WATCH: Noted Lakewood Philanthropist Dr Rich Roberts Slams Anti-Vaxer Movement; Forbids Them From Attending Chol Hamoed Carnival


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Dr. Richard H. Roberts, the noted Orthodox Lakewood businessman and philanthropist has recently decided to tackle the “anti-vaxxers”. Roberts, who is well known in Lakewood, makes a massive carnival every Chol Hamoed Sukkos and Pesach for the entire community – free of charge. This year, he released a statement telling people who have not vaccinated their children that they are uninvited and should not bring their children there (see flyer below).

This comes just two weeks after Rabbi Yair Hoffman of YWN penned an article headlined “Life-Threatening Coalition Attempting to Form in Lakewood, New Jersey: Tens of Thousands at Risk”.

Rabbi Hoffman and Dr. Roberts were responding to an unsigned email which was sent out asking people in Lakewood to join a “coalition” that will essentially force Lakewood schools to take in children whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children. The email further states that, “this coalition depends on a collective voice and will not be launched until we reach a minimum of 250 families. If you live in Lakewood and have made a decision not to vaccinate your children, we encourage you to please take a few moments to sign up to join the coalition…”

“The email could adversely affect the support of Torah Mosdos”, Rabbi Hoffman wrote.

“If people find out that Bnei Torah in Lakewood denigrate the views of leading doctors and pediatricians – it could lead to an erosion of financial support for the Torah Mosdos in Lakewood. Many of the pediatricians in Lakewood have attempted to address this fallacious view, but to no avail. What is necessary is for the leading Rabbonim in Lakewood to put a stop to this madness?”

Roberts has now taken his campaign even further – and released a video (published on TLS exclusively) slamming the anti-vaxer movement in the Frum Community.

Rabbi Hoffman has previously taken on the vaccination issue following the publication of a Sefer titled “Alternative Medicine In Halacha”, written by a Rabbi Rephoel Szmerla.

(Video courtesy of TLS / Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Rather than engage in back and forth insults of each other. I am putting forth a public challenge to Dr Roberts and the other Pro Vaccine, Pro school expulsion supporters, to agree to engage in a public, scientific and policy debate, on this matter with leading anti vaccine credentialed scientists,physicians, and activists. Dr. Paul Offit has been offered this opportunity on numerous occasions and he will only appear in carefully scripted one sided public appearances. Lets get the Pro Vaccine experts and the Anti Vaccine experts on one stage for a 4 hour debate and may the best side win. I am confident that the science vindicates the anti vaccine side. Let me know if you have the confidence to defend the pro vaccine side in a face to face debate and I will volunteer my time to help arrange it.

  2. YASHIR KOACH to Dr. Roberts, YWN and TLS.

    I have been watching the anti-vaxxer “movement” in our community with growing anxiety and Dr. Roberts’ campaign is an appropriate, and I hope effective, response to this threat to our children, older people, and indeed anyone else.

    When I was a child polio was still a major threat. I remember the fear that gripped parents in American communities every summer when the inevitable epidemics started. You can believe that I was one of the first children in line when the vaccine became available! Watch the video! As Dr. Roberts says, we have forgotten. We have forgotten diphtheria, wiping out three or four children from a family. We have forgotten rubella, leaving generations of children blind, deaf or both. We have forgotten smallpox, that wiped out whole communities, mumps that left young men unable to become fathers, measles that left children with brain damage. As Dr. Roberts has said, we are spoiled.

    And don’t think that polio is licked. In recent years there have been epidemics that left children paralyzed or dead – in Nigeria and Pakistan, where fundamentalist Muslim clergy have spread rumors that vaccination is harmful.

    I wish Dr. Roberts great hatzlacha with his life-saving campaign, and I thank YWN and TLS for helping him in his heilige work.

  3. Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos Dr. Roberts. We need more people like you to help counteract some of these wackos. People don’t vaccinate out of boredom, ignorance, and a need to be different and “do something”. What debate? Why not debate if we should not give sugar to diabetics or if we should use water to put out fires? Why only this? There are so many things to pretend don’t exist. It’s a pity that the people who really can fight this are doctors and other people who are gainfully employed. Unlike these jokers, doctors don’t have time to write bogus studies etc. They study in school for 6-10 years and with that knowledge they fight disease and promote health. Then you have these alternative medicine ppl or anti vaxxers who never even went to school. That’s the joke of it all. Would you debate a two year old in science? You get where this is going?

  4. @flatbushantivaxxer
    You write in your words “I am confident that the science vindicates the anti vaccine side.”
    If so why don’t you personally debate Mr. Roberts or anyone here with your logic?

  5. @flatbushantivaxxer–Agreed.

    Its comical that the pro vaccine group always gets scared and nervous when someone suggests that we have an open forum to debate the topic.

  6. FlatbushAV: The problem with your suggestion is the same problem rational, normal people always have when confronted by conspiracy theorists – whether they be people who believe aliens have landed in arizona, that bigfoot lives in the woods of oregon or that vaccinating children leads to tragedy – there is never anything anyone can say to change their minds. Not all the science in the world nor all the logic handed down to mankind can convince these people otherwise. They will have some weak response to everything and the sane, normal reaction to that response would be to make a face and step slowly away from the crazy.

    The anti-Vaxers are certainly welcome to live in cuckoo land but please don’t bring your leprosy, dysentery, scrofula and ergot around me or my children.

  7. This Is extremely unjust and unfair, this is pure discrimination we should file a lawsuit against him

    And how about, that the flu shot had a very small percentage of doing anything this year

    and all the people that died as a result of the flu shot

  8. I don’t understand this whole debate, aren’t we supposed to have amunah and bituchan that nothing will happen to us even without vaccinating?


    ” this is pure discrimination we should file a lawsuit against him”

    ****IDIOT ALERT****

    A private person is making a private event and can decide who he wants there. Have fun filing your lawsuit. It will cost you a fortune after the Tzadik Rich Roberts drags you reshoyim around from court to court. I’m sure he will be thrilled to have a lawsuit filed against him. Be prepared to have a few hundred thousand in legal fees by the time your lawsuit comes to an end.

  10. ag:

    Your perception of emunoh and bitachon is seriously disturbed. According to your thinking, don’t ever go to a doctor. HKB”H is the Ultimate Healer. Just wait it out. Trouble is that the Torah itself tells us מכאן ניתן רשות לרופא לרפאות. Hashem wants us to utilize the normal tools and techniques of medicine.

    As for the untrained alternative folks, there is a clear Ramban that prohibits the practice of medicine and healing without recognized formal training. Would you ask your Rov about whether to get stitches for a wound ch”v? How about placing a call to Kupat Ha’ir in case of a heart attack instead of Hatzoloh? It gets ridiculous, and is a major departure from what the Torah tells us. So what’s holy in your opinion?

  11. The event is a free carnival thrown by a philanthropist for his friends. I don’t even think you’d have a civil case if he said “no blacks allowed” much less no anti-Vaxxers.

    Social shame is the only way to win this. We need to make the children of anti-vaxxers feel socially ostracized and ashamed so that they won’t pass down their parents stupidity. Sounds harsh, but where has all the touchy-feely tolerance gotten us? We’re expected to listen to opinions that vaccines are bad, circumcision is bad, there are 75 different genders, the earth is flat. etc and treat them like respectable opinions. At a certain point, we can’t have “respectful dialogue” with every nut case and lunatic in the world; it just gives them legitimacy.

  12. Dr Roberts is the best! and no we will not have a debate with you looney toons the same way i wont debate the atheist. our side is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt why would i stoop to your level to hear your garbage

  13. Disgusting! We don’t need your silly carnival.
    It’s time for our pediatricians to do some real unbiased research on vaccines, and see who is really spreading diseases and making kids sick!
    My child wasn’t vaccinated so he doesn’t carry any diseases in his body! While your child is vaccinated, he’s carrying those live diseases in his bloodstream. Those live viruses shed!!!! He’s the one spreading the disease!

  14. TM123, who was carrying and spreading the disease before the invention of the vaccine?

    Nobody on the pro-life (pro-vaccine) side is afraid of a debate. The evidence is so obvious that there really is no question. If people are reluctant to debate, it’s because there is no point, so it’s not worth taking the time for a debate when I could be doing something more productive, such as counting ceiling tiles.

  15. I don’t understand- Why when Rav Elyashiv paskened anything else did the whole Yeshiva world listen, but when he clearly held that vaccines are a chiyuv, people completely ignore him.

  16. TM123…. you are 100% correct. Us adults don’t need the silly carnival. The children need and enjoy it, and they will begin to notice what their friends have and what they don’t have. Not only do I believe it is bordering on child abuse by not vaccinating your children and taking proper medical care of them, but I respectfully hope that one day your kids will not look at your opinion or my opinion- but will allow themselves to decide how they want to take care of their medical health. They can fairly decide based on many Rabbanim and Medical Professionals (many whom are frum after decades of education, training and practice). I am very thankful that my parents vaccinated me so that I didn’t become seriously ill, and was able to enroll and participate in Day Cares, Summer Sleep-away camps, and some overseas vacations.

  17. catch yourself – there is too much evidence that these diseases were declining before vaccines were introduced. Hygiene, clean water and cleaner cities contributed to this. There are many diseases we don’t have today that we never had any vaccine for.

    Sorry guys, but there are too many doctors (GASP!), scientists and immunologists today who do not support vaccines. And that is why it is a genuine debate. It is not, as some writers here have posted, just alternative practitioners who do not support it.

    Herd immunity is a myth. It is a term that was based on natural herd immunity (that means there is herd immunity when people naturally have the disease). It does not work with artificial vaccines. As many as 20% of those vaccinated do not develop antibodies against the disease anyway. And those that do, do so for a limited time only. So the whole subject is pretty moot. It is like any medical intervention. Do it if you believe in it, don’t do it if you don’t. It makes no difference to anyone else.

    There is no place to call people “idiots” or to make personal attacks. Please don’t reduce yourselves to that.

  18. As a pediatrician in Long Island, Far Rockaway, Five Towns, New York I agree 100% with Dr. Roberts. I originally wrote this blog several years ago – YES to vaccines. When we can prevent senseless childhood diseases, epidemics, deaths, why would any person or group protest to eradicate vaccines. I’m not sure what they’re trying to achieve. I can’t imagine who would advocate against vaccines if they ever witnessed a child with the whooping cough, also known with good reason as the “100 Day Cough” and other horrible illnesses. While we still don’t know what causes autism, we do know that vaccines DON’T cause it. I urge moms, dads, grandparents to discuss concerns with their pediatrician. I am open to receive your thoughts. Email [email protected]

  19. My post is still not up from 2:!9 pm – WHY???????????????
    If you think there is anything inappropriate you can edit it – just show the blank spaces where you decided to censor someone who is contributing to the discussion (although there is nothing that should be left out )

  20. One of the most ironic parts of this whole debate is that the majority of the anti vaxxers on this site and on the others such as on the lakewood scoop have no issues subjecting thier new born boys to MBP, but worried about vaccines. Hypocrisy in real time.

  21. Pro Vaxxers: Why do doctors give a newborn baby a hepatitis B vaccine? Hepatitis B is a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE or from drug addicts sharing dirty needles. The vaccine immunity wears off in about 7 years. That vaccine contains many toxins including Aluminum which can cause brain damage (which is skyrocketing). I challenge anybody to give SCIENTIFIC explanation for this atrocity! Anyone? Is there a doctor on this board who can explain???

  22. Total Family Care Dr Lightman – We are glad to see that you KNOW that Vaccines for sure don’t cause autism… you should tell this the Pharmaceutical Companies because they themselves write on their Vaccines Package Inserts that they may cause Autism, take the DTaP for example…probably you never even bothered to read it in your life.

    Now guys, when most of us were young neither of us got as many Vaccines as our children do today. didn’t we manage to grow up just fine?…..Besides, I know of many people who got vaccinated for certain diseases and yet they got sick with them.
    Now for those of your here who go down a level and start with disgusting attacks and dirty language, I don’t think you should participate in any discussion until you first grow up and start thinking objectively and also clean your mouths because a frum jew has to watch his words, unless you’re not frum.

    And last but not least, to the star of this article, “Dr.” Rich Roberts. I am convinced you had done NO objective research whatsoever, and with all due respect to the great titles you achieved throughout your life, being school smart anyone could be, and if the only information you rely on is what you’ve learned in Medical school then no wonder why you think the way you do…just like I grew up in Israel and was thought that Herzel was a hero and the visionary of the country, just to find out that he was the biggest antisemite and self hating jew that probably existed those days… and that his diary that he kept was full of anti semitic statements and ideas. Well, had I lived in Israel may whole life I would’ve still think the same way I was taught…..
    The emes, that if we had to trust your word, you are what halachically defined is “Nagua” or in English NON-Objedtive, and the reason is, because your entire wealth is was made through the pharmaceutical world.
    Throughout this entire video you have failed to prove ONE point of yours. You did manage to over-exaggerate many true facts, for example, 99% chances of dying from pneumonia….shkoyach for the emotional speech, now lets talk facts.
    And those two words from the supreme court ruling that you were טוען that were taken out of context, well, I did read this Supreme Court ruling, and no this one happens to be a lot shorter than 15k pages.. and the words “Unavoidably Unsafe”, are the courts recognition of Vaccines and that is the major back up pharmaceutical companies like yours have against major lawsuits.

    Now since we are all frum Jews, let’s also look at the Halachic side, Rav Kanievsky, and Rav Shmuel kamenetsky and other Gedolim as well, Paskened that schools must accept unvaccinated kids.
    They would have never make such psak without legitimate proofs for each side, and they have decided that not getting vaccinated is not risky to others and clearly it is not a transgression of venishmartem vechu… so who are you, and all those school principles to completely ignore the Psak of gedolei Hador and do what they think is right?!?!!??!???????????????…that’s what a frum jew does???,

    If you want to make a party and discriminate against other kids of Hashem just because you think they’re doing something wrong (although halachically Rav Chaim and Rav Shmuel both disagree with you), then go ahead and make the party, I can promise you HASHEM will not be there, and bemida she’adam moded, modedim lo.
    But doing this publicly like that and trying to push your misguided opinion without proper research, that is completely arrogant.

    If you actually cared, you would have arranged a meeting with “anti vaxx” professionals and try to speak to them and maybe you can change their mind or come to agreement, but instead, you’re dealing with this the wrong way, it might be what we call in Hebrew שגעון גדלות…… ze amar Shlomo עושר שמור לבעליו לרעתו

    יהי רצון שנזכה לעשות תשובה ולעשות רצון השם לפני רצוננו אמן.

  23. @ doomsday

    “Pro Vaxxers: Why do doctors give a newborn baby a hepatitis B vaccine?”

    Come on now, surely you know the answer to this question. Obviously all the pro vaxx docs are on the take from big pharma. But that’s just the icing on the cake. It’s really much worse then that. You see, big Pharma is really in cahoots with Russia, China, and North Korea to spread autism in the West.

  24. @BoredochoverRuv

    Some nerve you have. Telling Rich Roberts to do Teshuva?

    You sit behind your screen typing in your soiled underwear in your mothers basement probably, hiding behind some bogus screenname, while Rich Roberts proudly used his name – and even made a video so the haters (like yourself) will say that Roberts never said certain things.

    You people are a sick cult. I personally know a woman who was diagnosed with cancer – and refused to get treated. She drank pomegranate juice, drank goats milk and some other fake news off-the-internet remedies. She was dead in three months.

    Ashrecha Dr Roberts!

    Why don’t you creeps make your own schools for your children who you wish to keep free of all those deadly vaccinations?

    It’s high time that we the people all sign petitions and demand that schools refuse the non-vaccinated children into the schools.

  25. @BoredochoverRuv, while you bring the psak of Rav Chaim Kanievsky and Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky, you conveniently forgot the psak of Rav Elyashiv, the posek hador, that it’s a chiyuv on every person to vaccinate their kids. Stop trying to shtell daas torah. How can anyone go against the clear psak of Rav Elyashiv? You think he didn’t do the proper research?

  26. BoredochoverRuv, the carnival will be an absolute blast. My vaccinated children and I intend on going and having a fun time. If I see Dr. Roberts, I will express my utmost appreciation for all he does. And, because he is a licensed Medical doctor who toiled for many years in training and education, and has conducted his OWN contributed research and medical blogs- I will thank him for his service. One last thing- I promise you that Hashem will 100% be there (here is something for your seder table- Hashem is in all places at all times including slavery in Egypt, present day North Korea, my home and your home, and at this carnival). I hope your kids finds an alternative fun activity that day someplace else.

  27. Is anyone surprised that Big Pharma Rich Roberts is against those that expose the dangers of vaccines? I was very pro-vaccine until I did a little research and discovered that vaccines are not nearly as safe as those that make loads of money off of them want you to believe. Let me just tell you one stat: The US government has paid out approximately 3.8 Billion Dollars to compensate children injured or killed from vaccines (through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) — and only a small percentage of those that file for compensation for vaccine injuries receive any funds. Congress passed a statute making the Big Pharma companies immune from lawsuits for vaccine injuries so that the harm caused by vaccines is not discussed in open court. Why should they be immune from lawsuits? Could Big Pharma Rich Roberts prove that vaccines don’t cause injuries in a court of law?

  28. My Rabbi, Rabbi Swift in Pittsburgh ruled that if someone really wants to go to the carnival and they are mekabel to vaccinate, it is not geneiva to participate.

  29. The vitriolic nature of the debate begs the question as to why there exists such passion when it comes to this issue. I would like to weigh in with a thought.

    Clearly the medical establishment backed by scientific research would recommend vaccination as being both safe and advisable, if not crucial. There seems to be an element of distrust on the part of the anti-Vaxxers. I think this sort of distrust is not specific to the issue of vaccination. It is perhaps symptomatic of the nature that probably exists in us all where we there is a part of us that harbors a distrust towards authority.

    The harsh rhetoric of much of the pro-Vaxxers I think goes beyond their commitment to the scientific research, and their belief in the evidence behind that research. There seems to be a clash between those who harbor a distrust of authority on the part of the anit-Vaxxers, and a disdain on the part of the pro-Vaxxers towards the anti-Vaxxers, as they are seen as ignorant and holding conspiratorial type of views.

    If we can move beyond those instincts, and attempt to have a more civil discussion about this issue, I think everyone would be well served.

  30. Whether I agree or disagree with the vaccination idea is irrelevant. Dr. Roberts funds an event from his own pocket, and is entitled to set admission standards as he wishes. He is doing as he sees fit, and believes that this is the best standard. The carnival is a leisure activity, and there is no one that can make an honest statement that it is somehow a need that he restricting anyone from fulfilling.

    That is not an equal to the restrictive admission standards that yeshivos, with such things as tznius levels expected of parents, etc., that have never been proven to have any relevance to the potential success of a talmid. But yeshivos get the license to set these arbitrary standards, where yeshiva education is a true need. Those who cannot meet those standards run the risk of having nowhere to go. But the carnival is nothing more than entertainment, and cannot be construed to be a need. Dr. Roberts is well within his authority to set the standard of vaccination.

  31. > doomsday March 27, 2018 9:33 pm at 9:33 pm

    ” Pro Vaxxers: Why do doctors give a newborn baby a hepatitis B vaccine? Hepatitis B is a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE or from drug addicts sharing dirty needles. ”

    Perhaps one may judge your credibility, and leave open the question of your motives, from your own sin of omission. Hepatitis B is spread through any body fluid, and that includes things like using another person’s toothbrush. Whether or not you believe that to be true, the fact that the “Pro Vaxxers” (as you call them) hold tha e position is the relevant point.

  32. > SB1234

    “there is too much evidence that these diseases were declining before vaccines were introduced”

    Declining exactly WHERE? The answer is that in most cases (with rare exceptions) better nutrition increases the body’s immune response and fights off disease better. Thus as better nutrition spread throughout the “modern” world, the diseases (in general) declined somewhat. But there is a strict limit as to how much better nutrition will accomplish and the decline eventually stops. And then “modern” medicine in the form of such things as ICUs and IVs (and drugs etc.) were able to reduce the mortality rate (which is usually the measure of the “declining statistic) at enormous financial cost (at one point until the medical system could have collapsed from the burden).

  33. I’m not ready to officially choose an approach. Pro-vaxx you can’t call me, but I’m not ready to assume a label of anti-vaxxer (and neither would most cautious parents who are wary of the traditional approach.) But where does my hesitancy come from? Does it come from myths being spread by panicked parents that are baseless in fact? Am I being influenced by pseudoscience and twisted logic? Or am I being responsible and rational and actually researching scholarly information on the subject to explore the debate? I’m am the latter, for certain! I’ve heard hundreds of lectures by dozens of clearly well-educated professionals, some from alternative medical approaches (chiropractic/homeopathy, etc.), but quite a few from “traditional medicine” who have since SWITCHED SIDES and have the info to back it up. These are not ignorant parents who are running away with their fears. These are medical school educated professionals who have done their research and are now presenting it to the public. NOWHERE AND I MEAN NOWHERE HAVE I EVER HEARD a provax doctor, scientist, journalist, researcher etc. EVER RESPOND ON POINT TO THE SCIENTIFICALLY BASED PROBLEMS THIS MOVEMENT HAS WITH VACCINES! There is really no point by point counter. That’s what is really convincing me that this is all a cover up. It’s not simply a concocted theory that I have. If the truth really bears out that vaccines are safe and as effective as they are made out to be, then talk responses DIRECTLY TO THE PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE AIRING THEIR CONCERNS. Don’t talk to the population who isn’t as educated!!! Talk to the source of the concern. But they don’t do this. They simply say “it’s laughable and there is no argument so I won’t engage in any debate.” I listed to Offit talk to lakewood. It’s unbelievable how off-issue this call really was. It was basically directed at people who heard things from their friends.

    Please, as some others on this forum have commented, please arrange a real debate with outsiders. Not someone like Offit or Roberts who have strong ties to industry. But unbiased MDs and researchers who agree to go on stage actually working through the concerns and responding to them!!

    Enough insulting and name calling from both sides!!

  34. I find it appalling that just because someone has succeeded in completing medical training and establishing a practice, that one can assume he is beholden and recipient of the bounty from Big Pharm. Doctors once received generous gifts from pharmaceutical companies. That is uncommon today. A few pens, coffee mugs, notepads, etc. do not force doctors to advance the agendas of pharmaceutical companies. It is simply untrue.

    I have worked in hospitals alongside doctors for years. Doctors are not usually beholden to anyone. Sure, the manufacturers of various medications market their wares to physicians, and they try to push them to use their products over those of the competition. But the agenda stuff is more baloney than is found in the meat department of your supermarket.

    When the anti-vaxxers can publish responsible scientific research, it will be received in the refereed medical journals, and the professionals will be able to judge for themselves which side to believe. Meanwhile, the anti- market is pushing junk science for the most part, and few are agreeing to subscribe to it. I would personally be willing to view valid and reliable scientific research on the subject, so that there is a basis to judge. The commentary that goes on in the space of chatter is not enough to impress me.

  35. > VaccinePro

    The short answer is that nothing human is perfect. Every year people die from things like a bad reaction to off-the-shelf store products. That does not mean we shut down stores that follow the rules.

  36. > BoredochoverRuv

    You pick two names and assert implicitly on their behalf ideas they never stated. Sending children to school is not “just” another mitzvah. Jewish children in school is itself an existential matter for Judaism. No school, no Judaism. So some have weighed the lesser of two evils in that direction. That is one thing. But to extend that idea to what is (a party which is at bet) a minor ingredient in a small aspect of some permitted activity is way beyond anything that has been stated.

  37. >georgeg
    If nobody in the family has Hepatitis B (very rare by frum Jews) there is no risk of contracting Hepatitis B by sharing toothbrush with family members. So you haven’t given a rational explaination why a NEWBORN is vaccinated (full of NEURTOTOXINS) against a SEXUALLY Transmitted Disease (most common way of infection. 2nd way is by sharing dirty needles).

  38. So are you requiring the parents to be vaccinated as well? Unvaccinated parents are just as much a “threat” to your crowd as the children are. Just another myth of herd immunity….

  39. To all those comments about how its not worth a debate since the 1 side (pro vax) is so clear…. Unfortunately its not so clear and a debate is warranted. You have this image of anti v axxers being these creepy socially off mothers who are just irresponsible, and these Drs who went to med school and therefore know it all. Ok so the problem with that reasoning, is that Drs don’t actually learn anything about vaccines in med school and they’ve admitted this. They learn the baby vaccine schedule and that it saves lives. They don’t learn what’s in them, what the risks may be, or how it actually works, like how it affects the immune system. The Drs who take the time to actually research this (which takes many hours, and like u said, Drs don’t have time for that) come out with a different approach towards vaccinating and in many cases they switch sides entirely. U dont have to be a MD to research but luckily there are 100s of Drs, scientists, immunilogusts, toxicologists etc who have studied vaccines in depth and have come to the conclusion that vaccines are not as safe and effective as we are led to believe. Regarding the autism studies. There aren’t any that are conclusive enough to determine that there is no causal effect. More research is needed in that area as well. Bottom line is that there is much to be discusses on the anti vax side bringing up very real issues. As it stands now, all Drs who are vehemently pro vax, have “researched” the cdc website. There is unbelievable corruption there including their financial ties with vaccine companies, and cover ups of important studies possibly linking mmr to autism. Drs solely trust cdc instead of actually reading the real science. What they DO learn in med school is that the cdc should be consulted in regards to medical knowledge. Knowing that the cdc is skewed is serious trouble for all you following your pediatrician. 2 such Drs who spent years researching the actual science of vaccines, is Dr suzanne Humphries and dr Sherry Tempenney. They are highly qualified MDs who are at the forefront of the anti vax movement worldwide. Pro vaxxers, please read one of their books (dissolving illusions is great!) Or listen to one of their lectures before attacking this comment with your same old same old. Just go be informed before lashing out at those who actually know the science. You’ll actually learn some things like
    where polio really went
    How vaccine “safety” studies are really done (not safe at all)
    Why the cdc really recommends this schedule (its not because its healthier for them)
    Why a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study is so important and why it hasn’t been done
    How they “tested” for autism links (and covered them up)
    And lots more

  40. @ apushatayid
    If the Mother is NOT Hepatitis B carrier there is NO RISK of Baby getting Hepatitis B. Frum Mothers are NOT Hepatitis B Carriers – its similiar to AIDS. No reason why EVERY Baby gets Hepatitis B Vaccine when you can TEST if the Mothers are Hepatitis B Positive!