Big Event Live Is Officially Dead (Gertner Issues Letter)


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bigevent.gifThe much talked about “Big Event Live” has officially been canceled. Concert producer Shea Mendlowitz is scheduled to appear on the Nachum Segal and Zev Brenner radio shows tonight with further details.

YWN will I”H post all necessary information regarding the refunding of tickets as soon as they are made public this evening. Please check back later this evening.

gertner2.jpgUPDATE 7:33PM EST: Shloime Gertner released a statement that he is out as well. Click on the image to ENLARGE the letter.


  1. I hope this is the last we hear of concerts. I would assume hasc, and ohel, and the others would come under the same ban, which I am very happy about. Now the concert producers will start listening to the bans that are put out. kol hakovoid for lipa, who will be now known as flipa, chazak vamutz .
    P. S I hope now we can also bring back the ban about going to goiycha courts to resolve maclokes and to put in to chariem those who don’t follow that kol korah.

  2. of course we cant argue with gedolim of our time but i am having a very hard time accepting all this.(Yitzy Berger) Wat?? i mean seriously what was wrong with the concert?and how come no one is talking about Shloimy Gertner? the man sings beautiful songs right from the heart and as soon as he is about to get his “big break” it gets canceled on him.. its not like there was not going to be separate seating. what about hasc ohel miami and yeshiva boys? whay are they any better? and what about the fact that EVERYONE needs some sort of outlet and in my humble opinion this was going to be fun and kosher at the same time. i just think that some guy who has way too much times on his hands(and probably did not do too well on american idol) decided to ake a rukus of this whole thing and kithe careers of 2 frum jews!!!

  3. Im not sure if I agree the YW is gleefully posting this news and even almost mocking the producers of the show. I feel that many people on this site are using daas torah as a tool to “get other people” and not necessarily as a guide to do what hashem wants. I doubt any of the gadolim who signed this ban will allow the internet to be used at all (besides maybe for business) but somehow that ban nobody on this site seems to listen to.

    What is the difference between not listening to the ban of a concert and not listening to a ban of blogging or being online?

  4. Today is a great day for kovod hatorah. Although I feel for the losses of all of the investments, it is certain that Hashem will pay back all of the money kiflei kiflayim. Ein HKB”H mekapeach s’char kol beryah.
    So often, the gedolim make announcements, and they are ignored. By the collective power of the readers of this site, we can impact huge events.
    I’m sure that the overwhelming amount of comments on Lipa’s story had a huge impact on this decision.
    Yasher koach, YWN, and chazak ve’ematz!

  5. This is a shame. In my humble opinion the following points apply:
    -Most “Jewish” music is based on the gentiles in whose midst we dwell. This would apply to 15th century Europe and 21st Century USA.
    -This reflects really badly on the black hatted commmunity in the wider Jewish world.
    -Do all Rabbis agree with this?
    -The concerts could be a spiritual awakening to many. I have personally benefited in my spiritual development from public performances of frum music.
    -Does the Shulchan Aruch not say “just as it is prohibited to permit the prohibited, it is also prohibited to prohibit the permitted”
    -With all that is going on, from at risk youth, to trouble in Israel, to anti-semitism, loshen hora, kashrus scandals etc, should large sums of money, and communal attention, be diverted to canceling a bit of fun and a good fundraiser????

    I wish you all well.

  6. After reading many of the comments here, one would think that concerts were some major issue affecting Klal Yisroel. If only people would get worked up over, you know, important things.

  7. To all of you who sound like the “misonenim”:

    Music that is rock/hip/rap, etc., whether “Jewish” or non-Jewish, is nothing more or less than a habit-forming drug. It is the most insidious yetzer horah, because it seems so good and innocent. Also, since for many of the “performers” it is their career, and one involving a lot of “macho-man” kovod with it, they will do anything in thir power to further it.

    Truth to be said, klal yisroel would not be missing a thing if we had NO new music since the days of R. Yomtov Ehrlich zt”l.

    Yes, once you get onto a drug you can’t imagine how you’ll ever be able to live without it. But the ribono shel olom has gotten us through more difficult problems, and He will certainly help those who want to be helped.
    “Habo litaher mesaayin oso”.

  8. This has gone to far. Yes Concerts like these are not for everyone…..(for shur does not justify bitul torah whatsoever). However, I am 100% sure that more than 50% of the would be concert goers here will now be entretained on a much much lower level of sprtituality…. and let’s face it… there is no need for details.
    It is also no secret that many, many melodies adored by Gdoley Ha-Rabbonim and “big” Rebbes and their Chasidim have their origin in the very secular world… all the way back to the turn of the previous century…. We have lost our sense of reality..and directions and we are approaching the “TALIBAN” mentality!!!! Hashem Yishmereinu. And Please, do not invoke the word “Gedolim Paskened !!!!” just seek the truth and not the shtick and politics.

  9. Since you have announced that the Lipa Concert is officially dead, then you should include it under the hyperlink of “Boruch Dayan Emes”

  10. Just adding on YWN Headline “Big Event Live Is Officially Dead”
    I thnk “Dead” is not the right word in this case, Yes! It will stay “live” as the Big Event of Kiddush Hashem, the night that Jewish Music Super-Star’s Showed the world “we will change the world to the better” – If anything they can change the name of that night to “the Biggest Event”
    Lipa Keep Up The Good Work! Chazak Chazak Chazak!…
    And Shloime You too You both did a great thing… But Why did you Earse “happily”???… (in your letter to YWN)
    You gotta do the Kiddush Hashem With a smile As BIG as the Kiddush Hashem!!!

    Lipa its all “Galgal Hachoizer!!!” (song on Keninehora album)

    and thank you YWN for all news & updates.

  11. I certainly agree with the posters who are noting that YW seems to be “reporting” this with extra glee in thier words. I feel like I am reading the Slimes reporting on President Bush!
    How about not taking sides here!?

  12. Le’aniyus Da’ati, #4 has a very good point here. The tone of this posting seems a bit inappropriate. “Big Event Live is Officially Dead.” Where does such a phrase come from, other than from a smug sense of satisfaction, superiority and condescension?
    While we should all appreciate our Rabbonim for their stance and applaud Lipa & Co. for reversing position, I feel extra sensitivity is required toward those who are losing tremendous amounts of money and pride. “Big Event Live is Officially Dead” hardly seems to qualify. Am I alone in feeling this should be edited ASAP?

  13. Why isn’t everyone giving Sheya all the credit? He spent months on this concert, Lipa and Shloimy were hired by him. He’s the one who is responsible to pay all the bills… He did all the work for the tzedakah, Simchat Tzion, without involving them at all. All the publicity was because he took on himself to sell all the tickets, unlike other concerts on behalf of a mosed, where they must sell a huge chunk of the tickets. For him to back out after all his work, and the whole financial responsibility is truly amazing. He said he was waiting to hear advice from the gedolim on how to proceed. Unfortunately he wasn’t contacted by anyone until all this effort and a huge investment was made, and I know that he did consult with daas torah before he made the concert. They really worked hard that the concert should have as much of a Yiddishe taam as possible (remember that Lipa made kabalos about what type of music he will be singing from now on and that was way before the kol kore came out)

  14. sheya is and always has been a major force in jewish music. alot of performers have parnasa because of his teaching them the business. he should be getting more praise then anyone here especially the rabanim.


  16. it would be very nice if these same gedolim went to their kehilos and raised money for the yisomim in israel that might not be able to walk down to the chupas because of the money that simchat tzion lost because of their “daas”. to them i say, put your money where your mouths are.

  17. sheya…………good luck to you. i very much look forward to the next show or album that you produce, i’yh. HATZLOCHA RABBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. YW: Please do me a personal favor and change the title of this article. It should say something like” with great mesiras Nefesh, Lipa, Shlomie, And Shea hare doing what some of our gedolim have asked them to do. Also please remove that picture of Lipa & shlmoie.

  19. Why should there be any refunds? Nobody bought tickets, they gave a donation to simchat tzion in exchange for tickets. If tickets were for sale you would have been able to buy them on Ticketmaster, which if you look at The Big Event Website, tickets were not available through Ticketmaster.

  20. Dear YW: Please revise the Title of this article to something more positive and Torah Hashkoficaly oriented. Thank you for you sensitivity. (despite any May this entire story only be marbeh kevod shomayim!