if?) he comes out with his next CD, I will be very inclined to support it. As for “kosher outlets” for our kids, yes, there need to be more such opportunities. But not paid for concerts, more like, ways to just “be.”

  30. WOW..WOW…WOW!!!!!!!

    What a “Misirus Nefesh” from you. I can’t believe that you really did it. Klal Yisroel is so proud of you. I’m sure hashem will repay you for this BIG BIG EVENT we just experienced, an event of “Kidush Hashem”. Thank you LiPa.


  31. I think most people are in agreement that stamm having names on a piece of paper means nothing to us.

    Let’s hear the Emes now, how many of you thought this was a publicity stunt by the concert promoters? I know I did and I know friends of mine did as well! Perhaps it would have been more “credible” had it been on personal stationary of the rabbis? Part of the problem is that most people have never even heard of many of these Rabbis so even it were true why listen to them?! I dont know what the aytza is yet and perhaps once my emotions calm down, I will be able to think better.

    I want to know from the naysayers who posted, how many of you actually had a ticket for the concert as well as how many of you go to concerts even if only once a year. I used to go to HASC until something happened at the concert a few years ago which I felt was hypocritical (sic?) of them and when I was in touch with them a number of times to register my complaint, they ignored me so I wont go. I also went to the concert for Cahal which I was considering attending this year but now why should I buy a ticket only to get agmas nefesh when some do gooders rile up some more rabbis.

    If we are to take Rabbonim seriously when they issue their edicts I suggest they personally, bichvodo u’vatzmo, appear on the Jewish radio shows such as Nachum Segal, Country Yossi, Zev Brenner, etc., and say what they want to rather than hide behind what most will consider a meaningless piece of paper.


  32. to # 20- it is about time that a stand was taken. I once had to be at such an event and the girls were not very concerned that a tzibur was watching them and their actions at the concert. it is very easy to pretend that “nothing” goes on at these events so that we can continue having them without a guilty conscience. there was a time when no one had the guts to speak against those who sanctioned mixed dances in shuls until someone admitted that the gain of allowing such abominations does not outweigh the spiritual cost. also how many parents are coerced into allowing their children to attend “beacuse everyone allows it”

  33. We did buy tickets to the Big event but I beleive this is the BIG EVENT. Lipa did the right thing despite the costs. In today’s day that is a BIG EVENT and we should be mechazek him and the rabonnim. KOL TUV.

  34. With due respect to those who feel this a wonderful thing, please listen here. Jewish music parodies and Shlock Rock concerts were a SIGNIFICANT part of my development as a frum Jew. My experiences with assorted youth groups as well as the times I listened to music with Jewish themes that may have been written by a non-Jew or those derived from “non-Jewish lyrics” (whatever that truly is…) helped me become a skirt wearing, head covering, shomer Shabbos married mom of 4 kids in yeshiva. The more outlets we remove from our lives the more attractive the far less appropriate outlets will look. When you’ve got someone on stage singing about or to G-D, encouraging others to do the same, it frightens me frankly, that such entertainment is considered wrong. Had this been told to me years ago, who knows who or what I would’ve become. Our sense of ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’ have become greatly skewed, in my humble opinion. Bash me if you’d like, though your neshama and my sense of what Judaism REALLY is will be the worse for it. Why we can’t truly just get along will baffle me forever. Unless, G-D willing, a time where we truly respect each other for being Jews-PERIOD, emerges.

  35. Kudos to you, Lipa. You now set a wonderful example!! You have publicly shown the chashivus of listening to our Gedolim. We wish you hatzlocha in all your undertakings, and mazel and lots of parnossah!! Klal Yisroel is proud of you and I am sure your family is too.

  36. Amazing! I think we should all name our next children LIPA. If you already have a child named LIPA, then name it SCHMELTZER. 🙂 🙂 Ah Freiichen Peeeerim

  37. Im not impressed Im disappointed. He obv backed out cause of the pressure not cause he feels its right. shame that noone can give a good reason why theyre against it. They were gonna have seperate seating no intermission and seperate entrances, what more should they have done? Its absurd that some of them cancelled it without verifying the details. DISAPPOINTED

  38. #1 the seprate seating issue is just a ‘kosher chazir fisil’ if concert are assur (like r’ moshe signed 30years ago) then let’s it be assur!
    #2 no 1 has ever “gone off the derech ” from following what rabbonim say ! but contless of kid have “gone south ” from these ‘outlets’!
    #3 I hope r’ lipa will warm our hearts with warm uplifting yidisha ‘niginim’ & bring our kids closer 2 yidishkit may be like…..abish brout…chaim banet….yerme damin….yegal salik…mozitz & so many more

  39. LIPA, we are all with you with your latest decision.
    This shows, that not only are you extremely talented in singing composing writing acting etc.
    But you are also great in deciding,understanding,knowing when to do the right move.
    I would have love to see the producion you had in plan,I dont know if i would actually go to the concert but i would buy the cd or dvd of it.

    Now that the rabbonim were against it, and you respected their decision, that is pure gadlus.

    Keep up your great & talented work !!!!!!!!!!!

  40. On the topic of banning things, it gets me crazy why Rabbonim do not ASSUR the falls with hair sticking out in front of the shaitel. I am not an expert in halacha by any means, but leaving real hair on top in front of the shaitel, seems ASSUR to me.

    Why can’t this be spoken about and tackled by Rabbanim?

  41. There was recently a halacha article in the Yated by Rav Belsky about whether or not we are allowed to listen to music at all. In the light of that, I think concerts are worse than listening privately at home to music.I don’t know where there is a heter for concerts at all, even non mixed ones.

  42. your all missing the boat he made the concert to get money now he found a much better way by making every one think he’s a great man

  43. If this is true does that mean that all the other concert singers are being over daas Torah??? why are concerts still being advertised? Why are organizations allowed to have concerts? Please make clear what is going on?

  44. I don’t understand something and no one has commented. If Lipa will be indeed changing his style and will only sing the songs which are less objectionable why did he cancel. Let him go and just sing the better songs? Don’t get it?

  45. Rav Mechel

    Simply becuase Lipa is Chassidish and they see it unfitting that a Chassid should perform in front of women which is 100% correct…
    however we should all give full respect to Lipa for making this Life Change and wish much Hatzlocho in the future…

    Hopefuly more modern day singers will see this and slowly “calm down” themselves…

  46. i am so upset lipa was a singer for teenagers to listen to instead of all the other trash i see no reason why there was something wrong with this concert , i mean should the kids out there start listening to goyish music because there is nothing jewish rocked up enough for them and start goting to the non jewish concerts bec there is no concerts for them to go too

  47. There was recently a halacha article in the Yated by Rav Belsky about whether or not we are allowed to listen to music at all.

    I read that article very closely, more than once. First of all, it’s not written by Rabbi Belsky, it says it’s reviewed by him. The article had many interesting things in it. He quotes the famous teshuva of Rav Moshe and then says how most of the poskim don’t hold by it. Then he goes and uses Rav Moshe’s teshuva to make points which I felt were more the writers opinion than halacha. I have no problem with someone writing their opinions, but not in an article where it looks as if it’s halacha lima’aseh. This is not really the time or place, but I had many more issues with that article.

  48. 69 tina: rav moshe banned concerts 30 years ago. Go learn an igros moshe or two. actually, just go bake cookies.
    the nerve you have to question a psak of 33 rabbonim, gedolim

  49. 72, No one can give a reason why they banned it?

    Start with the gemora which assures ALL music since the churban bais hamikdash…..

    never mind concerts….

    see the rama….

    please…this was going to be not only a “bais mishteh” which is c;early 100% assur, but a bais litzonus and a hefkervelt.

    seperate seating does not help the problem at all. period!

    Its the event. the entire “big” event.

  50. #83 writes: “i see no reason why there was something wrong with this concert”




  51. Birshus the choshuva olam here, I’d like to get my humble opinion in here. Really, no matter what our opinion (and many such as myself do not understand the outright banning of almost everything now), we have to assume that the Rabbanim have acted with daas Torah & we must accept the ruling. The question is though, why THIS? There are so many crazy things going on around. Where is the outright BAN on Atlantic City, Vegas, mixed beaches, horrible supposedly jewish frum websites that spew Lashon Harah & Rechilus D’oraiysa, immodest dress, cheating and stealing in business, children being rejected from schools because they do not look EXACTLY like YOU!! etc. etc.?? Why are we busy with a separate seating concert? We have become so “chitzoniasdik”! Why is this the issue that will improve & help out frumkeit & ehrlichkeit? I am just having a hard time comprehending this. L’havdil, I had sort of the same feeling when the congress of the U.S. was incredibly holding hearings about a baseball star using steroids. Hello? Kids are being killed in Iraq every other day, homes are foreclosing, the economy is in bad shape, terrorists are walking all over the world & the congress is discussing THIS!! (Your tax dollars at work!!) We have so much to work on. Why this?
    And just one more question, if I may. We have now banned sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, the circus & malls among other things. Of course I don’t argue with the p’sak on these. But what in heavens name do we want people to do realistically for recreation? I think you all know what will happen if Jewish music goes by the wayside. The producers can not make money on albums anymore because everyone is copying their albums digitally. (What about banning Geneiva to start??!?) So now they can’t make money on performances either. There has to be some in-between way to work this out. Thank you my fellow yidden for reading this. Please enlighten me.

  52. I was never a big Lipa fan because I thought his shtik was a little over the top and was not proper for a chasideshe yid. However, you have to give credit to Lipa for bringing simcha and a smile to many types of yidden may it be children sick in the hospital,or yesomim at their weddings or for Israeli soldiers on an army base.
    In todays times people are so pressurized by work,paying tuition,shidduch crisis, kids at risk,supporting learnig couples that we have forgotten what it means “Simchas Hachayim” and at least Lipa has brought many some type of simcha.I can understand the daas torah for banning the concert however, the manner that kol korahs have been handled is somewhat disturbing.
    First it should be written in both Hebrew and English so that everyone should clearly understand the point of the issur. Second the way these issurim come about have to be examined. Was a meeting of these Gedolim called and after discussion was a unanimous decision reached, or was the decision reached by someone with an agenda who got others to sign.If the latter is the case who knows what will be assured next.

  53. The rabbonim know what they are doing.
    Do you nutcases who are questioning this think for a SECOND that r’ dovid feinstein was “led down a false path”?!

    Get a reality check people!

    R’ dovid feinstein was never “taken for a ride” in his life.

    these people are just sickening me.

  54. Jewish Gal, Judaism is not for sale. When we strive to act,dress sing like the goyim, it is morally wrong. We are different and we are supposed to instill in our children lives on a daily basis a sense of kedusha and spirituality.
    The rabonim know whats at stake here, you do not. The rabonim understand what guidelines should be taken and what is a good outlet and what is not, you do not.
    Shlock Rock does a tremendous disservice by releasing these junk filled CD’s. You might argue that you became frum because of shlock Rock I will tell you people went off the derech because of shlock rock. People are supposed to be attracted to yiddishkeit through kiruv organizations.
    There are plenty of kosher outlets that our youngsters can have access to and this is not one of them.

  55. I just love how the folks are asking “why don’t the Rabbonim ban this or that”?

    I am not sure where (or even if) these people daven, but my Rov [a very, very prominent Flatbush rov] constantly bans things that he feels should be banned.

    No one questions his authority and decision. Know why?
    Because he speaks the truth.
    He is a real Jew.
    You can’t “pay him off”.

  56. I am very proud of Lipa! I am proud to be a Jew and proud to follow daas toirah.

    I’d like to verify one thing. Are (ALL) the names on the Kol Korei REAL? Do all the Rabbonim whose names’ are represented, know that their names have been used? It has happened one time too many where there was such notices, only to find out that some, half or more of the names were put on by some (forgive me) lowlife / machers without the reshus of the esteemed rabbonim. Hashem Yeracheim!

    May we only be mekadesh shem shomayim and create more achdus and bring the geula sheleim closer.

  57. S. BB – it is very easy to assur things but very hard to matir. That takes a true Gadol. But then every generation is not as great as the preceding generation!

  58. I dont know how Lipa suddenly became the tzadik hodor, and the rachmanus hador all in one day. For all those that know a little about the frum community and the gedolim that lead it, This type of ban is nothing new at all. Bans against concerts have been coming out for over 30 years many times over. All of them signed by the greatest gedolei hador of the generation. Including Reb moshe Feinstien Reb yaakov kamentzky, Rav Elyashav, Reb shlomo Zalaman Aurbach, the Bedatz, the skulener rebbe and many others. All the concerts that have been taking place all these years have been against the wishes of the gedolim for all these years. The organisers and singers at these concerts were simply IGNORING the decrees of the Gedolim all this time. And as far as I know I have never seen any gedolim come out FOR concerts, so dont tell me they had theyre own Das Torah. So here we have some michutzafim who have been stepping on the words of our Gedolim, in the face of our Gedolim for years now, and when one day they start having to pay for theyre disrespect everyone starts crying for them. Im sorry to say such a response to what has been going on has been long overdue. Let us all hope this will set an example to others planing on making concerts. NOT EVERYTHING IS MONEY! There are gedolim, there is a torah, and you cant just do anything in the world to make a buck. If the gedolim are against it weather you agree or not it is our responsibilty to listen. If your wallet doesnt like what das torah has to say it doen not mean that you can become your own das torah. At the same time let us hope that these very talented people will only use the talent that hashem has given them in a fashion that is acceptable acording to das torah. Yes, lots of chesed has been done with all theyre talent. And for that they deserve a great yasher koach. Grudgeingly giving in, or rather CAVING IN to hashems will after many years of ignoring it deserves recognition, but lets look at it for what it is.

  59. One more thing — someone here wrote with the complaint that “everything is banned.” I understand the frustration. But I also appreciate the message. Everything–everything–in the popular culture has become shmutzedig. I still have a “regular” internet service provider (that may change soon to a koshernet sort of ISP). On the home page of my current provider there is always something inappropriate. If I read a serious news article, the other headlines are still there. B”h I’m becoming more sensitized, but, sorry, it’s everywhere. My rav refers to it as “raw sewage.” The gedolim are right to draw the line, because *people* may have changed, and the culture *surely* has changed, but the Torah has not changed.

  60. to #44 tina ..whether reb mosh ztavk’l etc. assered it or not is not relevant. “el hashofat shebeyomacho” “ein loch ale shofat shebe yomacho” can be some thing that privious generation gredolim did not see the issur according to the circumstances BuT NEXt GENERATION GEODOLIM HAD TO ASSUR CONSIDERING THE CIRCUMSTANCES..

  61. @83 should the kids out there start listening to goyish music because there is nothing jewish rocked up enough for them and start going to the non jewish concerts bec there is no concerts for them to go to?
    What in the world does that mean “not rocked up enough for them”? Since when does yiddishkeit have to cater to every whim of a teenager? In all this rush for politically correct, liberal-minded treatment of children, have we forgotten that it’s OUR job to be m’chanech them? To teach them what to look for in life?
    You sound as if the human psyche has this need for a “concert”, without which he’ll go grasping at straws. With all due respect, and without meaning to hurt anyone’s feelings, when you see a child who has these tendencies, who needs his music rocked up just so, the first place to start looking why he is that way would be to look at the chinuch he got. Either from parents who think as you’ve expressed yourself, or those who haven’t been clear enough in showing their children where the true beauty of yiddishkeit is.
    The way to deal with such children does not lie in mainstream settings such as mass-produced music albums or huge concerts. Don’t make those who don’t yet need their music to be “rocked up enough” be exposed to those who do, & ,even worse, give the impression that that’s the norm.

    It’s about time we grew up & took responsibility for those whom we are responsible for.
    Let’s grow

  62. @77 On the topic of banning things, it gets me crazy why Rabbonim do not ASSUR the falls with hair sticking out in front of the shaitel.

    @91 Where is the outright BAN on Atlantic City, Vegas, mixed beaches etc., etc.?

    Why don’t the Rabbonim BAN the secular from eating pork?

    You seem to have missed the point here. The Rabbonim are not issuing Kol Koreis that are repetitions of the Mishna Brura. They are clarifying Da’as Torah on a matter in which many people didn’t understand the Torah’s view.

    The men who go to Atlantic City & Vegas, the women Who wear falls and short skirts, know that what they’re doing is wrong. Everyone knows it & no one would even think to question that. Putting up letters to that effect would accomplish nothing. That’s not the right approach to fixing those things.
    In our case, the matter was very unclear. Just take a look at so many of the comments here and on other sites around the web. The Da’as Ba’al Habayis will never fgure out the right way of thinking on his own, and even has a hard time accepting it when it’s placed before him in black and white. It is here where we needed to hear what does the Torah think.

  63. Nebach! It’s a sad scene when our people have to have a “Star” to worship. Avoidas “Koichovim”. It’s the Aigel all over again. The Goyim have their stars, so we have to have ours.

  64. Ultrajew? Do you have children? did you go through adolescents or did you just land on this planet?

    I think you are very simplistic in your approach in dealing with children in the 21st Century. If you don’t believe me (who works hard and has so far succeeded in keeping my children “on the derech”) ask any professional in chinuch or education. Or anyone who works with children who have gone on there own derech.

    BTW, how do you know you are an “ultrajew”? Was there a bat kol announcing this?

  65. Ultrajew? Do you have children? did you go through adolescents or did you just land on this planet?

    I think you are very simplistic in your approach in dealing with children in the 21st Century. If you don’t believe me (who works hard and has so far succeeded in keeping my children “on the derech”) ask any professional in chinuch or education. Or anyone who works with children who have gone on there own derech.

    BTW, how do you know you are an “ultrajew”? Or, what makes you an “ultrajew’? Was there a bat kol announcing this?

  66. I agree with #44 tina18 What’s wrong with a little simcha in out lives?! To completely assur a concert doesn’t make sense. If there are problems with it deal with the problems, not ban the whole idea. Perhaps there could be separate nights for ladies and men or something like that… Music is a powerful way of getting to people who need some uplifting in their lives.

  67. Left Brooklyn,

    Do you really think it’s impossible to explain to your kids what the difference is between a yid and a goy? Why something like Oif Simchas is inappropriate??
    Do you think that you can’t explain to them that from now on we won’t go to concerts?
    Yes, Teenagers are able to exert self-control
    I think your’e underestimating and insulting teenagers. Think about that.

    No one is forcing you to accept my ideas, which were actually intended only to bring out a point, not as a full-fledged educational theory.

    And by mentioning the scary words “parents responsibility” I didn’t mean to negate the influence of peers and the street as a factor, although in truth parents can and should have some control over that area as well.

    And by the way, how do you know that you left Brooklyn? I think that you might just be closet Brooklyner. Prove me wrong.

  68. Bans of things that pull us or our children in a wrong direction ARE very much a part of Torah Chinuch and have always been part of our history.

    There is an attitude in the Western World these days, that makes fun of any “religious authority” and makes it seem that any religious authority who tells their followers what to do it wrong, or fanatic, or “untra” or some other word intended to ridicule or marginalize.

    In all honesty, that is they way it must me. We have always had Rabbonim telling us “Watch out! Don’t do that!”

    Back in the story of Chanuka we see this.

    Everyone wanted to do all the things the Greeks did. They wanted their rock and roll, their concerts, their performances, their dress code, etc., The Rabbonim of that generation did their banning too. Unfortunately, the Am KeShai Orev ignored their bans, just like some of the writers here. The results are history.

    Can’t we see that they are only trying to stop this new generation of Hellenizing our children?

    As far as “not rocked up enough” … it is our job to teach and guide our children.
    If we do a good job of this, they are barely aware of the goyishe music, let alone not trying to get Jewish music to emulate it.

    I bet there were people online bashing Matisyahu and the Chashmonaim back then. Calling them “Taliban” or other names.

  69. Seems like everyone is right and everyone is wrong. Das Torah has to rule,and we have choices whether to listen or not. If we do not listen then we are wrong. However in this non perfect world not everyone is perfect and not everyone can be as strong as we would like.

    Moderators Note: Regarding the second part of your comment, we suggest that you contact the editors of YWN.

  70. @ 105 why hasc & ohel are not banned is because look at the people that go it’s mostly older couples & its made for the special children , here it was made lkatchila for the young ones to go themselfes w/o their wives just to hang out :

  71. #108 and #111. wow surprising you two are one and the same. if you have a problem with the style of a certain singr there is no reason to bring it up publicly. obviously you dont know the reasons of the gedolei hatorah and therefore have no right to question them. pleas keep your personal likes and dislikes off this blog.(not that anyone cares wht u hve to say anyhow) a gutten tag

  72. This should be a lesson to all entertainers and public people: Think ahead. You have an Achrayos to the Klal. Whatever you do should be something that you will be proud of. Even your aineklach should be proud of. Look at Lipa. Maybe he’s gonna fix all the damage from today, but untill then there’s alot of garbage he made.

    As far as bailing them out financially, I think NOT.

  73. Ultra, first off, I take offense of of you using the term yid. Yid, like zhid, kike or hebe is a derogatory term for someone of the Jewish faith.

    And yes, it is possible to successfully explain to teens the difference between us and other religions. By the time they are teens they should have a fundamental knowledge of other religions, something our classical yeshivot (including the ones I attended) do not teach. Thus it is the parents obligation to explain the differences and teach by example.

    But there is no harm in giving children an outlet that may be similar to what they see in the secular world but is fundamentally different. Do your children participate in sports? It is Greek in origin but is allowed in all yeshivot. Have your children studied geometry? The father of geometry is Euclid a philosopher revered by the ancient Greeks. It is not necessarily the subject but how it is taught. It is not the music (less offensive lyrics or behavior) but in what context it is presented or performed.

    BTW, teenagers are only learning about self-control. It is a time of testing, learning and developing there own derech. What teen doesn’t know that smoking is bad for them. Have you not seen observent kids smoking? What about drinking and drugs?

    As far as my being a closet Brooklyner. Ha. My family has lived in Brooklyn for over 100 years (and yes many os us have remained true to Torah) and some of them continue to do so. I discovered many years ago that one can be a yearei shamayim (and hopefully be a kiddush hashem) and raise an observant family far from Brooklyn!

  74. This is such awesome futz. This is the hock of the century! Maybe Lipa is trying to get PR. He probably never planned on singing at the concert in the first place this is a methos he is using to promote his newest album coming out. Actually to be honest he is running against Hilary for the democratic vote in the election. The rabanim have decided that it is against halachah to vote for a a women who doesnt cover her hair in public. Other problems with her include the fact that chazal say that kol biishu ervuh and the fact that she gives public adresses is mamash an aveirah. Also, imagine she becomes president her picture will fill all the news papers, what a chiul hashem to have a women who doesnt cover her hair all over the place. This would come after the whole flatbush shaitel problem with the women in the store across from chaim berlin. This is why the whole LIPA futz came out now. We must all proclaim Lipa for Prez
    great job rabonim!

  75. Kol Hakovod to Lipa. Beautiful. Klal Yisroel is proud of you and most important you have shown us by example the importance of listening to our Gedolim. That is far more important then any other considerations brought up by some posters.

  76. Left Brooklyn,

    I’m sorry if what I take pride in offends you. I am proud to be a part of a nation which tumah throughout the ages has reviled so much as to create new derogatory terms to describe us. Perhaps I should change my username to ultrakike. Would you have problems with it then? Would you ask how I know that I am one? Or is it just a visceral reaction to what some inferior-minded way of thinking considers an attempt by others to claim superiority?

    As far as participation in sports and geometry I believe that it would support my position far more than yours. I trust that you’re intellectually honest enough to admit that in all likelihood at the time in which the Greeks introduced the world to sports, Jewish children did NOT participate. As far as geometry there’s no need for conjecture, up until the R’ Shamshon Rephael Hirsch the study of limudei chol was unheard of.

    Meaning, it doesn’t have to be the act per se, sports and geometry might be perfectly kosher. It’s an issue of culture. At a time when the secular culture is enamored and personified by sports, participation is considered Hellenistic.
    When the pop culture is prevalent – the culture of th stars of the stage – then that deserves to be addressed by te gedolim of our time. (This is beside any specific problems that may or may not be found with these concerts.)

    I therefore totally disagree with your statement “there is no harm in giving children.. similar to what they see in the secular world but fundamentally different”.
    No, that’s not enough. Our culture must be completely dissimilar to that of the world around us. (I might also disagree with your assesment that it’s fundamentally different.)

    If we put our minds to it, and get rid of our own secret desire to enjoy some of that culture (stop blaming it all on the kids-the adults want it too) we can create our own outlets and venues not bearing any resemblance to secular culture.

    Hein Am L’vadad Yishkon

  77. To all those who are wondering why Lipa is getting praised and publicity here, is because this article is about him.
    If you want to praise the many other individuals for their sacrifices than go ahead and send a separate letter to the editor. What is the big deal? Kein Yirbu.

  78. Let me preface that I have the upmost respect for real gedolim. But these days, the word “gadol” is thrown around. I believe that there are many more important matters (think tznius issues, extravagant houses/cars and other wastes of money, and pervasion of tv into our homes – yes we all know its assur but we should not delude ourselves into thinking our communities are tv-free) the “gedolim” should be involved in than suddenly prohibiting random concerts. Do we really have to listen with a no-questions-asked policy every time a document with signatures appears in the papers? Does anyone remember gush katif and our still displaced bretheren?

  79. if the outcome will be that Daas Torah has gained back its strength among us, and they are the leaders of klal yisroel NOT the celebrities, then this was the true BIG EVENT!

  80. Rav Mechel-
    I “don’t know what’s at stake?” Who exactly do YOU think you are? I was one of “those kids” who, heaven forefend, spoke to (please sit- you shouldn’t faint) boys! I WAS that kid who delighted in “Jewish rock music” that spoke to who I was in a way I could hear it as a teenager. I WAS that kid that got a spiritual high with every tape I heard- Journeys, Schlock Rock, Miami Boys Choir- all of it. We have an incredible opportunity at each and every turn to take what is wrong in this world and better it, to make a Kiddush H-shem, to be that “Ohr Lagoyim.” I don’t know what’s at stake, you say? I know that I could’ve been married to someone who isn’t Jewish, had kids who are here there and everywhere, and been spiritually and religiously lost. I respect my rebbeim but I also use my brain, the one which HKB”H Himself gave me to decide bad from good, pure from evil. I know what’s at stake- years of choosing to wear skirts and eat kosher while still in public school, years rejoicing in a life I chose to not only live for myself but teach my children. I am the only one in my family who is frum, so dear Rav Mechel, I most certainly know what’s at stake. Your attitude is one of the things that turned me off to Judaism when I was younger and is repugnant to me now. When we cut off every last opportunity to be Jewish WITH EACH OTHER in KOSHER VENUES, we cut off our sense of community, our sense of ACHDUS, our ability to make a Kiddush H-shem B’tzibur. I just hope that Lipa is comfortable with his decision- and not as a puppet for the masses, but as a JEW himself. If he’s dissatisfied, especially since men singing in front of women is not a problem (it’s called Kol Isha NOT Kol Ish!) then he does a disservice to Bechira Chofshi and his own soul. Think, oh wise one, before you speak, for you have no idea how many Jews you can turn away and turn off with ignorance and made up Halachos. Thank G-D, in all of HIS ways, that the folks I met in Brooklyn when I became frum, guided me with sensitivity, knowledge, and awareness. And all that horrible Schlock Rock music- got tapes and tapes of it in my car and my frum kids love not only the message, but have great respect for it’s founder, as he had a hand in making me who I am today.

    Enough with arguments over shtus, enough with arguments over who is the better, frummer Jew. Surely this was not up for discussion at Har Sinai- when so much was indeed at stake.

  81. Left Brooklyn,

    I really should answer your original question – how do I know that I’m an ultrajew?

    Well, the answer is… simply because I seem to be the only one here who knows YeshivaWorld’s ultrajew password!!

  82. to all commentators that this type of music,concerts etc. brought you back to toradik way ..still “ain omrim l’adam chet be’svil sheyiska chavairoch” (for trans. ask you nearest ben torah) if those who have pure dass torah say it is not right they know why (EG. like it brings tremendos “kalos rosh” among other ruchniousdike reasons) unlike every second commetator here that has his personal opinion of what is right or not right according how much his thoughts and hashkofos are influence with the shmutz from the immoral street…

  83. JewishGal, you sure do have a chip on your shoulders. I am really proud of you that you are now frum and that shlock rock made you frum. I don’t take issue with that. But YOU take issue with what the rabonim say and YOU prefer to use your brain over what the rabonim have decreed. If they deem it necessary to forbid these concerts who in heavens name do you think you are to voice yoour opposition to it ? I don’t care what message shlock rock sends. What I care is that he uses the label jewish and markets it to Jewish distributors and ultimately ends up in pure yiddishe neshams houses. It is gutter music and has no place in jewish homes.

  84. Ultra, R’ SR Hirsch clearly stands for something with which you disagree. Though your written use of the English language demonstrates advanced secular education and I hope you bestow the same on your children.

    As for a secular education, “Sephardic Jews” gave their children a “well rounded” education, thus they were able to serve as shareholders and directors of the Dutch West India Company (thus enabling Jews to live and prosper in New Amsterdam) long before the era of R. Hirsch.

    And lastly, thankfully YW hasn’t shared the password with me so I can remain a pashut Jew.

  85. I’m a frum physician with a strong Yeshiva background, yet I did not grow up on shlock rock and Carlebach. In fact I’ve never even heard of Lipa or Shea! Yet I agree wholeheartedly with jewishgal’s position. What possible harm can come from an innocent separate seating Jewish concert? For those that enjoy this type of music (and I am not one of them) this seems a wonderful way to have an uplifting evening. What a kiddush hashem this could have been.

    Furthermore, I was not surprised by the absence of the signatures of many great gedolim on the kol koreh. My own posek has no issue with this type of concert and in fact was planning to attend with his family.

    It is about time that many of you realize that with a precious few exceptions, daas torah ended with Rav Moshe Feinstein. This is not my opinion, but rather that of many of the greatest gedolim of our geneartion.

    All it takes is a couple of connected individuals with a crazy cause to get one of these kol koreh’s published and distributed. Often many of the gedolim listed do not even know what the letter contains. And even more rarely do they have any independently verified information about the topic.

    I suggest you all take a deep breath and ask your own indivisual posek what to do. I for one intend to give this klol koreh as much respect as the garbage into which I promptly dicarded it.

  86. Regardless of what is being said in the name of , Or by Lipa Shmltzer, “until there is a joint statement from, Sheya Mendlowitz, Yisroel Lamm, Lipa Schmeltzer, Shloimie Gertner, & Simchat Tzion the concert is still on”. we are all under contract & therefore regardless what you read or hear untill there is a joint statement made, everything remains as is. we hope to resolve this issue very soon.” said Sheya

  87. I’m sorry I keep hearing about daas torah, but who decides who has it?

    What if my posek disagrees?

    What if many other gedolei yisroel disagree?

  88. “rebbi lipa, lipa m’brooklan, lipa m’brooklyn”

    He deserves praise because he was zoche to make a kiddush hashem, where the publicity of it was on the level that few of us will ever experience.

    For all the talk how many from the general population have followed the gedolim’s proclimation in regard to the chasuna guidelines -and with far less on-the-line. Yes he sure does deserve our praise for submitting to the proclamation of the Rabbonim but AND EVEN MORE SO FOR THE RESPECT he conveyed in his STATEMENT.

  89. Shlock Rock! I was waiting for someone to bring it up. Now here is the difference between Lipa and the rest of the entertainers. Lipa is Chassidish. So when a Chassidisher guy feels that he’s being stifled he goes with Vilda Lipa. He identifies with him immediately. And it becomes a whole new acceptable DERECH.

    Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock caters to a different audience. And the same goes to the other entertainers.

  90. The reason this ban is surprising is because Jewich concerts / entertainment have been around and accepted as “kosher entertainment” for so many years in the NY area, especially during Chol Hamoed Succos and Pesach. I can’t say our Rabbonim were for it, the may have been against it, but they let it slide, for the “hamon am” (community at large). If you were in a Yeshiva (High school or Beis Medrash) you knew if you belonged there or not. Every Rosh Yeshiva would tell their Talmidim what they thought if necessary, and that was enough. The difference here, in my opinion, was the heavy advertising on huge billboards in the streets of Flatbush heralding this concert as some sort of “must be there” event.
    The person that deserves credit here is LIPA SCHMELTZER, for respecting our Gedolim and Da’as Torah. If the concert would go on, in total defiance to our Gedolim, that would be a Chilul Hashem c”v.

  91. Longbeach, good point(s).

    But what was acceptable for past generations is no longer permissible. Since we strive to be better Jews (whatever that means) we become more machmnire (which is a lot easier to do then actually bother learning what is or is not permissible).

    Now, why what was permissible in the past is not permissible for us beats me. Since we are taught that past generations were greater in lumdus then us surely they would have known what was right and wrong and what was right for them certainly should be ok for us since we are at a lower madraiga.

    Can someone answer this?

  92. Lipa, now that you became one of the tzadekei hador how about you turn this whole event into you giving a drasha of hissorrerus for the whole oilem at madison square garden.





  94. #37: “Even Moshe Rabeinu made a mistake.” Are you completely out of your mind??? Why havent the 120 comments following your blasphemy not condemned your comment. Do you think you understand what Moshe Rabeinu was. Wash your mouth out.

  95. Kidsdoc and tina18, as well as Left Brooklyn and ishbainanoshim-

    Your thoughts are so greatly appreciated, perhaps more than you know.

    Wishing us all peace, serenity, and sanity, as well as the opportunity for Kidushei H-shem,


  96. # 153 you stepped out of line with what you wrote “We have the story of Bnos Lot, Yehuda vTamar, Dovid and Basheva and others in Nach who are the ancestors of moshiach tzidkeinu. Why holy things come from maasim which are unholy”.

    You included the story of Yehuda and Tamar. However the Zohar says that the Maasai of Yehuda and Tamar was completely pure and kodesh. Both Tamar and Ruth were ancestors of Dovid who had Yimbum done to them. The Zohar says that the holiness of these stories are hinted in the following words of the Torah “Vi’haya hoo u’timarasa y’iheye kodesh” Timarasa is a compound of Tamar and Ruth. The hint is that the Timarasa-switch meaning Yibum was completely kodesh.

    Be careful when treading in territories that you don’t belong!

  97. #37: “Even Moshe Rabeinu made a mistake.” Are you completely out of your mind??? Why havent the 120 comments following your blasphemy not condemned your comment. Do you think you understand what Moshe Rabeinu was. Wash your mouth out.

    Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t merit to enter the Land…because, like all mortals do by nature of mortality, he made a mistake. H’ alone is free from error.

    I really HOPE thease will be a turn over for jewish music …
    it was just getting far off.
    ( I was latly by a “heimeshe” chasune & I saw a non-jewish waiter dance along (& ahead) with the beat that the band was playing….it was just amazing , seeing how low the jewish music is up to.
    so we all thank anyone..from the rabonim..askonim..singers for try ing to help us get back onto track.

  99. Hi lipa youre the most amazing most talented person i ever came across and this talent of understanding kuvid chachumin is just unbelievable wow you have such amazing strength to go against all odds and do the right thing i know good and well it wasnt easy it was mamesh mesiras nefesh i’m proud to be your friend,

    I would like to take this oppertunity to tell klal yisruel first hand how much chesed you do for patients laying sick gasping for some chizuk and you put in your hearth and soul to make them happy you give away from your self to cheer them up may hashem repay you for every thing you do and im looking forward working with you many many years to be mesameach these sick children
    chazak ubaruch keep it up making kidush shem shumin brabim

  100. Left Brooklyn

    To bring up the historical facts of how the Sephardim in Amsterdam raised their children is to miss my point entirely. Nowhere have I said anything negative about limudei chol. In fact I said “sports and geometry might be perfectly kosher.”

    My issue is one of timing. Of not jumping to embrace the prevalent secular culture. While I may have been wrong in ascribing the beginning of general studies to RSRH, and not to the Belgian Sephardim, the point remains that they too were far removed from the days of Euclid, their studies of profession bore no such cultural overtones.

    advanced secular education= Regents Diploma from a good ol’ Yeshiva high school.

    And lastly, when will you understand that a username is not a necessarily a statement.
    (On the contrary, I chose that name with the intent of expressing myself in non-threatening language and tone, to see how many people would still take issue with the term. You were the only one to do so.)

  101. Pashuteh Yid #153-
    Never did I intend to address the comments of JewishGal. Although I believe that she should be responded to, and would love to set matters straight, the issues that you raised precluded me from doing so, until I know what style and tone is appropriate.

    With regard to the rest of your points I appreciate your ability to express your frustration without resorting to attack.

    I would just like to take address one point of yours. You ask that it be explained how we grapple with errors on the part of our gedolim – “The gedolim fought that yiddish should be the language of Israel, but they lost. Now even yeshivishe families speak Hebrew. They fought against the Zionists, but they lost, and a state was founded.”

    In regard to these 2 examples I would posit that they won, not the battle but the war. With the case of Ivrit the fight was against integrating with the Chiloni/Maskil yishuv which was flying the banner of Ivrit. Once the the Chilonim and Chareidim became sufficiently segregated and self-sustaining – due to the unceasing fight by the Rabbonim against all Chiloni influence, Ivrit included -, the issue of language lost its seminal value.
    Likewise in the case of the battle against Zionism. The Rabbonim won in that there’s a huge Chareidi population today which does not see the medinah as “reishit tzmichat g’eulaseinu”. Without their fight the specter of Zionist ideology taking over Klal Yisro’el was real. What the chilonim do with the land they live in (E”Y) was & is of secondary importance.

    Your question takes on life with the example of the Holocaust. To the best of our knowledge, in hindsight many Gedolim indeed were mistaken and tragically so. How do I deal with this?

    I deal with it through what I’ve heard from my rebbeim. One of the onshim that Hashem specifies for times of hester ponim is “V’ovdoh Chochmas Chachomov” – The wisdom of our sages is lost. Their wisdom is divinely inspired and when that inspiration is concealed so too is their wisdom.

    By all accounts the Holocaust is from the top-ranking periods of hester panim of all time. Is it surptising then that we saw this posuk’s fulfillment? Is it even disrepectful to say that they were mistaken? I think not. Hashem warned us of his punishments and ultimately the tzaddikin are punished because of OUR sins. In fact I would go so far as to say that the fact that they lost their wisdom puts them higher than their contemporaries whom , according to you, didn’t. Hashem knows who the true chachomim are acts accordingly.
    Are we to then blame the Chachomim for the lives lost? Don’t we realize that there was a gzeirah that had to be carried out.

    We blame the Rabbonim for not directing us to save ourselves from the punishments we brought on ourselves* while that lack of abilty to direct was of our own doing – a punishment we deserved.

    (*This is not meant as an accusation against any specific victim – kulam kdoshim. However it’s said regarding Klal Yisro’el as a whole, from all ends of the spectrum.)

  102. I dont get it, people, there is a famous saying, “TZADIK GOZER v’Hakadosh Baruch hu mikayaim” now when it 33 of the leading Rabonim eino din that Hakadosh Baruch hu will be mikayam the g’zeira.

    Daas torah is something we all need and must respect, there is a mishna in pirkei avos as a matter of fact one of the first that says “asay lecha rav, v’koneh l’cho chover” I heard once from an adam godol ad miod, that “asay lecha rav” means he is your rebbi for good and you have to take his mussar even when it is hard.

    How dare anyone question our gedolim, when you go to them for advice, and they give you some good advice, do you question then? or do you take it and go? now they are giving they’re advice (daas Torah) with out any of asking but that is what makes them who they are.

    Now this very easy to say and believe, until it is you who has to hear it and then change. Everyone at one point or another got a harsh piece of mussar from their rebbi, you feel like a piece of garbage, now imagine 33 of the most prominent gedolei hador write it to you in a public forum, the instinct would be to ignore them and continue to do your thing and be upset at the gedolim for saying what they did, AND THAT IS NORMAL. But to go ahead and completely change your ways and listen to them after they did something like that to you, is a major kavod hatorah, a major kiddush hashem. and the Ribono shel olam tells malachai hasharais “Chazu Bunai Chavivai”

    I think that if we help the producers make back the money yes continue buying tickets for a yom tefilah so he can make his money back, the Ribono Shel Olam will finis his sentence “d’mishtatfin b’tzara dilhoin v’askin b’chedvaa dlei”

    IF We are children of the Ribono shel olam let us make him happy by listening to the people he appointed to convey his messages.

    LIPA You did an amazing thing and dont let anyone tell you otherwise, the ribono shel olam loves you now more then ever, I beg you when you daven shachris this morning to have me in mind as I am mavtiach l’cha that the Ribono shel olam will listen to your tifolos as you are listening to his communications, I cant praise you enough, I know how much you are giving up and what it means to you and how much guts you have and how hard it is to do what you are doing but the ribono shel olam should give you the siyata d’shmaya to be m’sameach klal yisroel for many years to come.

    Ashrecha Ashrecha Yisroel, Mi kamocha Am Noshav b”Hashem

    May wee all follow in his ways and listen and adhere to what our gedolim tell us as they are shluchey hakadosh baruch hu

    Ashrecha Ashrecha..

  103. I too congratulate LIPA for his decision and i totally respect him, it’s because i love his style,and i respect his talent. but my concern is why the GEDOLIM had to come out this strong against him? and why now? he is not the first one, and nor will he be the last to do a concert, let see what kind of outcry its going to be next time YAKOV SHWEKY or mbd or AVRAHAM FRIED or DEDI or miami boys choir or yeshiva boys choir is going to announce a concert, i bet you that their wont be. and the advertising, had been going on for weeks and their was no one complaining about it, obviously their is something going on that i don’t know. one more thing. i bought 32 tickets for me and my family, who is going to pay me back for this?

  104. I guess we should all bow down to him.

    So i suppose everytime anyone listens to daas torah he should be posted on YW, this way we can all call him tzadik.

    Kol Hakvod he stepped down, but somthing smells a little fishy here.

    And whats with Gertner? is he going to be there?

  105. If im not mistaken, it states in some sefer, that anyone who attends a theatre, circus, or concert will not be allowed in the Bais Hamikdash.

    In the times of Bavel, and Yovon there were circuses and olympics, and im sure the ehriliche yiden didn’t have the chashash to enter daled amos, so why and how in our days do we feel on such a level to enter an arena that has such filthy shmutz all year round.(and by the way Madison Square Garden is in the heart of Times Square, which is the deepest and lowest place in New York.)

  106. “and how do I know it’s real”

    u kidding?!?!?!

    And you are questioning if it’s REAL??????

  107. Mr. Pashuteh Yid, Precisely because “I hope I can read a little bit of chumash and Rashi” is why you seem to have so many questions on the Gedolim. Please, leave the gedolim to make decisions and keep you your comments to yourself.

    With regard to Yehuda and Tamar there are very deep hidden secrets why Mashiach had to come about through such a maase. According to the Midrash an angel pushed yehuda and this is the one and only time in history of mankind that a man lost his bechira. There are some very hidden mystical reasons why Yehuda was embarrased and had to be Modeh, say Tsudka mimeni and not have Tamar thrown into the fire, and Mashiach was born through this.

    I’m not at leisure or have the time to write a lengthy pirush what the midrashim, seforim and mekubalim say. However just to give you roshai perokim, The strength of Malchus has to show itself,with Hoday from the word Yehuda. The Daled in Yehuda is Malchus as the two dalid in Dovid represent Malchus, the rest of Yehuda’s name is the shaim hashem. This is why Dovid had to be Modai in Tehilim and this is what ultimately will bring Mashiach, the power of Yehuda which is precisely what Lipa did. He stepped up to the plate.
    However as I mentioned previously the Zohar says that the entire story of Yehuda and Tamar was completely pure and holy, and my point is that Poshuta chumash and Rashi learners do not belong giving their daas Torah, and let’s keep it that way!

  108. One hundred and seventy eight comments for this.
    Not a single one for a child in Sderot whose hand was blown off by a kassam. Think something is wrong with us all, perhaps?

  109. You know, there’s a fascinating degree of sanctimoniousness and inconsistency here. Anyone railing against popular Jewish music, or the bread and circuses…hello, you’re on the internet for heaven’s sakes! Even if you’re on (I hope) heavily filtered internet, haven’t the gedolim cautioned against using internet  for anything other than business? Obviously you accept your own foibles, perhaps you could be more understanding of others’.

  110. I have never heard of rabbonim banning mozart or bach or any classical muysic. A bi meleipt is based on the tune from in the jungle which is as benign a tune as one can have. Baruch hashem we have jewish music that actually sounds good and doesnt sound like cheap ancient garbage. Many people I know grew up listening to goyish music and now try to only listen to jewish music. Its impossible to listen to jewish music if its not enjoyable. And if there is no good jewish music then people will just revert back to goyish music. So I think people should realize that as long as there is nothing that is objectionable about the music then it should be permitted. As the torah teaches us, everything in life can be used for good or for bad. I have been inspired many times by the music of the moshav band, lipa, R Shlomo and countless others.

  111. Ultra – point taken. Though I disagree with you re: prevalent culture. One can carefully tease out what is good and what is bad and utilize the good “l’takayn olam” and to teach our children to be bnei torah.

    BTW, in the time of Euclid many chachamim discouraged the teaching of geometry but it did become the norm within a short period of time. It was accepted not to be a Hellenist but rather to learn something positive from the Hellenists. No different then we learn philosophy today.

    Sorry to take you to task for using the term “Yid” I may be unduly sensitive probably from having spent so much time on the “otherside.” No offense to our brothers and sisters in Brooklyn (or other enclaves) but their encounters with anti-semites is usually very abstract.

    Thank you for a wonderful discussion and wishing you the best!

    Kol tuv.

  112. First of all, major kudos to Lipa. Second, to all those people who have issues with “a lot of rabbonim didn’t sign,” and, “they didn’t give a good reason.” I don’t understand you at all. When I heard abot the Kol Korei, I assumed it would be signed by a bunch of bored nobodies. I was litterly red-in-the-face when I saw both litvishe Gedoloim on the moetzes, and chasheve Admorim as well. Who else did you want to sign? The Vilna Goan and the Ba’al Shem? Also, what part about Goyishe music is BAD, is hard to understans? Some of you decided that the only problem could’ve been mixed seating, which it wasn’t going to be, so no problems here! Maybe you are blind to what the Gedolim are saying because its a standard to which you do not want to be upholded to (not to mention throwing out all of your goyish music cds).
    Lipa, Yossi Green told me that you are the most talented person in jewish music (Me: besides Yossi Green), I hope that your accepting to “turn a new leaf” doesn’t rule out your creativeness both in the content of your songs, as well as the “shtick” (closing door as a sound effect- brilliant! And people should know that songs like the Diet song were composed by Yossi, lyrics by you- not taken off the radio)
    I don’t know what the Gedolim told Lipa about “connecting to people who need this” lest they go off the derech or something (as many of you pointed out), I’m sure there are times and venues for everything (like a kiruv shabbaton), but goyishe music should not be acceptable to the masses.

  113. ironic,
    I don’t think a kabbalist of your stature should even be on the internet giving their own daas Torah.
    And what does this have to do with a separate seating concert anyway?

  114. Wow. So it’s bad for him to write songs to current not Jewish music but it’s ok for all the others to steal not Jewish music that’s over 30 years old?
    Avraham Fried singing to Germany’s Dschinghis Khan is no problem, right? A lot of current “Jewish” music is stolen from American and European music from around 1950-1970

  115. I would appreciate if someone knowledgeable of the situation could clarify the quote in the last paragraph stating that there will be no future concerts in NY.

    Is that to be taken literally?

  116. I am shocked at the am haaratzus exhibited in these responses. The guy is a clown. The picures on his CDs mock Yiddishkeit, even if unintended. His music is awful – a complete rip off of contemporary rock dresssed up with peyos, and he leads a generation of impressionable youth to think it’s Kodshei Kodshim. The whole hype for the concert and the silly pictures of him was untrefined and unmencthlech. Now, all of a sudden, he is a tzaddik. There is plenty of great Jewish music without him. If he will truly be chozer 100% great. But until then, itis a negative influence.

    The priorities and hashkofos of many of the fruma in Klal Yisroel are unfortunately distorted. You are idolizing the wrong people. A truly spiritual person would not give him a second thought.

  117. I completely agree with kidsdoc. Why not take the kol koreh and verify it with each of the Rabbonim that they read it and that they did in fact sign it.

    Besides that, which groups do they represent? Are not chassidic Jews required to listen to chassidic Rabbonim? Are Lubavich required to listen to Sephardic Rabbonim? Even in their own respective groups, do people of one chassidus need to listen to what a Rabbi in another one says? Instead of listening to what someone, somewhere, heard somebody say, go ask your own Rabbi. Don’t forget, one Rabbi is not allowed to issue a ruling in another Rabbi’s city.

  118. #189

    Your right.

    But how can you compare the music from 30 years ago to now? i was just listening to a brand new ‘kosher CD’ ,and a non-jew near me asked me how i can listen to such music? guess what, it turns out that tune is from a new non-jewish song, and let me tell you how shocked you would be if you heard and saw the words it really goes with-one thing i can say Hashem Yeracheim.

  119. When a person achieves moral purity, his voice is also purified. Simply through hearing the sound of his voice singing, God sees which enemy is oppressing us – which of the seventy nations with their seventy languages. Then God saves us from trouble. When a harsh decree is passed against the Jews, God forbid, and one of the nations rises up against us, it is very good to sing the song or anthem of that nation. When our cries and singing are directed towards Heaven, it arouses God’s love. He looks down upon us in our trouble and saves us from the people oppressing us.
    -Rabbi Nachman Of Breslov

  120. A CONCERT IS ONE THING AN “EVENT” IN “THE WORLDS MOST FAMOUS ARENA” IS ANOTHER!!!!! When we make concerts for ourselves it’s fine when we flash it all over the N.Y. area for all the goyim to see it loses it’s yiddishe taam!!!!

  121. i know this is an exclusive on Lipa, but his issue raises a lot of others. For example, the other concerts taking place at this time that aren’t being addressed at large. I am really curious as to what the public thinks of the Gad Elbaz’s concert coming up in a few weeks. I know that to many girls, he is idolized as a hot rock star… At least Lipa isn’t close to that! i do not attempt to justify anyone’s behavior, and i certianly don’t agree with all Lipa’s music, BUT things are happening right under out nose, and we are picking on the one that isn’t by far the worst. It’s like taking away a match at a time from a child, when you should be taking the whole box away. So….. any comment on that?

  122. Though many good points (and silly ones) have been mentioned.Has anyone given thought to how difficult it is for hundreds of families to pay for the tickets? bchukosayham lo taylaychu.


  123. To Mr. 192
    Each Rabbi that his name was on the paper was contacted and they confirmed that they are part of it\ they confirmed that the kol koreh is a hundred percent true!!

  124. Mussa,
    That was MBD who used that song and who said it was stolen? It is possible he paid royalties for it. I would think that was the case considering the outcome of MBD vs a certain female vocalist and the use of the Memories song. That happened in the last 70s if I recall. For those who know what I am talking about Ha’mayvin Yovin and for those who dont, oh well.

  125. Lipa, the Kiddush Hashem you made will be written in gold letters in Jewish history. I personal feel that your background as being a Skver’e Chusid has shown you the way to have “Hisbatlus” to Gedolei Hador. Your Rebbe always backed you and is surly proud of this wise move. KEEP IT UP!!!!

  126. Aside from the nigunim which date back to the Beis Hamikdash and ones the Chassidishe rebbeim composed purely (w/out input from the local taverns,) there is no authentic “Jewish music.” In other words, according to this, there can be no *new* Jewish music. In this situation, the composers are being forced to chose 1950’s showtune-style-music and 60’s, 70’s, and 1980’s slow pop-music influenced musical notes as opposed to certain very popular American pop songs (e.g. about jungles and the animals therein.)
    It should be the Kavanah of the singer and the words that matter.

  127. Lipa, you might be the all-time comment leader on YW!! (and eligible to win 2 free concert tickets to the concert of your choice!)
    PS – the Mexican who stocks the shelves in Corner of 2nd grocery, when I ask him how are things? he answers: ahbi menleibt!!

  128. I was not going to get involved in a conversation about Jewish music for the question of how much of what is called Jewish Music is Jewish (or music for that matter) is a rhetorical question.
    But for the record, Ghengis Kahn from the 1979 Eurovision festival was not sung by Avraham Fried. It is the tune of Yidden.

  129. There are several issues that strike me as odd about this story.
    1. It strikes me as odd that so many people here praise Lipa for following “daas Torah” and breaking his contract to sing at the Big Event, when the commenters, themselves, are violating the opinions of most haredi gedolim by using computers for non-business purposes and commenting on blogs, which the sages have condemned as notorious for loshon harah.
    2. Rabbi Eliashev, shlita, has stated that when he issurs something, the ban affects no one but his immediate community. That makes sense. So why should a handful of rabbis make policy for communities that are not their own? Or better, why should Jews who are not members of those rabbis’ communities follow their psak halacha and not the views of their own rabbis?
    3. The Big Event was planned in accordance with previous rulings of the sages, none of whom contacted the organizers before instituting the ban. If Lipa indeeds breaks his contract and the concert has to be cancelled, is it the rabbis’ intent that Lipa or the charity be responsible to pay Madison Square Garden and other vendors for the guaranteed payments involved? This is not said in disrespect, but only in recognition of the legitimate contractual issues that remain under both Jewish and secular law.

  130. #176 – btw, Madison Square Garden is not in the “heart of times square”, it is actually 9 blocks away. In addition, you are thinking of the Times Square of the 70’s. It has been cleaned up and Disney-fied since.
    Once again, an interseting debate marred by disresepect for the commenting parties. I am still waiting for a forum where a person can respectfully state their opinion without being attacked so vociferously.


  132. #211
    Actually im not refering to the 70’s because i wasn’t around than.

    And it appears you weren’t in times square for quite some time, so i can fill you in-the only thing Disney-fied there is Toys-R-Us, and the Disney store,and it’s the most dirtiest place around. The billboards are degrading, the atmosphere is disgusting, and the ‘people’ have no limit to pritzus.

    No im not telling you to go and check it out-atleast not on my cheshbon, but i unfortunaly landed up there, and this is not only at night-its in the day time too.

  133. #211

    one more thing-if you think Times Square is Disney-fied, meaning geared to kids, would you let you teenager son or daughter go there with a couple of friends for the night? honestly.

  134. Get a life people!! This is all shtus! If you were working and not living off your fathers-in-law you would know that there are more important things than whether Lipa gets to sing at MSG. Too bad he will not see the Holtzman 613 banner hanging from the rafters. Now, that is a Kiddush Hashem.

  135. 221: I saw the Holtman 613 banner at the Siyum HaShas (a big celebration for me personally since I completed Shas that day, too). I understood its real-world reference, but it made me wonder whether Coach Red decided to retire at that point dafka before his total went to 614. What has changed in three years that Madison Square Garden has gone from holy ground for the Siyum HaShas, and is now a dangerous place for the neshamos of Jewish children?

  136. Vilda Lipa! Example.: (in one of his ads).dancing around the train station. It’s dangerous. Without Achrayos. If impressionable kids see this they do it too. Monkey see monkey do. What happen to our Finekeit? How are you gonna tell us apart from the Goyim? Now I don’t blame him. He definitely has guts. He’s for sure a likeable fellow. But he’s not a rocket scientist! I am addressing his producers etc. Shea, wake up! Discourage this type of behavior. There’s your problem.

  137. We should follow Lipa’s example by obeying daas Torah. So, after you rip up your tickets for the concert, be sure to stop using the internet.

  138. I am here to say that it’s enough already. Please lets just enjoy the jewish music that these singers bring to everyone. Look at Shlomie Dachs how he has kids and kids with disabilities come up on stage to sing with him. You dont find that in the secular world. Look at Yerachmiel Begun and Eli Gerstner who gave children a chance to sing and feel good about themselves. Do you know what that does for their self confindence? Eli Gerstner is a talented composer and singer, why take performing a concert away from him and everyone else. If it weren’t for some of these concerts who knows who would buy the music. A lot of people won’t buy Cd’s right away unless they hear the music first. Yaakov Shwekey has given amazing and even moving concerts. I’ll never forget his concert he gave last year when he sang “Mama Rochel” and had a soldier, and jews davening at Kever Rochel. That brought tears to my eyes. Why are the Rabbanim taking this away from us? Lipa Schmeltzer is a great and talented singer. I heard him sing last year at the YILB and he was just great. There is finally something kosher to do on Chol Hamoed, even during the year as a family, and the Rabbanim want to take that away from us? What’s the problem, boys and girls mixing? Families sitting together as a family??? When is this all going to end. Rabbanim, please just leave it alone and let everyone enjoy the beautiful talents of these singers and just keep the concerts going!

  139. #223, there you go again bashing jewish life in America. In Eretz Yisrael everyone is perfect, right? Whats wrong with you? Don’t you get it? People like to hack and people like to get their opinions out. The fact of the matter is when there is sad story everyone is on the same page and when there is controversy people tend to disagree and argue.
    Get over your anti American jewry issue, afterall we are the ones that ultimately support you and your brethren in Israel.

  140. It is very sad that with all the troubles facing Jewry in the world today, including rabid anti-semitism the world over, we have ‘leaders’ who are focusing on this divisive nonsense. I suppose when the Nazis rise again in the form of Muslims (who certainly wont diffrentiate between Jews who listen to Lipa and Jews who dont), we will be forced into a reluctant achdus.
    For the record: This generation of young people are frumer and more learned and give more tzedakah than any for millenium- this despite Jewish ‘rock’ music, despite fashionable clothing, despite being part of the world. Why not allow them some self-determination- or will that steal power away from the self-proclaimed ‘leaders’?

  141. Well said Lipa…it is defiantly our chiyuv to support such a mesiras nefesh & kiddush hashem…

    p.s i think this is the biggest number of posts ever posted…

  142. “Rabbanim, please just leave it alone”

    I can’t beleive that a frum jew wrote this…Rabbonim are worlds greater then us and if they make a decision then its up to us to follow them blindly no matter what you samiam thinks…

    Gedolim will is Hashems will and what they decide is law…

  143. Is this entire thing all a big purim stick? or is it a marketing genius?
    BTW: can those rabbonim sign a Kol Koreh against going to Clinton fundraisers –i.e. the one in David Liechtenstein’s house in Monsey – TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

  144. Can there be a collection to reimburse the organizers of the concert? Im sure we can raise the money – YW – can you post a paypal link please?

  145. whoops, did I hit submit by mistake? I was not done!

    as I was saying, who is listening to sound tracks from horror movies to get these ideas?

    But my biggest objection is that the slow songs sound like, you should excuse the expression, love songs. If you’ve ever heard any, you know what I mean. Think of “teiereh sheyfelah neshomaleh” or even “rabboisai mir velen bentchen”. I never had that feeling from Abie Rotenberg.

  146. Are they planning to assur private concerts, too, or just concerts open to the public. (For example, some yeshivas have previously held concerts just for their talmidim. Are these included?)

  147. The way I see it the only one who can fill his shoes now is shweky. No way MBD gets involved in this mess at this point. I can see Shweky taking Lipas place because Hes a sfardi and I dont think any sfardishe gedolim have assured this – have they? I also think avrahem Fried can jump in because hes lubavitche – either of these will make this a first rate show.

  148. ashrei chelkecha!

    i am jelous for not having the oppurtunity to make a move like this.

    Lipa is a true baal chesed, mentch, and anything else.

  149. Nice drasha by Rav Lipa Schmeltzer Shlita.
    Nice work done by Rav YW Editor Shlita.

    The rabbonim get credit, but Lipa gets the most credit

    Ah frielichen purim.

  150. i am sick and tired of everyone blaming someone over here!

    just listen to Lipa himself when he says “i know all the stories better than you”

    cant we just believe him, and understand that he was not tortured into making this decision, but made a kiddush hashem because he wanted to????

  151. I hear the Rabbonim are putting together some serious cash on behalf of the losses, only if the concert shuts down. Right now Lipa is out, but Shea Mendlowitz is moving along here.

  152. Question: Why is this concert different than HASC or Ohel which have been going on for many years???
    Are the Miami or Y.B.C. concerts ant better??? Where does this stop? pretty soon there will be no chol hamoed in Hrshey Park or Six flags.

  153. דער זכות זאל אייך ביישטיין, איהר זאלט אלעמאל קענען ווייטער משמח זיין אידן געזונטערהייט, אמן!

  154. Question: did the people who come out with the issur have to do it in such a fashion? couldn’t they get all the signatures from them and go to Lipa and say this is daas torah and he would of just canceled out without huge posters in all the streets and everybody talking all types of “Loshon Horah” in so many different ways?

  155. I always thought that these concerts were not good for a Yiddishe Neshama no matter how frum the people are that are singing. The music (style, beat, etc…) is bad enough; but to watch a frum man “strut his stuff” onstage, is not necessary and not exactly a Torah atmosphere. If you want to listen to the album, thats your choice; but a public display of swaying and Kalus Rosh is exactly what the Gedolim didnt like.
    That being said… I believe there are many issues to contend with here:
    1) Do you really think that there is ONLY kiddush Hashem here and NO Chillul Hashem?? Do you think we live in a vaccuum where “less-frum” jews dont know about what we do? And if youre thinking, “Yes, thats why its a kiddush Hashem!”, consider this: Many of these people did not grow up like you and I and all they know is that frum people plan a big oncert and then back out of it two weeks before. You can be sure that their reaction is more like : “obviously they cant get along or cant get their act together,” not “wow, i wish i could be more like them!”
    2) These outright bans on things that are not outright assur should be for an individual to ask his own rav wheteher its for him. The problem with outright bans on these things is that such a concert MAY be proper for SOME Jews. There are plenty of people as we know, that need such an outlet. Yes, its not for the average Baal Habuss or Yungerman to take his kids to, but it is for some peopl. Why cant each family decide if it is proper for them? We are literally uprooting any responsibility or bechira from our children. We need to start letting ourselves determine what is proper for ourselves. Our children cannot learn right from wrong if they never have to see the parents making these tough decisions. If there our always other people telling them that when something “pas nisht” that it becomes assur across the board, how will they be able to make their own distinctions and find their own level of comfort with frumkeit?
    3) I find it interesting that this website, which was just praising HSH in helping kids at risk is so enthusiastically praising Lipa. Yes, on an individual level he did the right thing for his own Neshama. No doubt. But what message does this send to our kids? This is what is so important to assur?. And yet, they see much more terrible things that the Rabbanim do not ” Shrei Chai V’Kayam” about. If you ask any of them, its this apparent hypocrisy that causes their downward spiral. Like I said before, I always thought in general concerts were unnecessary and not exactly ruchniusdik. But before we clap our hands and say “Yay, we uprooted another evil from our community”, lets think about the ramifications to ALL of klal Yisrael, not just our own Daled Amos.

  156. Im feeling left out on this forum so I gotta add to it 1st of all Lipa obviously did the right thing whether we understand WHY the Gedolim decided this or not hes right 4 listening to them. Now as far as the jewish/ non jewish music -“our people” have been using “their” tunes since wayyy back their tunes & beats have gotten worse- so likewise so have ours. And if the BY high schools are using non-j music in theis school productions (were talking recognizable obvious non-j melodies like from TV , Movie theme songs) then what do u expect from todays singers ? they see others getting away w/ it so they do it too- there r many songs used in “our” music that the yeshivaworld crowd would flip out over if they heard the REAL words to these songs or under what premises these songs were composed & by whom (yeah Im a little bit in the know ,Im not so sheltered).

    Mr MT Mehdi -what planet r u from ??! E/o needs outlets! if we could all learn 24/7 there would b no ppl left here on earth cuz we’d all be angels up in heaven , we’re on this world to live a torah lifestyle & make a kiddush Hashem out THERE in the world (yes in six flags , and at the grand canyon and wherever in the world u may go …) Guess what? G-d wants to see His children happy we have all the comforts and outlets etc. so that we can use it to elevate us to serve HIM B’Simcha 🙂

  157. יהי רצון מלפניך… שיבנה בית המקדש במהרה בימינו ותן חלקנו בתורתך. ושם נעבדך ביראה כימי עולם וכשנים קדמוניות …

  158. To those who seem incapable of understanding what is wrong with some of these concerts, let me share my own experience as an outside observer who atended such an event. there were older girls in attendance who were clueless about tznius and saw fit to stand up and move to the rythim of the music. do you really believe that this is something that should remain unchecked.I have heard from others who deal with fringe kids that have gone to such events looking for trouble but some prefer to wear blinders so that we dont have to chas vesholom limit our fun. whether this should have been done long ago or applied to other aspects of entertainment is irrelevant. Just because we cant solve all problems or cant be %100 consistent does not mean that we should therefore do nothing

  159. #233- why did i say “rabbanim leave it alone?” bec if they ban concerts, they are going to ban something else. whats next, separate sides of the street? women cant come out of their houses? what???? just let people enjoy music! look at reb shlomo, he made people frum especially with his music! all these singers all they do are kiddushei Hashem and u want them to stop???? how can u do that?
    im going to say this, because of all this there are many people who are not being chozer b’teshuvah! is this what u want? i have heard someone even say that its because of religious jews that they wont become frum. its the secular jews that i have seen make more of a kiddush Hashem then religious ones. im sorry for being so blunt but this hurts me more and if u dont see it then theres something wrong. its because of certain people that theres the shidduch crisis. the more u shelter especially kids the more they gravite to the forbidden apple. let there be concerts, let there be mingling as long as its done correctly! just stop with the banning of everything because if it doesnt stop something worse may happen

  160. הרב ליפא, איהר האט ארויסגעברענגט א געוואלדיגע קידוש ה’ ברבים, און איהר וועט זיכער גארנישט פארלירען פון דעם, קען נישט ווארטען פון אייך צו הערן זינגען נאך-א-מאל, כל טוב, קעניינעהארע!

  161. Pashuteh Yid,

    You ask good questions, and you sound sincere. Here are some of my answers, which may possibly help:

    You wrote that:

    “1. Agreed that some of the music and types of performing is not uplifting.

    2. Agreed that males shouldn’t be performing in ways that might encourage females to start calling out inappropriate things.”

    And then wrote that:

    “5. In all seriousness, why don’t we take tznius to the extreme of the Taliban, no music, cover women from head to toe, except for the eyes. Wouldn’t that help fight the yetzer hara? Why was this never instituted in klal yisroel?”

    Can you see how your #1 answers #5? CD’s, tapes, etc haven’t been “banned”, and I haven’t heard that Gedolim wish for us not to listen to music. Is it possible that the venue of concerts encourages some inappropriate behavior, without having to resort to the Taliban reference? Why talk in extremes? The music stores are full of good music- enjoy it.

    Additionally, making references to burka-like clothing does not really add to the discussion. I think our Gedolim would be very happy if women kept the basic halachot- cover hair properly, wear clothing that are fitted and covering appropriately, no revealing slits, etc. I’ve never heard Gedolim even remotely praise the concept of robe-like clothing for our woman. Why suggest otherwise? I think in such an important discussion, we need to be as honest as possible. I know you were speaking from passion (I do the same frequently), and yet we still have a responsibility to depict the situation honestly.

    “6. It seems that the more we segregate men and women, (many families won’t even invite others on Shabbos because the genders may mix) the worse we make the shidduch crisis.”

    This is conjecture. The Chassidim segregate to a much greater degree than other groups, and are not experiencing the type of “crisis” we are. There have been many thoughtful suggestions put forth in the attempt to answer this thorny question, but segregation at our Smachot doesn’t seem to fit the bill regarding answers.

    “8. What realistically are kids supposed to do on Sunday afternoons or Motzaei Shabbos when they get bored. No ball games, no computers, no TV, no concerts, no going to pizza shops, no cheerleading, no swimming (in most communities that don’t have separate hours.”

    Perhaps I’m just fortunate, but my kids don’t seem to be having such stressful problems. We never went to concerts because the costs for these one-time experiences are beyond our budget. My kids have gone swimming (in almost all “Brooklyn-like” communities, such as Brooklyn itself, Lakewood, and I believe Monsey, there are venues for separate swimming. The Y in Boro Park, Trim Gym in Lakewood and in the summer, the Bais Kaila pool. I know there are other places. Cheerleading? I don’t think my kids know what that is, and we aren’t the most sheltered family. My kids do lots of extracurricular activities (on the more economical end), including ballet for the girls (there are frum instructors around, too!). My boys play lots of ball (in the US, this is perfectly acceptable, so lets not mix up communities). They socialize, love reading, and board games with friends and siblings. We go out together as a family, to parks in the nice weather, to the beach in chillier weather (when the pritzus is not out). Pizza too, as a family, and in separate trips with individual children for private time. My children have developed their talents, even without instruction (high level juggling, playing by ear keyboard, etc) and they all have a nice time!

    So why is it portrayed such that if our kids can’t go to concerts, they are repressed? Is this truly honest, or is this anger that our Gedolim are “meddling” into our private business? Our Gedolim have a responsibility to guide us. If someone’s Rav permits him to attend concerts, that is another story. But why depict a repressive, deprived atmosphere when there are numerous, healthy and enhancing activities for our children? Must we have everything?

    “9. How do we encourage the nonfrum to join us. Become frum, enjoy many new and innovative issurim?”

    As someone involved in Kiruv, I can say that returnees are happy to find a society that is not in consonance with the free for all, “everything goes” atmosphere they have rejected. Every takanah is new, quite obviously. Every time-period calls for confronting and addressing the particular challenges of that generation.

    If you are interested in bringing our brethren closer, try to demonstrate how happy you are with a life of “Kedoshim Tihiyu”. Try to understand (honestly, not sarcastically or melodramatically) the reasoning of the Gedolim, so you can better explain it to others.

    I hope my words were not offensive, and are read in the spirit of sincerity with which they were written.

  162. I listened to Lipa and was moved to tears. I am proud that Lipa is holding on so tightly to his Yiddishe ideals, and when push comes to shove, his really erliche Yiddishe neshama comes shining through. It is high time that Yiddishe music is just that – Yiddishe, heimishe music that we can listen to without having all of our senses offended. Lipa paved the way – I am sure the rest of the Yiddishe music world will follow.
    Kol Hakovod to all of you.

    Moshiach must be on the way – if you have kept up with Bassie and her basketball game. (as reported here at YWN)
    People are really beginning to see that Hashem is truly #1. Signed: Yiddishe Mamma


  164. Perhaps this post is way too far to get noticed, perhaps not. I have read much of what has been written, and I still feel there is more to add (!)

    Regarding the “WHY NOW?” theme in this thread of comments:

    There are many types of music, and many types of concerts. Apparently, a large number of local Rabbonim felt it was time to speak out about public concerts – something they obviously have considered a problem for a very long time. I don’t think it’s about adding restrictions. I think it’s about giving hadracha to a community that is not ashamed to be striving and growing closer to H-Shem. I’m sure there are people who feel that these events do inspire, and bring them closer to H-Shem. Others certainly have gotten a much-needed lift in their daily simchas hachaim. Of course inspiration and simcha are part of being a frum yid. These Rabbonim – many of whom are sought regularly for hadracha in our communities – are telling us that this is not the way. Perhaps they felt the time was right – that this kol koreh COULD make a difference, and be received.

    Regarding the “need for outlets” theme:
    There are many different “outlets” available in this world. Not every outlet appeals to every person. Not every outlet is appropriate for every person. And not every outlet has value that outweighs its negative effects. A frum Jew is supposed to have a Rav. Find a Rav to whom you can relate. It may be a challenge, but don’t give up. And when you do find that Rav, he should be able to guide you on the level that is appropriate for you. He will not belittle your need for “down time”, inspiration, and simchas hachaim. At the same time, he will be on guard for things that can threaten your neshama. That is his job. Apparently a large number of Rabbanim are of the opinion that this particular style of “outlet” is too damaging to our collective spiritual well-being, to warrant the benefits it may seem to have for individuals.

    Regarding the “extremism” theme:
    There are many differences between extremists and Rabbonim who care about the ruchniyus of Klal Yisroel. Kiddush H-Shem is an increase of awareness H-Shem in this world. That includes an awareness of His existence, and of His TRUE Nature. Chillul H-Shem, is chas v’sholom a REDUCTION of such awareness. There are individuals who find themselves in the position of spiritual guides – because people seek them out for spiritual guidance. There are individuals who spend an exceptional amount of time involved in learning Dvar H-Shem, and are therefore highly sensitized to the TRUE Nature of H-Shem – through their learning. Whether these people are by definition Rabbonim, Talmidei Chachomim, Ohavei H-Shem or all three, that does not make them extremists! It makes them highly sensitive to Kedusha. Ahavas Yisroel is an integral component of Kedusha. Controlling others is not. Extremists seek control out of a selfish desire for power. That is their motivation. Genuine Torah Leaders seek Kiddush H-Shem in our world. That is their motivation.

    We may not always understand. We may not always agree. Genuine Torah Leaders do not always agree with each other, as I’m sure is true in this case too. All the same, to accuse Rabbonim/Gedolei Torah/Leaders who genuinely seek Kiddush H-Shem of extremism one ought to be on par with them. Most of us are not. You may call it “Kvod Chachomim”. You may call it “Daas Torah”. Perhaps your community has a different term. If you are a Torah Jew, you know that the Torah recognizes that there are Leaders in EVERY GENERATION to guide us. And the Novi tells us of the terrible concequences of ignoring or demeaning those who genuinely strive to bring us closer to H-Shem.

  165. “What realistically are kids supposed to do on Sunday afternoons or Motzaei Shabbos when they get bored. No ball games, no computers, no TV, no concerts, no going to pizza shops, no cheerleading, no swimming (in most communities that don’t have separate hours.)”
    They could learn…

  166. So Lipa has become the fall guy for all that is wrong with the Jewish Music industry today, and now he and/or the organizers are out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I think it’s only fair that we demand that all the other Jewish musicians/performers/singers who have gotten away with their similiar shtick for decades help to cover the loss. Come on!! – Step up to the plate, you guys. Take your fair share of this massive Kiddush Hashem by writing a big check to Lipa – he’d do it for you!!

  167. And now is quite appropriate for these very
    Rabonim to come out against the incredible
    prices of “Shmura Matzos” at $30.00 a pound. This is הפקעת שערים (price gouging) of the highest order. A kollel yungerman with six-seven kids has to spend a ton of money which he doesn’t have.
    The sin of הפקעת שערים was one which the Rabonim of yesteryear were very concerned with. The story goes that the famed “Nodah B’yehuda” forbade eating of fish for Shabbos, to break the monopoly of the fish price gougers.
    How about a word of the Rabonim on this matter!!!

    עיין ברמב”ם הלכות מכירה פרק י”ד הל’ ו’ וכל המפקיע שערים……. הרי זה כמלוי בריבית”
    עיין בבא מציעא (ע:) שכסף של מלוי בריבית לבסוף הולך לטמיון
    עיין בספר שבט הלוי ח”ד או”ח סימן א’ “בענין הפקעת שערים ולאו דאונאה, הנה לצערינו כל אחד רוצה להתעשר במה שהוא מעלה המחירים ומאנה את חבירו ועובר בכל מקום ובכל צעד על לאו דלא תונו”
    ועוד ועוד………….

  168. A groysa yasher koach Reb Lipa. I’ve been to many concerts and, after thinking about it, I think everyone realizes they are not the best makom and matziv for B’nei Torah.
    I’ll be the first to buy the “New Lipa” CD full of hartzigeh “normahl” niggunim!! Hatzlacha

    MI K’AMCHA YISROEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. to #279…. first of all where does this come in here. next, they have choice to buy machine matzohs. next the price is not yet $30. next, do you know what major undertaking and expense the hands matzos is..let me hear what you think it sould cost per pound according your intelligent know how so we will take it from there..

  171. to #268 the klall is “eim omrim l’odom chet b’svill s’yiska chavairoh” so if these concerts are not in sync with halochco then its not interesring how many bal tshvous can become..and if it holds back for some to become frum…that what was reform conservative etc.,was and is about (better to be little jewish than no jewish)which of course is no excuse …

  172. #271 – your reply is fantastic – it says everything I would have wanted to say in such a lovely way!! Yasher Koach and I agree wholeheartedly with you!

  173. for all those who are concerned that if concerts are banned your children will not have kosher entertainment, i want to point out that there are many people who do not allow their children to go to concerts ever (even if all of their friends are going). most people will admit that the atmosphere at a concert it not a torah atmosphere. i personally have never been to a concert as it was not something that my family did. i never looked down upon my extended family or friends that went but in my house we knew that a concert was not the place for beni and bnos yisroel. we had plenty of other kosher entertainment.

    “ein darkum shel bnos yisroel laleches lebatei tiatros ulebatei karkisos shel ovdei kochavim” – it is not the way of bnos yiroel be go to the theathers and circuses of the goyim. even if we are not going to the goyim, are we immitating them? is the the whole atmosphere that of a place that frum people should be spending time?

  174. I really don’t know why i’m still commenting, but last night we were discussing why is this banned more than HASC, and i think we figured it out.

    This big event has and had no purpose of making, it was for no organization, no fundraising-nada.
    However HASC is an organization that does chesed out of this world. i myself attended camp HASC (as a visitor, not a camper) for shabbosim one summer, and i’ve never seen anywhere, the amount of giving the counslers, therapists, head-counslers etc. give to these children. counslers told me that some counslers return there checks at the end of the summer, they dedicate there whole 2 months to these children, adults.

    so when HASC makes a concert there not just making it for some entertainment or an outlet, there doing it for these special children.

    And no im not here to bash this event, but rather to stick up for HASC.

    Editors Note: Please visit the website of the organization which was backing this show. SIMCHAT TZION. Amazing Tzedakah!

  175. to #271..to reply to pashute yid is l’mosar..i have noticed from his writings he is not ben torah (at one time he stated “unfotunate that our children cant watch T.V etc., etc.)any ben torah understands that TV is geloy aroious, shfichas d’domim, etc. also he is deriding almost everything a yiray shumaim holds dear which, of course, is derived from our holy writings, shas bavli, sifrei musser and he goes to compare us to taliban. and by the way pashute yid isnt it unfortunate that we “cant do anything on shabboss..i might as well go thru whole taryeg mitzvos..anyway from this post alone one can easyly deduct whether he’s b’klall a shomer torah umitzvos..also segregate men and women is not a issur “our”rabbonim instituted its a gemmorah soif mesachtes sukkah (not from the taliban)whats constitues ‘ervah b’eishah is gemmorah b’rochos 24A (?),not fron the taliban,to sit mixed even family ,eg.your sister in law is your ervah and is not permitted see shulchan urech evan ho’eazer 21,also not from taliban.now if pashute yid doesnt agree with our shulchun urech etc etc what are you doing on this torahdige site?

  176. It is so laughable that no one in this public forum is attempting to answer the many great and intellectual questions that keep popping up every few lines… people have questions, and they want answers. so, for those who feel that they need to vent and see their name appear on the internet… Get a life. go bang away on microsoft word and talk to yourself… and smart people, step forward and say what’s on your mind so that the rest of us get our many questions answered in an intelligent way.

  177. Regarding the issue of making secular songs Jewish, does anyone realize that the classic version of “Adon Olam” was a French marching song? Every 3 year-old child is taught that song, but perhaps we should stop and substitute a kosher version.

  178. beeps 293, you got questions, you want answers, go ask your Rov!

    I wasn’t going to let a thread with close to 300 posts without adding something to the conversation


  179. Editor,
    Thank you for posting the site to where the money from the event was spose to go to, it really is an amazing organization.

    But how come with all the advertising for this Big Event, no one who i spoke to knew where the money was going to?

  180. #my 294 3 year old was not taught that version..what everybody does is not reyeh for heter of that particular “does”…to explain with reous is to long…but thats “dass torah” and yours is “dass bal habais”

  181. To Baruchgershom – a goyishe song but sung bi’kedusha uve’tahara by tinokos shel beis rabbon, is kodesh kodoshim. However a yiddishe song but sung with all the suggestive gyrations of goyishe performers, is avoda zara, giluy arayos, etc. all in one. And — besides — since when is there by yidden such a thing like “performers”. Our holy zeides (and that’s why we are still yidden even to the extent we are) would listen to a chazan, or hum a ve’taher lebeinu if they were in need of entertainment. By a wedding they would laugh with the badchen. But, entertainers? pure goysihkeit. It is not enough for Lipa to just start singing heimishe songs. If he will sing heimishe songs, but with all the heretofore trappings of the extremes of goyishkeit, that would be much much worse, hashem yishmereinu.

  182. As someone who never posted anything on this site, I like to point out something that most ppl over here – probably – never even thought about.

    A song is not only a combination of notes that form a melody, A song is the language of the Neshome – which means: When someone is composing a song, he is expressing his entire being (at that state at least) into that song! The ‘Alter Rebbe’ from lubavitch was able to explain his ‘Shalesh Sudes Torah’ to a chosid who did not understand it through a song!

    So, how can we say that someone ‘will CHANGE’ their STYLE of singing??? its not about style, its about the SONG! its about the person who is capable of singing stupid, crazy songs! Change WHAT? style??? style is not the issue!
    would you let your child learn from someone who is promising to change his style of teaching to the torah way???

    This PRESENT or PAST style is from FM RADIO!!!! your children are listening to that!!!!

  183. Hi to all in our communitites who are looking for an “outlet”. To enjoy an evening out to a concert, in my understanding, is not the proper outlet that a person really needs. I would call that a “night out”. When we listen and enjoy the singing and dancing of the stars acting at the show, it is not us that’s doing the “outlet” it’s them, they perform. Once this night would’ve been and then over…(it’s history)but how long would the real taste last…not forever. Every person needs to do “something else” other than daily activities, sometimes, each to their own. Just to mention a few, one who has the talent of singing should the “outlet” be voice lessons. One who has the talent of writing, has many a powerful tool out there. So many beautiful jewish literature and newspapers that one could write up something memorable. Piano lessons is a great “outlet” for people who enjoy music world. Each person should find in themselves their inner talents and work on that for an “outlet”. Studying and achieving the goals of your being, the everlasting feeling, that’s what should matter to all of us in life. Good Luck! And R’Lipa I didn’t forget about you…R’ Shlomo Gertner you also deserve to be praised, you should both be the stars of jewish music in our generation! Age 21( got my outlet b”h)

  184. mdlevine #295…. thank you for at least participating in the thread here, instead of just voicing your opinion…. But when people hear what “REGULAR” people like them are feeling like, there is much more acceptance than if you hear a psak from your Rav. this is not in any way suggesting to avoid asking your rav sha’alos, but my questions are not halachic, and i want to hear what regular people like you and me feel about all this… do you read me at all?

  185. “This decision was reached after he [Lipa Schmeltzer] consulted with Daas Torah… Lipa Schmeltzer must be publicly commended for listening to the words and wisdom of true Gedoley Yisroel…”

    For the record, one does not consult with “daas torah”. Daas Torah, whatever it means, is something that we believe helps influence a gadol’s thought process in arriving to a decision.

    More importantly, however, is the term “true Gedoley Yisroel”. What is your definition of a “true” gadol? I dare say for too many it means that gadol that agrees with us. What about those gedolim that did not sign the ban and do not agree with it? Are they not “true” gedolim?

  186. To #299- A while back I purchased some of Lipa’s first tapes and Cd’s that he ever came out with, and they are so nice and hartzig. ( My own kids can stand listening to the “new” Lipa!) Somewhere along the way he got “hijacked” by some peple in the music industry who encouraged him to change the style of his music and performing to apppeal to a different crowd. All Lipa has to do now is go back to being the wonderful heimishe singer that he used to be.

  187. Lipa mentioned on the MP3 that the organizers of this event are out $100,000 or more. He said that he was assured by the rabbi that he would be insulated from a law suit (for breach of contract), but what of the organizers? What of the charity? Also, didn’t Rav Moshe give a heter for concerts in NY to benefit charities? I really do not understand what has changed since then. Nor do I understand why the ruling of the rabbis could not wait until after the concerts for which money was already invested. The concert organizers relied on Rav Moshe’s guidance in good faith and, as noted, there have been more than two dozen HASC concerts and numerous other benefit concerts that have come and gone with no complaint. My biggest disappointment, however, must go to those who praise the rabbis’ rulings when it doesn’t affect them (here, where people never went to concerts), but ignore the guidelines of daas Torah where it cuts into their lifestyle, such as preventing elaborate weddings or playing on the computer. (I follow the guidance of Rav Miller, zt’l, who was also known to use the computer to communicate with the world — the computer ban articles came out after his death).

  188. Gviradir: You suggest that Jewish performers dance in imitation of goyim, rather than because they are filled with ruach Hashem. How can you be sure? In Shmuel Beis, perek vav, we learn that Dovid Hamelek danced with great joy before the Aron Hakodesh. Michal, his wife and the daughter of Shaul, thought that Dovid’s dance was an inappropriate display (“she saw the king Dovid hopping and dancing before Hashem; and she loathed him in her heart”). She said to him: “How honored was today the king of Israel, who exposed himself today in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as would expose himself one of the idlers.” Michal did not understand that unrestrained dance before G-d is not demeaning. To me, this is what Jewish performers contribute and they do not lower us or lower the esteem ofG-d by doing so.

  189. whilst i’m going to hold back from commenting on the main issue of this topic, that being of lipa pulling out of this concert, i would like to take issue with something that seems to come up over and over again in many of the above posts. many off you people out there seem to feel that the music of “today” is so sub-standard, and why cant we all be moved to tears (and boredom) by the songs and niggunim of yesteryears. Now please dont get me wrong, I am not a teenager, rather a i am in my mid 50s. but along with all the many other styles and fashions,we must accept that fashion of music must also change somewhat. If someone asked you to wear the same glasses your grandfather did or your wife to wear the same wig as her great, great aunt, you would not be all that impressed!! Before you all SHOUT at me in capital letters, i am not saying that all of the modern music is suitable. on the contrary, much of it isnt, and i did not buy my teenagers tickets to the above mentioned concert, but let us not all tar all modern day music with the same brush and stuff our children into boxes where they are so stifled that the video of HSH looks almost exciting and enticing. We do have to counteract the outside influences with our own “beat”, but it has to be one that is loud enough for them to want to march along. Hatzlocho to all.

  190. After reading through the comments posted regarding this topic, I can truly say that Im embarrassed that some of you are part of my Faith.

    Be it one of you (and I wont mention names) talk down to a Baal Teshiva, with your idiotic Yeshivish, arrogant, ignorant mentality. The way some of you write should be a stark reminder how uneducated you are.

    I just love how this is what everyone is so worked up about. The Rabbis are looking for ways to have their voices heard, unfortunetly there are focusing on the wrong issues. There are kids on the streets, Widows with many children that are stuggling, People who are having heart failure due to financial burdens. BUT TH RABBIS FOCUS ON THIS STUPIDITY.


  191. There are so many forms of entertainment today that you can get ‘glatt kosher’. They are made for those who NEED them. Some examples are these (separate seating) concerts, the proliferation of (glatt kosher) restaurants, ‘kosher’ cruises etc. If you don’t need these things, they pull you down. Doesn’t mean its assur, its just not a naturally jewish thing.

  192. Reb Lipa kol hakovod what a kiddus hashem for listening to devrei chachamim may hashem gran you this sy”d until 120

    one small question it seems the orignal kol koreh was mostly signed bty the chasidsha rabonim are they more against it then the litvishe? me being litvish still in all respects their psak a hundred percent and gool luck lipa

    btw lipa uses his talent in chessed I spoke to someone from chai lifeline and he said lipa always helps out when he can. lipa until 120 all the best

  193. i read you well beeps and I understand your point. we “regular” people have to understand that we need to train ourselves to listen to Torah authorities (read the coffee maker post – BRILLANCE) on even what we consider mundane activities.

    In this thread there is an issue more important than whether or not we can listen to music and if yes, whose music we can listen to and in what venue can we listen to it. We have our rabbonim, some may say NO and some may say YES (some may change their minds after hearing the opinions of other Rabbonim).

    the issue is respect.

    I do not like all the posts questioning who is the real Da’as Torah and claiming that certain of the Gedolim are being hoodwinked for some unknown reasons. I am getting tired of the “My Rov is a bigger Gadol than your Rov” and he says…

    there is a famous story(hopefully, I will get state it correctly) about R’Moshe ZT’L that once a woman came to him and claimed that she had consulted a Gadol (after the war) and received permission to remarry (I do not remember who the Gadol was) and these many years later, her first assumed deceased husband appeared. R’Moshe asked her to repeat the story several times and finally declared that it couldn’t be that HaShem would allow such a mistake through the other Rov. the woman confessed that she really didn’t have permission.

    Gedolim do not get hoodwinked – they understand more than we do, they see things that we do not and have a short and long term perspective that we lack.

  194. It does not affesct me either way whether he concert is on or off. But does this mean that all the other concerts in the big venues or arenas are not going to happen anymore, I doubt it. There are more pressing problems in yiddeshkeit than this I don’t see the Rabbonim doing much about these, I wish that tis was at the bottom of the list. There are many songd that are written by jews that should not be sung by jewish entertainers but the issur seems to be against sons written by non-jews. thank you.

  195. The extent of the kiddush Hashem that this person made is a reflection on the extent of people who commented. It is truly amazing!!

    May this turn a new page in our lives, one with more willingness to abide to daas torah and a stronger differentiation between what is Jewish and what is not.

  196. A few points I’d like to mention…

    1) If you honestly believe that Lipa or any of the other popular singers music is offensive, then you as an individual have the right to A) not purchase those CD’s B) not attend his concerts. I have the utmost respect for the Rabanim who feel that their constituents should not attend this or other music events. Wouldn’t it make more sense for each individual Rav to issue a letter for THEIR kahal? It is well known that Rav Elyashiv has said that when he issues a “ban” on something it is for HIS people. I would venture to guess that every single person writing on this post has their own individual hashkafa. Even if you all agree on what color shirt to wear and where to buy your meat, I bet there are things you in fact don’t agree on. If in fact there was confirmation that every Rav listed on last Wednesday’s document really signed it then this wouldn’t bother me. Each individual needs to have their own derech in serving Hakadosh Boruch Hu.

    The amount of animosity created towards many of your youth is because of things exactly like this. These are your problems? This is what you spend hours debating about? Rachmona L’tzlan!! When are you going to wake up and realize that your children need singers like Lipa, MBD, Shwekey, Fried etc to stay close to their Yidishkeit. When are you going to realize that we live in the pritzus capital of the world and people NEED an outlet. Whoever wrote that piano lessons and writing is an outlet is absolutely living in a bubble. This is America and it’s a very dangerous place without question. There are tons of bad opportunities for people that want to explore. You leave children and even adults with nothing to and you only increase that possibility. If you don’t think that you can handle what’s around you then you should pack up and move to Mea Shearim (can’t thing of anywhere else in the world that is really pritsus/tayvah free).

    My final point is one that I see has been mentioned but I will reiterate. At what point will the Yeshivish velt stop pretending that issues like gambling & alcoholism don’t exist? At what point will Ravs get up in Shul and give mussar about the foul language AND loshon harah that has become the norm? When will Yeshivas around the world teach basic levels of derech eretz and kavod habriyos?? In one of these posts someone refers to a janitor as a “Mexican”. How disgusting; this makes me cringe. Please and Thank You seemed to have been abolished from the “yeshivish” language (I know I’m being stereotypical, but this is what I see and hear almost daily). Mi Keamcho Yisrael doesn’t give you the right to act however you feel and say whatever you please.

    Let’s get real folks. K’lal Yisroel needs these performers’ music for Chizuk and the concerts for inspiration. When you drive them away and try and put them out of business, you are only hurting yourselves and the future of our nation.

  197. #309 outraged –

    Why do you think there are (and I quote you) “kids on the streets, Widows with many children that are struggling, People who are having heart failure due to financial burdens”? Why do you think klal Yisroel is going through such tzorus? When we start acting more like B’nei Torah we’ll have less of these problems! Is that “STUPIDITY?” Have you no Emunuas chachamim (faith in the rabbis)? You think they need their “voices heard”? Besides what about all the organizations run by the Gedolim that help the very issues you mention? Maybe you shouldn’t be so outrage and think about this like a mensch. Then come back and post your comments again. Thank you.

  198. #309 unreal…and what do you want about these other problems. arn’t there B”H many many tzeduka organizations with the encouragement those “rabbis” doing tremendes amount of help in all walks of tzedakka including thse problems you mention? maybe you dont know of all these organizations we have…by the way i’d like to know where you stand “bruchnious” maybe i would be ashamed of you too that you are part of my faith…because usually someone who talks with such tone of voice….

  199. someone should really ask the gedolim what is wrong why they put a stop to it may we hear we will really understand. maybe it is doing something to kllal yisroel which we dont know about can someone or yeshiva world try to find out

  200. You know, you americans, whenever you need a heter, you blame R’ Moshe. What did he do wrong to deserve this? All you know are the heteirim. How about keeping all his chumros and then verify which heteirim are really true? Such as drinking non shomered milk? take a look in igros moshe. He ONCE gave someone a heter to have non shomoered milk on a temporary basis beacuse he lived far out somewhere, and today most of america take this as “lecatchila”. Now you say R’ Moshe was matir concerts in New York for mosdos? i dont think so. If one kid gets tied up in the taruvos at a concert, is it worth even raising a milion dollars for a moisod? No way! So stop the balloni about R’Moshe’s heterim.

  201. Let’s all be quiet for some time and leave a big space for the Rebbiem to explain to all those who don’t understand why they have done what they did. So that this doesn’t arouse any more ?? for people who already have….

  202. To JerseyJew,

    “Whoever wrote that piano lessons and writing is an outlet is absolutely living in a bubble.”

    I think you were referring to my post, except you made some errors there. I am hopeful that if you reread my post, you will arrive at a better understanding of the message.

    It is truly unfortunate if children are not given opportunities to develop their talents such as music playing, or provided with an environment that encourages a love for reading, for those with the inclination. Ditto for the rest of my comment, including family time/outings, ball playing, pizza forays, socializing with friends, etc.

    And yes, if the only outlet you can provide for your children is attending concerts, I encourage you to do so. They need something, and I wouldn’t want the one thing available to them cut off…I wasn’t addressing unusual situations like yours.

  203. #322.. the “rebayim” dont have to go and look for blogs where ever their psaks are debated and explain ethemselves. you want go to where ever you please to go, go, don’t listen to them. If a particular performer comes to the conclusion that this particular perfomance “past nist far eim” and he made mistake he has a right to not perform (lets not go in choshen mihspat halchos here)…so back to #322 repeat: no dayan has to go on any blog and prsotae himself for “proste oilem” which from tone of writing one can safely deduct so..

  204. #322 The rabayim dont have to explain things for us in order we should understand. Part of yiddishkeit is to follow the rabayim blindly without knowing the reason for it.
    Lipa you did a great job I’m proud of you!

  205. Stam a Hacker: You are mistaken about Reb Moshe. With regard to halav stam, he held that in light of the fact that halav Israel can be supervised by a 3 year old (because non-Jewish workers would fear that the 3-year-old would report to a Jewish adult what they were doing), the supervision of USDA inspectors is at least as good (because it inspires similar fear). After he died, people claimed that Reb Moshe never drank halav stam, and when he accidentally drank some, he made himself vommit. Later, one of his children or sons in law wrote that that story never happened because Rav Moshe didn’t see anything inherently wrong with halav stam. He did believe in supporting halav Israel, however. One thing I’ve noticed in recent years is that some of the Rav’s relatively lenient opinions have been whittled away from the right, in favor of different customs from other parts of Europe. For example, his daughter’s wedding had mixed seating at the seudah, and smaller tables for young singles so that they could more easily meet, according to his son-in-law. This was not unusual in pre-WWII Europe (outside of Hungary), as many gedolim had weddings with mixed seating at the seudah.

  206. to #308 paushete yid..dont have secretary to write all refutations..i have business to attend which i do on computer..we will just take 2..l’gabay the “eikar of yiddiskeit is mentchlichkeit” ..well as far was we know the ikar of yidishkeit is the taryag mitzvos mentioned in the torah and as expaind IN the ORAL LaW (MISNAH,GEMMORAH AND CODIFIED IN SHULCHAN URECH).YOU SOUND like those who’s shita is “enough that i have good jewish heart”. next…”never did i say we should be alowed to watch tv” well ,i reread what i wrote to you(#292)i did not say you said such thing pleaase re-read…the rest of what you wrote see 1st line here…now about this thing about being open minded business…the mind is like, lets say, computer hardware which is a piece of plastic(or blob of meat l’gabay brain).Now you can feed into this plastic called computer hardware ,software items like shmutz, educational things,torah matter..etc.,etc so this piece of plastic becomes whatever you feed into it same with this blob of meat called brain. now ehrlicha toiredike yidden called gedoila yisroel,roshai yeshivas,etc etc filled their brain with torah, kedushah, pure thoughts (not that they dont know whats going on on the shmutzedike gass they dont have their heads buried in the sand all these — subjects are discussed in the gemmorah.. theaters, horserace {ok, so its called mafrichay yonim}.they are not influenced by the so called open mindness of the shmutzige street even though they are aware of everything thats going on. You, as one can deduct from the tone and content of your postings with your open mindness are filled with mishmush of the dayos from shmutz magazines etc etc..and torah that you have and it becomes a mishmash of both(trans. open minded) the.. never mind dont have time to refute..just one thing.. you dont have to feel guilty…i didnt hear any body shout..also we re-read what we wrote and didnt even see 1 exclamation point so where did you hear shouting (“dont shout us down” your last line on #308) so dont get so excited also nowhere did i say that what is written is a psak now just like you have a right to post whatever is right according to your “open mindness” so do i a right to state according to mt “closed mindness” so now dont get excited…by the whay what you mentioned about 15 days in av and yom kippur girls danced in front of boys is another gtvaway of your dass torah yes we are aware of that gemmorrah last misnah in mesechtes tanis and if you translate this way (girls danced in front of the boys ON YOM KIPPUR!!)i wont even bother refuting you see bnai yisschor on the subject… good by mr pushete yid. i will not bother again to refute your
    “open minded” dass thorah you have alot of musser seforim to lrarn before you can preach to us “closed minded” dass torah is right

  207. I could’ve sworn I saw an article on YW that shloimie gertner also left the show and had his signature. I dont see it anymore. Was it removed? for what reason? Is he still negotiating?

  208. I would NEVER chas vehshalom put down any rabbi or Jewish person ,but i would like to give you all my opinion of this “so called dilemma”. I think that Lipa bringing some of his “secular type of music” into the Jewish scene could actually be a blessing in disguise. Whether you agree with me or not, the point is that you never know who comes across a lipa cd ,esspecily a person who is jewish but knows nothing about Judiasm. When he hears this so called secular tune with these Hebrew words , you never know what might come of him. He might actually say: hey this music is really good and you know what? maybe a jewish soul could be saved! Or how about the jewish teens living in todays society that connect to Lipa’s music because they could relate to it in a way. For me it was Matisyahu that brought me closer to G-d through his lyrics and i think that Lipas music could in fact be thunderous in the heavens because we’re living in such a galus filled with shmootz!So maybe he does in fact use English tunes? So ? Its the lyrics that make it! And a sidenote to all : There are many problems today and especilly in the chasidasha frum communties(that some of us tend to look past) like Boro Park ,people DO in fact put up fronts and have secret lives regarding wife swapping,gambeling ,and going to unkosher places. I think thats an issue that should be confronted more than anything!

  209. איך האב געהערט פון ר’ ליפא, משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה! איהר זאלט מיך מאכן פרייליך, איך וועל אייך מאכען פרייליך, און מיר וועלן זיין פרייליך צוזמען!

  210. I am not proud of Lipa. Instead of raising tzedakah for an organization, he cost it hundreds of thousands of dollars. How is that the right thing? The only ones that are suffering are the tzedakah organizations that counted on these events to raise funds, and the yiddishe kinderlach who were looking forward to wholesome kosher entertainment. It’s things like this that push people away from the derech.

  211. To the rabbonim, shli’ta, there is a saying, “You won the battle, but you lost the war!” In this case it means, that you forced Lipa out of the concert, maybe the concert is cancelled, but what about the war? What will happen now to all those thousands of young people who need a positive and healthy outlet, something to do to keep them going, to give them chizuk so they can daven and learn even better? Don’t take away before you offer something else! It is easier to ban than to solve the problems of restless youth.

  212. Sammygol

    You got the wrong end of the stick son. I did not say that a posek can not choose what to be meikel on, everyone has their mesorah that they paskan with. What i did say was, that you americans twist round the words and actions of R’Moshe, and create your own heteirim based on a one time heter given to someone, or sometimes not even that!
    AND I am not from Israel. lastly, quoting yourself: “it’s a great feeling when one denies himself what is allowed; it feels so frum”, take a look in ramban parshas kedoshim which states that even though you are allowed things and you deny yourself from those pleasures you are called a “kodosh”. So, although you have no idea what ramban i am talking about, your sarcasm actually does come from somewhere real.
    Yom tov.

  213. #332 thank you for your intelligent observation (that this is war)..lipa was not forced out of nothing..how do i know because we know lipa personnally family wise,mechatunim etc. etc. among the the rabbanim that disscused the matter with him was also from close relationship..from where he comes from “past” nisht to unfir such events that amiong other things we are not going into here most of which was mentioned throughout all previous blogs(by the ehliche yidden{aka. closed minded}) who understand what involves.such huge events with theme behind it are gorim to plenty “kalis rosh”to say the least and where he comes from it is way put of whack he should be goirom to such gatherings. and again, what about “outlets”for all these youngters..”ain oimrim l’odon chet b’svill seyiska chavairoch”

  214. to #332..you have such “good ideas” of how easily to mesakin all ruchnious problems you should become member in agudas harabonim or hisachdus etc…

  215. lipa you have made a huge kidush hashem by following what the gedolim asked for even though they may have been misled and the people who brought it to them may of had other objectives.
    hpefully others such as HAAZINU the march 2nd concert will follow in your foot steps.

  216. My goodness one concert brings you close to 350 comments a world record on YWN!!
    At least now Lipa is a winner and will no doubt enter the guiness world of records for this.

    Be honest had you known you’d receive so much attention you would cancelled your previous concerts aswell !! Huh!!!

    Lipa! We still love you and your great!!!!!!!!!!

  217. Some points worth mentioning about the source of our music.
    1. Tzadikkim have the ability to purify any music.
    2. Much of their music was stolen from us! Thru the ages. Many examples of this exist. So, its highly probable that when we incorporate some of their music, we are taking back what belonged to us in the first place. [Un]fortunately along with some added trimmings.

    Where are YOU going to be March 9th!? eh? (This line to be sung with the tune of Bob Grant’s “And What’s on YOUR mind today?”)

  218. Re comment #325: “The rabayim dont have to explain things for us in order we should understand. Part of yiddishkeit is to follow the rabayim blindly without knowing the reason for it.
    Lipa you did a great job I’m proud of you!”

    Exactly which part of Yiddishkeit are you referring to? According to almost all Rishonim, “lo sasur” applies to a Sanhedrin. One is not required to follow rabbanim blindly!

  219. I’m really proud how this entire matziv is being handled. B’h Klal Yisrael has been blessed with Gedolei Torah who have guided us through turbulent times in golus.
    L’maysa the whole concert sounded like it was gonna be a huge party at MSG rigt before purim.

  220. This is a response to kidsdoc:

    You said:
    “Furthermore, I was not surprised by the absence of the signatures of many great gedolim on the kol koreh.”

    How many signatures, in your opinion, is needed to issue a Kol Koreh and make it valid? How do you determine if the Gadol is “great” or just a “run of the mill Gadol”? If you counted 17 and not 18 you would ignore the Kol Koreh, but when number 18 is appended, suddelny the Kol Koreh is legit? If the signature did not belong to a Gadol who was “great enough” in your opinion, is it worthless? Who determines greatness and Gadlus?

    You further wrote:
    “My own posek has no issue with this type of concert and in fact was planning to attend with his family.”

    Maybe we will yet see a Kol Koreh from your posek urging Lipa and all those who have tickets to show up at the Wamu theater anyway?

    You continued….
    “It is about time that many of you realize that with a precious few exceptions, daas torah ended with Rav Moshe Feinstein.”

    A) It is instructive to study what Rav Moshe wrote in his Tshuvos (more thqan 40 years ago), about the American societies desire for a “good time” and its inherent pitfalls.

    B) It is also an eye opener to see what Rav Moshe replied to the one who asked whether one is allowed to listen to taped music during Sefira.

    C) Does the axiom “Yiftach Bidoro KiShmuel Bidoro” mean anything to you, post R’ Moshe?

    You continued…
    “This is not my opinion, but rather that of many of the greatest gedolim of our generation.”

    Can you name 1? This is something I have never heard of before (Lo Rainu Aino Raya), and would like to pursue, if in fact it was said.

  221. To Jewishgal comment #66;
    I am a Frum jewish gal myself who was looking forward for the concert with utmost excitement. Being that I am a very busy mom at home and a hard working employee outside of my home, I felt most deserving for a SIMCHA-type entertainment, so to give me that extra energy we can all use occasionally. I probably own every CD and Video that “Rabbi Lipa שליט”א” (formally “LIPA”)has been a part of.
    The reason I am labeling him Rabbi Lipa שליט”א, is because now he came out in his true COLORS. He is a big TZADDIK to sacrifice so much. He is remarkabely talented and in his heart of hearts definetely meant to entertain in a way that would fit in today’s Chasidic (unfortunately) and modern world, just like other big stars and entertainers in the music world. Besides he is strongly involved in Bikur Cholim and other Chesed organizations
    I agree with the Rabbonim שליט”א that jewish musical concerts and entertainment has gone far overboard! Even though I did participate in most of them, wether in mixed seating or separate seating.. the concerts themselves on many occasions were too much!! way too much!! It somehow lost it’s Jewish GESHMAK. Why should we (talking to myself now..) continue exposing our selves and our children to Derech הגוי. We are the chosen nation of Hashem! Baruch Hashem that we have Rabbanim and Poskim Hador who can guide us in the right direction. We all have to open our minds and souls to accept what our goal in life has to be. Rabbi Lipa שליט”א is definetely a Frum Jewish “STAR”. And if he chose to listen to the Rabbonim, it must be that in the depth of his heart and soul he knew that the Rabbonim שליט”א meant the well being of Klal Yisroel. Otherwise he wouldn’t of made this tremendous sacrifice.
    As for you Jewishgal #66 It’s wonderful to hear that Jewish Roc music, Shlomo Calbach זצ”ל and many more fine Jewish stars have bought you and your family to become Frum, as did probably hundreds or thousands of people coming from your type of background. But know that these same type of entertainment can also have reverse affects on the already Frum society, as the Rabbonim with their true knowledge of Torah and Halocho figured that out a long time ago..but finally came out now stronger and firmer than ever before..so what!! It’s never to late to refresh what Rabbi Mose Feinstein זצ”ל and other Gedolim שליט”א tried to ban 30 years ago. Unfortunately there weren’t too many..if any.. “LIPAS” to sacrifice there carriers and money for the sake of KIDDUSH HASHEM.
    May Hashem grant for Rabbi Lipa שליט”א Health, Wealth and all the best. We all wish him Brocho and Hatzlocho and looking forward for his new upcoming CD’s.
    Dear jewishgal..You and I and everyone else can still enjoy his former CD’s. Our family rewatches ’em constantly…never gets boring..always gives us Simcha. So enjoy what you already have in your possession, and enjoy life.
    In the Zchus of the great Kiddush Hashem may Hashem grant us the Geula Shlaima BB”AMAIN
    From a gal who gladly tore her’s and her families concert tickets as per KIDDUH HASHEM.

  222. I agree that this so called concert should be banned. I too attended a Lipa “show” about 2 years ago at Brooklyn College. I left early because the events of the night offended me deeply. I saw young girls talking to boys they did not even know. I saw some girls actually stand up and wiggle. How can this be allowed? Soon such wiggling will be seen on the streets of Boro Park and Williamsburg.