UPDATED: Misaskim & Shomrim Reaching Out To Flatbush Community


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misaskim1.jpg[UPDATE BELOW ORIGIONAL STORY] Sunday Feb 24 10:42PM EST: YWN has been contacted by Misaskim and Flatbush Shomrim to please post the following information: A Frum man was found lying on the street on East 18th Street between Avenue’s L and M early Sunday evening. He was taken to the hospital where he was listed in extremely critical condition. There was no ID on him, and authorities must contact his family ASAP. He is a very heavy man (400 pounds), has a grey/black beard, and is approximately 45-50 years old.

If you have any information as to who this person is – please contact Flatbush Shomrim at 718-338-9797, or the NYPD 70th PCT at 718-851-5511.

UPDATE Wednesday Feb 27 12:30PM EST: Misaskim has just notified YWN that they have located the persons family. Unfortunately, he has been Nifatr. His name is Mitchel Gazes, and lived on the corner of Avenue L and Ocean Avenue.  Misaskim and Flatbush Shomrim thank everyone who assisted in trying to identify this person. Hundreds of tips were called in to the Shomrim hotline due to the YWN posting.

Besuros Tovos.



  1. I saw this terrible matzav taking place… My mother was walking my baby son on this street and was a witness to this man’s tragic fall… She called Hatzalah, who responsed within a couple of minutes. I was on my way to join her, and saw them arrive and act with the utmost speed. But the situation looked very grave. What was also sad to see was people (including other frum folks) stepping over this poor man with no care or concern. I suppose, to be dan lechaf zechus, one may not be sure that the person on the ground is truly sick (he could have been assumed to be drunk, for example), but I think we always need to err on the side of saving a human life… May Hashem grant a refuah to this man and may He watch all of us from tzarah….